Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fishnet tights.

Wilf has settled into a simple daily routine. He ventures out when its light and he goes to bed when its dark. To fit in with this schedule our trip to the cafe is now delayed until the sun is high in the sky at eight thirty. This morning, the weather being warm, the two of us sat outside under the arcades alongside the parked motability scooters and white Peugeot vans.

Wilf settled down by the table while I went in to fetch a bowl of water, a coffee, and our shared croissant. A hearty chorus of ' Salut ' from the beer and absinthe crowd who were getting onto their third drink of the morning. Living proof of the generosity of the French pension system. Interestingly, this being France, the peroxide haired waitress was wearing thigh length boots, black fish net stockings, her flashing 'Bon Noel' apron, and what appeared to be a dress made out of aluminium foil. Sparkly, shiny, shimmering and seasonal. No wonder she wouldn't venture outside to serve us. " Blimey! That's not something you'd see in Kirkintilloch " said Wilf. 'Blimey! You're right ' I replied.

The world can be divided into two separate types of people. Those who are prepared for Christmas. And those who aren't. This family falls squarely in the second category. We were reminded of this by the sudden appearance of the village Christmas decoration. A large illuminated star has been assembled on the telegraph pole in the old farmers back garden. It must be all of fifteen feet high and hold about a thousand bulbs. One thing you can't do is ignore it. The heavenly presence casts its 10,000 watt glow far and wide but mostly directly into our drawing room. At midnight last night you could happily read by the light of the star - even with the curtains drawn tight.

Back down to the vets later today for the results of yesterdays tests.


  1. Wilf & family we check on you each day and hold prayers and warm thoughts that you have many more blessed days together!

    2 Old English sheepdogs and their Mom

  2. We fall into the second category too.. our christmas tree is not up.. :) This year went by too fast.. we are still trying to catch our breath.

    We are glad dear ole Wilfee went for croissant today :) My brother Piper only go out when its light too.. and not a step out when the skies turn dark. He's easily spooked.. huhu

    woofs n licks,

  3. Christmas? Oh Sh**!
    It's December already?

  4. We're in that second category, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. hmmm. i can't tell what you REALLY think of that star. which is appropriate i suppose!

    I'm with you on the 2nd category. and I'm with Wilf on his schedule of waking and sleeping... no sense in being awake when it's dark!

  6. It would appear there are many of us in the second category!

    We always wait to read about the attire of the waitress. She seems to be going from the sublime to the ridiculous..............

    Paws crossed here for a good report from the Vet.

    Molly, Taffy and MOnty

  7. We're also in the 2nd category but if there was a 3rd one called 'denial' I'd be in that one!

    The waitress sounds like a walking Christmas ornament...

  8. the image of the fishnet stockings, thigh high boots, and aluminum foil dress is too much! she's got some "balls"!
    hope the news from the Vet is boring....

  9. We're anxiously awaiting the test results.

    And we, too, are a family who is always scrambling at the last minute. Not one Christmas card has gone out yet.

  10. I'm betting Wilf would be a much more entertaining, albeit more diplomatic, fashion commentator than Mr. Blackwell. :)

    At least it was the peroxide waitress in that get up and not Madame Bay!

  11. Here's to hoping news from the vet is good !! I at least have my christmas collar on!!!
    PS--maybe the waitress and Madame Bay should discuss fashion?

  12. Your peroxide waitress is gaining a stature like Madame Bay in my mind. They sound so opposite in their styles, however!

    I had a thought about your workers. You should ask Madame Bay if the aliens on the UFOs might have abducted them :)

    I'm glad that you and Wilf have settled into a routine that lets you keep your traditions going strong. It seems that you and he love your time at the cafe together. I hope that those tests surprise you in a good way.

    We are in that second category along with you and it's starting to stress me out!

  13. Hey there Mongoose, Wilf and the entire Meerkat family...
    Yes, I too think (and check up) on you every day! Wilf is truly amazing and I know that you are all reaping these times to the full., in reality you are probably treating each day like Christmas anyway! Forget the decorations, its the spirit that counts!
    Sending lotsaluv and warm wishes for MANY MORE happy Wilfy days. Will be thinking of you at the Vet...

  14. We're "all" with you, in that second category and thankfully we have no one waitin' on us to become Christmasy. I have strung my Charlie Brown muliti coloured twinkle lights zig zagged across and around my kitchen window and thrown my faux greenery wreath outside our front door and that's it.

    No tree, no gifts except to charities, no parties
    ah yes ... bah humbug ... there will be dogs, cats, movies, love and maybe chocolate mousse

    Wilf looks terrific xo Susan and her Gang

  15. I think the peroxide server went from Club to work!

    My Christmas decorations are still in their storage area. Feeling a bit lazy this year. But the white light fairies came and lit up the outside of the house, that was nice. However, they need to come back and reset the timer. The early morning lights are on too long and are on during the time when it is light and everyone is at work. The late afternoon into evening light schedule lasts from 7-8 pm... If you blink you will miss the light show!

  16. OK, I confess, since my husband has a large and very generous family 1,000 miles away which we visit each Christmas, despite the insanity of leaving Southland in the winter for Northland, I've gone on-line and had shipped most of our Christmas gifts.

    More immediate signs of Christmas acknowledgement: Jake and JH's stockings are hung on the stair-case riser (empty so far) and my personal antlers have been unearthed and donned...

    No other decorations. No cards as yet.

    So -- borderline between category one and category two.

    Hoping for, as someone said, boring -- i.e., status quo, news from the vet.

    xxx Joan

  17. I am in late today, sorry sweet boy, hope the news from the vets are the best they can.
    Cuddles and bisous my beloved Wilfee.

  18. Maybe she had a long night out dancing and didn't have a chance to go home and change clothes. :)

  19. I follow Wilf's pattern of resting as well. When its dark, I go to bed, and rise when the sun is up. I totally understand where's he is at with that!! Hopefully test results are good and Wilf keeps on going!

    Best from the frozen tundra called Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  20. One year, we had a neighbour who lined her home in lights. Perfectly spaced, as if she had used a ruler, these were no ordinary Christmas lights,but light bulbs of the larger variety. Instead of a festive display, which was no doubt what she was hoping for, the house resembled nothing less than a roadside diner. We spent the entire festive season rather strangely hungry for waffles.

  21. Thinking of you, as always.
    Jake and Fergi and OurPeople

  22. Maggie Mae's paws are crossed for good news from the vet today. Hugs and kisses for Wilf!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  23. What about Wilfiee dressing up as Santa Claus??? He definetly has the face (beard) for it - he would be the best looking Santa ever!!!!
    Hope you have good results - with all the coconut, croissant treatments...
    Love from all of us Susanne

  24. aw wilfee we are not prepared for xmas either - hopefully it will all come together without too much stress, hope the results are ok - loves and licks xxx

  25. Love that image of the 15 foot high star with a zillion bulbs on it! In a garden! Wonderful! We are thinking of you and Wilf a lot. We are also in the second category!
    Sammie and Avalon

  26. Keeping our fingers crossed, and sending our very best wishes that all willl go well for you all and Wilf especially.

  27. Goodness! I believe I wore the same outfit as your waitress back in the late '60's. Carnaby Street. Those silver paper dresses were the rage. I wore mine with earnings that had a long thin chain and a drop on the end the size of a ping pong ball.
    We are glad to hear Wilf has resumed his trips to the Cafe. A good thing for you both.

  28. For the most part, I'm ready for Christmas. It still seems so far away and yet, it'll be here before we know it.

    I'm nervouse about Wilf's tests. I hope they come back good. Well, as good as they can be, anyways.

  29. we have to respect Wilf's opinion on the tinfoil dress.

    it's nice that you can enjoy your neighbor's christmas decorations.