Monday, December 20, 2010

Frosty winds made moan.

Londons Heathrow airport closed and Scotland,to all intents and purposes, cut off. The coldest night in more than twenty years. Heavy snow, freezing fog and black ice are once again disrupting Christmas travel plans. I'd always thought Christina Rosettis poem 'In the bleak Midwinter ' was a piece of sentimental flimsy but at times like this the lines : " Frosty winds made moan, earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; snow had fallen snow on snow, snow on snow " stand out as inspired brilliance.

Glasgow Rugby Club were scheduled to play Toulouse on Saturday. The Glaswegian team duly arrived here but their kit got stranded at a snow bound Heathrow. It's still at Heathrow. The match has been rescheduled for today and the Scots lads will have to play in borrowed strip. I'm betting that the French side will let them play in their canary yellow training shirts. A decidedly unpresbyterian colour scheme. Wilf and yours truly will be there to cheer the visitors on.

Here in southern mountain country the skies are again blue and the air warm and mild. Wilf spent much of yesterday ferreting around on the banks of the little stream, gleefully tracking down enticing odours. When he got back to the house he turned on his back and fell sound asleep outside the front door. Time aplenty for a boy to bask in the sun. If we didn't know differently we'd swear that he was the healthiest dog in the world. I'd like to think he's one of the happiest.


  1. Maybe one or two of those Glasgow lads are secretly hoping they stay stranded in Southern France for a few more days yet??

    Winter tyres fitted on the Mini, thermos flasks, blankets and shovel at the ready, Bertie and I are still hoping to make it down to Nottingham for Christmas.

    Oh and we have no doubt that Wilf is up there with the very happiest of dogs.


  2. It's a very good thing you gots a nice fur coats Wilf. I don't wants you to catch cold and get sickies!! Mom says you gots to put your woolies on!!

    Stay warm, HoneyBuzz

  3. He is certainly one of the most happiest dog in the world, be sure Angus.
    Weather is really cold here too in Brittany, but no snow today, and i hope no snow never again !
    Have a wonderful week sweet Wilf, enjoy each day. Cuddles and bisous to you.

  4. I'm positive that Wilf is one of the happiest dogs. How could he not be? He has a good life.

    Sorry about the snow. We got just enough snow to cover the ground on Saturday and Sunday morning both but by the end of the day, it had all melted. I hope the weather won't interupt your boys coming home for the holidays.

  5. Wilf lives an amazing life, I've no doubt he is among the happiest!

    I hope you both are having an enjoyable day! I also hope that family members are able to make their way to you without too much difficulty from the weather!

  6. He IS one of the happiest. He is because of you.

  7. ...Oh really, Mongoose!...I didn't know the Scotts could play rugby at all! LOL! (That was a Joke, by the way! I'd hate to inadvertently offend someone :)) I'm sure the team must have brought along their kilts, so why not go into the match formally? I'd love to be a spectator!

    So glad to see that Wilf is happy...I'm sure it lightens your heart too.

    Sending lotsaluv

  8. such cute pics of Wilfi! i'm sure he is the happiest dog! thanks for the kind words...

  9. We have no doubt happy, happy, happy.

  10. Wilf continues to be happy, that is a gift in itself. He is showing his "funky" side again I see. We are so glad his health is stable. Enjoy every minute with the little guy, because we sure enjoy your beautiful words about Wilf and his surroundings.

  11. I imagine Wilf is one of the happiest dogs alive. He's certainly a content little fellow!

    Good luck with the rugby match, and getting the weather to clear up enough for all those deliveries to make it in time for Christmas!

  12. Yes, Wilf is one of the happiest dogs on the planet.

  13. This former Glasgow girl hopes that our team wins and that you and Wilf enjoy the game.

  14. What a dear face!! Of course he's one of the happiest dogs on the planet!!! Blessed to be surrounded with so much love -- and dollops of coconut ice cream.

    We've been thinking of you all and the family's travel plans with the dramatic photos of a snowed-in Heathrow, Paris, and Frankfurt.

    There are some advantages to a green and balmy Christmas -- regardless of the lyrical dreams to the contrary.

    xxx Joan

  15. Pretty snowy cold in Anchorage too. Brrr....Merv could undoubtedly belt out an appropriate show tune regarding the Bleak Mid-Winter (even though Winter is officially tomorrow)

    Enjoy the game!

  16. Wilf is absolutely one of the happiest dogs on the earth! and he is one of the most loved too!

  17. Enjoy your mild weather and a wonderful match! Kisses to the happy boy!

  18. He most certainly is the happiest!! Beloved friend he most definitely is! Keep going Wilf,enjoy the scents along the way.

    Your pals in Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  19. We think you've got our weather. We've had two days straight of coldish weather--6 degrees AND it's supposed to be summer. Apparently La Nina is the worst in a century.

    But we scotties are revelling in it. SHE's cold.

    We're sure Wilf is the happiest. He ALWAYS looks it.....or is that just the PON look.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  20. So glad Wilf doing well! Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year! Thanks for your blog; I read it every day!