Sunday, December 12, 2010

Farewell lady professors!

The three lady professors from Cincinatti are heading home today. Quite how the three of them - without even a smattering of French, insufficient warm clothing and an inability to drive a stick shift - ended up in this most rural and isolated part of France still remains a mystery. The term 'otherworldly' seems quite an apt description for our angora cardiganed academic trio. Over dinner they announced that they will be going to visit Merv in Lebanon for Christmas. I thought the middle east was rather a brave choice of venue but soon discovered that Lebanon is a town in Ohio. Probably a wiser, if less adventurous, choice for the holidays. Hezbollah and Mervs show tunes would make unlikely bedfellows.

While 'the font' drove the trio to Toulouse for the first flight to Paris , Wilf and yours truly did the Sunday shopping. For once the little supermarket which ministers to our daily needs was completely empty, the absence of jostling farmers wives giving me a chance to study the wine racks at leisure. One of the peculiarities of this part of France is that rose and red wines are drunk in prodigous quantities while white wine is relegated to a distant third place on the supermarket shelves.

On our way home a quick detour to the Sunday market. While Wilf waited patiently in the back of the car I bought bread and cheese. Two marvellous stalls - one selling plastic flowers and the other esoteric kitchen items. Who buys these things ? We were going to the cafe but Wilf has had a rather difficult night. The poor old thing hasn't been able to keep anything down and has been out into the garden every two hours. Hopefully, the result of something indescribable he's eaten while out scavenging rather than anything more serious. It will be plain rice for the next 24 hours. He's now resting, looking glum,on the front step and I'm going upstairs to catch up on my sleep before 'the font' returns.


  1. Sorry to read that you had a bad night sweet boy, and Angus too. Hope this Sunday will see you in a better health.
    As i am not an expert in wine, (i really hate the smell of red wine), i cannot explain why french people prefer Bordeaux and Bourgogne, more than white wine. May be the taste. The only white wine they adore is Champagne. But it surely depends on the type of people we talk about too...
    So, please Angus, after your "sieste", please give for me to the beloved big black nose, gazillions of bisous and lots of cuddles.
    Oh, and why not, may be a bisou for you too,... but not on your big black nose... on your cheeks !

  2. There are several Lebanons in the US. We know of one in Virginia.

    AND we have to confess to a relative in Texas who buys plastic flowers and puts them in her garden......always the correct seasonal blooms...

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. sorry to hear you had a rough night Wilfie, Mom & I are keeping our fingers crossed that its just a small stomach bug. Make sure to keep drinkin lots so you don't get dehydrated!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  4. Scotsmad is right, there's also a Lebanon in Kentucky which is just over an hour from Versailles and Paris...

    Anyway, I do so hope that by the time you're reading this Wilf is feeling better and you've caught up on your rest. (I also hope you received my e-mail via AOL, thank-you again!)

  5. Send you and Wilf lots of strenght and hope it's just a stomach bug- poor Wilf.
    Plastic flowers- lovely !!( Only joking ).
    Have a good rest and hopefully a better Sunday.
    Lots of love from the Modern Country Lady team ( which consists of Modern Country Lady, Gibson, Tilda and Thomasina).

  6. When I read your headline and then saw the second photo, I thought the Ohio ladies had done quite a lot of shopping during their extended stay. And how exactly did you become acquainted with them?

    Hope Wilf is feeling better soon. Perhaps a small dish of ice cream with that rice?

  7. Sorry, Wilf, for the restless night. Hope your stomach calms down quickly.

  8. Poor Wilfie, I do hope your tummy settles down today.

    Oh and Angus, I have to tell you that Gail is a bit worried about your use of the term 'lady professors'?! Her Dad quite often goes to the surgery to see the 'lady doctor' but then he is nearly 90 years old......

    Wilf, I can tell you, it's tough being the only male in the household.

    Toodle pip!

  9. So sorry to hear about poor Wilfs upset tummy. Hoping he feels better very soon.

    And to keep the ball rolling - we also have a town of Lebanon here in New Hampshire. It's quite beautiful and home to the ivy league school of Dartmouth College. I haven't taken the time to look, but suspect there may be towns of Lebanon all over the US! Which reminds me...I really should give one of my friend a call soon - she lives over in Eqypt, Maine.

  10. There is also a Lebanon in Connecticut.
    Hope you are feeling better soon, Wilf.

  11. Wilfie, hoping for good news tomorrow - get well soon sweetie. Susannae

  12. Confession! I buy silk flowers. Because we do not have optimum weather, and I have no patience or green thumb, the silks look nice on my deck in pots. Hopefully Wilf will be more comfy soon!

  13. Paws & fingers crossed and healing vibes being sent to Wilf. Hope he is feeling better soon.
    Someone beat me to the Lebanon in Connecticut LOL Please give Wilf snuggles and kisses from us.
    Skye, the Moondance Huskies, Kitties and mom Joan

  14. Enjoy the good, bland rice, Wilf - hoping you will be back to your gourmand eating habits quickly. Angus, hope you had a restful and relaxing nap. Yes, the thought of Lebanon (the country) for the professors and Merv was quite alarming. Ohio, if anything like southeast MO right now, has snow and is much more Christmas like. I awoke to lovely, blustery snow w/o sleet today - snuggled in, missed church, than had to coax Todd, the intrepid guardian Beagle, into the house with his filled food bowl. Winter is finally here which means spring is on its way :).

  15. I've been to Lebanon, Illinois and past Lebanon, Ohio. It must be a popular town name choice. I have a feeling neither is nearly as beautiful as where you live, though!

    Perhaps all the rich food just caught up with the poor little family fellow's digestive system. I'd be looking sad if I had to go to a diet of plain rice after all the delicacies he's been eating, too! I hope he's feeling better tomorrow!

  16. Hugs for Wilf, we hope he is feeling better soon. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  17. I hope that Wilf feels better very soon - I hate to think of him looking glum and feeling bad.

  18. i'm glad to hear that wilf's vet visit went well, and i'm thankful for that cortisone, too! i hope wilf's tummy is feeling better after some rice and rest.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  19. We hope Wilf's tummy is better now, and that you all have a restful night!!

    xxx Joan

  20. Hope you guys are feeling better. Wilf try cooked white rice with cottage cheese.
    Benny & Lily

  21. Hey there Angus...
    Sorry to hear about Wilf's rough night. I am sending warm wishes that he improves dramatically.
    By the way: Judging from the general 'look' of your shopping areas, that is anything BUT rural! puts our shops to shame!
    Sending lotsaluv

  22. Oh Wilf, and here just a couple of posts ago he was doing so well! Now I really am worried about him! I do hope he's feeling better by now.

    I wondered how those lady professors ended up there as well. I wouldn't mind being able to travel like them.