Friday, December 31, 2010

The missing sporran.

Kilts are usually only worn at family weddings in the Highlands of Scotland . However, Hogmanay is different. The one night of the year when the house looks like a movie set for Brigadoon. A kilt wearing, pipe skirling island of Scotishness amid a sea of bemused French. Unfortunately, the gremlin that manages to hide the Christmas lights also has a side line in hiding my sporran. My kilt is laid out on the bed but both sporran and dirk have disappeared. " They'll be where you left them " comes the reply of 'the font'. To be told that this happens every year is not particularly helpful.

We have three supermarkets in the small market town. Two of some repute and a third, Le Mutant, an improbably named discount outlet. The sort of place where the cans are identical and have white labels marked baked beans or tomatoes . Certain members of the household have discovered Le Mutant. " Are these mutant sausages ?" or ' Would you like a mutant tomato ?". Amid this breakfast time hilarity 'the font ' has developed that resigned, contemplative look that you usually see on pictures of medieval saints awaiting martyrdom. Someone is dreaming of longer semesters.

Wilf continues to thrive. The insulin injected every morning without our family fellow even noticing. And to think that only ten weeks or so ago we were saying our goodbyes. Seeing him now, surrounded by his flock, revelling in the attention, is a wonderful start to the New Year. A reminder that he or she who laughs ... lasts.

A wish to end 2010. May you each be granted the gift of a New Year free of fear .


  1. Here's hoping you find the rest of your kit. Wilf's wild hair always delights. He is laughing, isn't he? Happy New Year to you all!

  2. A h-uile là sona dhuibh 's gun là idir dona dhuib.

  3. A Happy New Year to you all. Let's hope Wif continues to thrive in 2011.

  4. And the same to you and your family Angus! Hugs to your brave friend and cheers to modern medicine, good friends and good health!

  5. Guess it's not kosher to just wear the kilt without the sporran? Here's an idea: when you find all the pieces, store them ALL TOGETHER. Like on the same hanger, with a bag over the hanger to hold the stuff that can't be hung [dirk, socks, whatever]. Or Angus could spring for duplicates, so he'll always have a spare?

    Wonderful New Year's wish! So very happy to hear of Wilf's rebound. May it long continue.

    Happy New Year, dear Wilf [and Angus & the font]

    Jed & Abby [and mama]

  6. Wilf looks adorable in the photos.

    Happy Dog = Happy New Year!

  7. Well by the look on Wilf's face I think he might just know where the sporran is! He is really laughing, isn't he?!

    Happy New Year to you all, and wishing Wilf many more laughing days.

  8. You could always use one of Wilf's stuffed toys as a sporran!

    Hoping you get a tall dark first footer!

    Happy Hogmany!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Have they got a mutant haggis?

  9. Oooh yeees, the lights in Wilfee's eyes say "i know where sporran an dirk are, but, let's have fun for this end of year 2010...". Good boy !

    How do i love your haircut today sweet Wilfee ! Do you begin a competition with Madame Bay ?

    All my best wishes for this new year to you Angus, the font, and the beloved Wilfee. Wishing him lots and lots beautiful and happy days. Bisous and cuddles sweet boy.

    Bonne année à vous tous. Bloavez mad (in Breton language).

  10. Bundles of fun with a shop called Mutant! But it is great that they support the X-Men, Xaviour would be very happy, almost as happy as Wilf looks there - so glad to see his smiling face. And I really want a house that looks like a movie set for Brigadoon! In fact, that might be the criteria when I set off on that slippery first property ladder.

  11. A sentence that is often heard in this house..... "It's where you left it dear!"

    We hope you find your missing items in time to welcome in the New Year.

    A very happy New Year to you all and especially to dear Wilf.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  12. A very Happy New Year to you Angus, the Missus and of course Wilf.

  13. I had no idea what 'Hogmanay' was and looked up this celebration--What an interesting history and tradition Angus! I will hope the gremlins who have taken your sporran and dirk will see fit to allow you to find them--I don't think Wilf is going to be of any help. He really looks like he's enjoying the game of watching you look!

    I hope you have an enjoyable evening! All my best to you and your family in the New Year!

  14. Looks like you have a very happy Wilf there- wonderful!! Have a fabulous new year with many adventures for Wilf!

  15. Wilfie looks like he just rolled out of bed! so glad that he is doing well!!
    a healthy, peace filled, joyous new year to you, the font and sweet wilf!

  16. Yet again, a new favorite picture(s) of sweet Wilf! Happy New Year to all of you!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  17. Hey there Mongoose...
    What a fabulous New Year wish! I need to take that one personally...I really do!
    Okay, now that sporran thing: Here's my suggestion: A 'moonbag' filled with heavy doggie treats will work just as well! I'm sure Wilf will be delighted with the final look.
    By the way, that's a smart kilt...I wish I had a clan register! Miss "R" has an "Earl of St Andrews" kilt for her own dancing escapades. :)
    Wishing you all a wonderful new year where you

  18. How about substituting Wilf's stuffed bee as a sporran? Hey, it could look classy Angus. What a delightful look on Wilf's face and so glad the new medicine is working well. Happy New Year to all and a big thank you for sharing with all of us these past twelve months.

  19. The smile on Wilf's face says it all! Laughter is the best medicine! Hugs to Wilf, the miracle pup

  20. Hope that you have a great Hogmanay dressed in your kilt but I must say, maybe I'm a bit of a purist but the substitutes suggested for the sporran just are not going to work. I urge you and Wilf to find the sporran! Happy New Year to all.

  21. What an incredible gift to have Wilf with your flock, showing you all how to make the most of each day.

    I love Wilf's hair. He looks like he uses moose to hold straight up in the air!

    Happy New Year to you too! I agree - a year free of fear would be wonderful!

  22. Wow! Very nice plaid! I hope you find the sporran and dirk in time. I tried to convince hubby that kilts would be a good idea at our wedding, but it was a no go!

    I'm so glad to hear Wilf is having better days! That happy smile warms my heart!

    Really, mutant tomato jokes are getting old? Who'd have thought it?!

    May 2011 bring you health and prosperity! Happy New Year!

  23. What a lovely wish for a New Year. One without fear. I wish you the same, Angus!

    You simply must locate that sporran. Hogmanay is, of course, nonexistent in these parts, but I can dream and when I do I am in Loch Torridon at that fabulous hotel, dressed like the Queen Mother with a whiskey in my hand!

    Love that smiling Wilf!

  24. Well done Wilf, what a splendid end to this year and may 2011 continue the same for all of you.
    Mutant - mmm, you're braver than we are - can't get past the name to find out what's inside. :)

  25. A laughing Wilf! No better way to end the old and usher in the new.

    It's the most wonderful New Years wish we' ve ever received. Freedom from fear. And it is the fear, isn't it. Thank you. Thank you so much! God bless you. A New Year free of fear to you, dear ones.

  26. Wilfieeeeeeee! You look delightful - you are my teddybear!
    Happy New Year you Scots and Polish folks down there in the South of France from all of us from the south of Italy - Ischia -
    Happy healthy New Year! Love Susannae Daisy and Foxiie

  27. Free of fear. What a wonderful New Years wish. So simple but it says it all.

    Love to Wilfie

    Matt in Des Moines

  28. And the same to you and yours!
    And don't overdo the mutant grub, ahem :)))

  29. How true your wish -- a year free of fear -- rings to us. Every day, it seems, we are barraged with something new to be fearful of. But we have learned a huge lessson from your experiences with first Digby and now Wilf when it comes to not letting fear overtake joy.

    I too had to look up Hogmanay -- and found a lovely article about the possible origins of the tradition. So I hope the sporran has reappeared -- and that you and the font and our dear Wilf enter the year fearlessly!!!

    All the best for 2011!

    xxx Joan

  30. I adore kilts and men who wear them, makes me think why didn't this catch on more they are so sexy looking on men !! Oh Wilf your hair do is always so funny to see I love you boy. Your friend in Alaska. Nan

  31. May 2011 be gentle and pain free for Wilf! Not to mention an extra helping of coconut ice cream or some delicious sweets! Oh, and if you find your sporran perhaps my kilt pin is with it. I lost it a few years back and now nothing holds me Cameron tartan kilt together!

    Cheers for a blessed Hogmanay. Keep going Wilf! Your hair is fabulous!

    Kisses from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker who has been wearing his Happy New Year hat since Tuesday! :)

  32. Happy Hogmanay Wilf and family.
    Lang may your lum reek!
    Bertie (and Gail).

  33. Serendipity: our NPR station -- National Public Radio -- on its daily geo-quiz, just asked where Hogmanay was being feted with a grand gaelic celebration. The answer: an island off Scotland -- South Youwist (sp?). Who knew!!!

  34. ....and a happy hogmanay to you all.....the lodger and i are already hiding from the fireworks with cotton wool in our ears and a gin in our glad that wilfee has made it this and tousled best wishes from under the covers..xx

  35. May the coming year grant us all this very simple provencal New Year's Eve greeting: "Si nous ne sommes pas plus dans un an, qu'au moins nous ne soyons pas moins" (May next year find, if not more of us, at least no less)

    Bonne et Heureuse Annee to all.

  36. Dear, dear Wilf. How happy I am to find you feeling well.I always catch up, and was holding my breath for those couple of posts where things were not going well. BUT looking at your picture today, well it just makes me very happy to see that face with eyes just dancing. Angus, from your lips to God's ears for the New Year's wish. (and thanks for stopping by our blog when we actually managed to get a post done. :)
    Love a man in a kilt. Hope you found your missing sporan and dirk. You really should post a pic of the clan kilted up. Really you should!
    Hugs, scritches and belly rubs to "our" dear Wilfie. He continues to amaze when you think back on the dire prediction given to y'all. Thank goodness for Wilf's endless summer. What a gift he is giving to you and to all of us. Carpe diem and enjoy every minute while you can.
    Hope your company made it in time (what with all the airport troubles)from reading the past entries I had missed sounds as if they did make it at some point.
    I hope so for Wilf's sake, as what could make a sheepdog happier than to have all of his flock.
    Sending all our good wishes for you Mongoose, the "font", your family, madame Bay and of course dear, dear Wilf. (Our honorary Texan. He is proving to be Texas Tough for sure!)
    Jamie and the Texas Sundogs

  37. Yes, a year free of fear! To ensure a good start to the new year, we finally made a decision and signed a contract on our new home on this last day of the year.

    Thanks to Wilf, we have decided to live life as if it might not last...or maybe it will? Face the fear and do it anyway. Thank you for your blog. The best to you, Wilf, 'The Font', and all the cast of characters that make up your world.

  38. I had to look up Hogamay, too! Now that I know, I wish you all a Happy One, and a wonderful and fearless 2011! Thanks so much for sharing Wilf with us, as well as your other cast of characters. I look forward to reading your posts daily! Cheers!

  39. We hope each day of 2011 is as special as apparently each day of 2010 has been.

    You continue to be our inspiration
    With fondness
    Jake and Fergi and Family

  40. Such wonderful news for can see that he's feeling better! Maybe he knows where the rest of your kilt group is...

    Have a Blessed New Year!!!
    xo J~

  41. I used to work with a guy who wore a kilt Once, another co-worker told us this guy got caught in the wind in the parking lot and it flew up. The first thing we all asked was whether or not he wore underwear underneath it. And it turns out he does. Do you? lol

    I'm so thrilled that Wilf is thriving with the insulin shots. Was it only 10 weeks ago that you received the awful news? It seems like so much longer. Each new day is a miracle.