Friday, December 3, 2010

Spot the mistake.

Despite morning,noon and night calls to the missing workmen there is still no sign of any activity at the rickety old farmhouse . How is it possible for them to disappear completely ? Must be alien abduction . Have to wonder what the chances are of getting the gutters up and the electrical work finished ahead of Christmas and the familys return .

Off with Wilf to the big town sophistication of the regional capital to pick up the glass splash back for the new stove . We stopped off at a McDonalds on the motorway ! An activity frowned upon by 'the font' but wholeheartedly approved of by the family fellow. He sat by me at an outside table noisily savouring small bits of quarter pounder with cheese. Fast food now added to the list of culinary favourites alongside cauliflower cheese, tagliatelli, baked potatoes and of course coconut ice cream.

Got the splash back home only to discover that the electricians had made one huge mistake. Look carefully at the positioning of the wall mounted electrical sockets in the bottom photo and see if you too can spot the deliberate error ! Wilf remains hopeful that he will have another trip to the glass cutters and to McDonalds.


  1. Did he get some sundae too? Mine loves the sundae :)

  2. Sorry M'ongoose, we're not very technical terriers; but it looks as if your Splash back is going to be off-centre because the left power point ends where it should have started.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Wilf turns anything into a happy occasion!

  4. Clearly the left socket should have been positioned more to the left but it does seem as if the space below the left window is less than that below the right window??

    Having built 5 homes I know however that the contractor is not likely to point these things out so that you can devise an alternative plan (after all it is YOUR house!!), so 9 out of 10 times they'll just decide for themselves what they think the solution to a problem should be.

    Seems like either you keep the splash back and move the socket to the other side of the window or you have to have cut the splash back??

    Can't imagine though that it's legal or indeed practical to have a socket right behind a stove top??

    So sad to see contractors are indeed the same all over the world! Two things in conclusion - Firstly: Good luck with getting them to come back in December and secondly - love the look of your new kitchen!

    Hugs to Wilf!

  5. I suppose that the wall is stone and to channel in the supply they avoided a solid bit of rock. Easier to shift over a bit than chip stone. Pity they didn't move it to the left.
    No excuses though, and the power point right behind the stove is the norm around here. Big trouble is that we do electrical work and then They hit us with some 'survey' that has to be done if you want to sell the house that will, of course, show that things are not up to regulations and the electrician is long gone.
    Love to Wilfeeee

  6. I don't know why, but the photo doesn't appears on my computer, only the one with lovely Wilfee, and they are the most important.
    So sad to read that the workmen did a BIG mistake, hope everything will be ok rapidly.
    Cuddles and gazillions of bisous to you sweet Wilf.

  7. What a nice dog. I have also a dog this are not same you. Your dog is more beautiful from me. Thanks ;)

  8. I had to chuckle at the thought of your workmen being abducted by aliens--I hadn't thought of that; I'm sure that's it and Madame Bay would no doubt agree! And although I was at first taken by the beautiful stove (!!) I can see what the problem is--I'm sure your getting the glass recut will be easier than getting the electrician to come back to fix it!

    Another trip to McDonalds may be needed by you and Wilf--Do they sell what they call the 'Angus Burger' there like they do here?

  9. One is completely baffled as to how they could make such a mistake.
    Workmen are the same everywhere I think. Either they don't engage brain or just think no-one will notice and they'll get away with it.

    Glad to see Wilf is still enjoying life.

  10. oh, the joys.....
    love the kitchen and glad that Wilf has found another favorite food!

  11. I have an eye for balance - evidently your electrician doesn't. But you do have my dream stove - I only imagine cooking on one like that - maybe someday......

  12. One of the outlets is off balance and hangs over the area where I presume the back splash is supposed to go! Uh oh!

    McDonald's now, too, Wilf? My girls adore their French fries! They'd just about walk over hot coals for them. I hope you get to go back soon!

  13. Seriously? :) Doesn't anyone take pride in their work anymore? Hopefully they will correct the error, at no cost to you of course.
    Hug Wilf for us. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  14. I'm too busy swooning over your double stove which is approximately 2/3's the size of my entire kitchen! Before I remodeled a few years ago, I used to say my kitchen was like Britney Spears--no drawers! Happily the situation has been remedied by a slim column of "spice drawers" next to my 2/3's size fridge that are exactly wide enough for a can of soup. That's one of the joys of the house in South Carolina...counter space!

    Love Wilf's happy laughing face!

  15. We have a TV hero -- Holmes on Homes -- who comes in and fixes all the things that incompetent, sloppy contractors try to get by with. That kind of work is sadly more prevalent than one would like to think.

    Interesting detail: You all say splash back. We say back splash. Tomayto/tomahto.

    Hugs to Vilfee!!!

    xxx Joan

  16. It must be the UFOs. The alien abductions are proof positive of Madame Bay's assertions about spacecraft in your area!

    I'm glad that Wilf is happily expanding his culinary horizons!

    I won't chime in on the "mistake" since many others with sharper eyes than mine have found it, I think.

  17. Know nothing about electrical stuff, but perhaps the outlet could actually be moved over, or perhaps 'flipped' (so that the plug which is now on the left, and not in the way, could become the right-hand one, with a new one added at its left). Isn't there just one little junction box thingy in there that feeds two plugs? My bigger fear is that by the time you get your electrician to tell you, it will be spring.

    Another demonstration that every cloud has a silver line, and for Wilf, this one's is McDonald's.


  18. Were they coming through stone? They will always pick sites with mortar rather than going through the stone. And maybe the plumbing line is missing for the over the stove pot filler faucet? The world over, they never seen to ask before they cut.

    We continue to pray for Wilf's health and happiness. We think you'be got the happiness part all wrapped up.

  19. Well this one is easy to see. You're obviously using the wrong brand of paper towels! :)

  20. I would be happy if all adventures would end in a Quarter pounder with cheese!

  21. I have to confess that this made me laugh out loud. Ruefully, of course, but still laugh. I am endlessly entertained by the creative scope of contractors.

  22. Oh man....this outlet error is just a typical day in my life! As an interior designer by trade, I will never cease to be amazed by the lack of logic employed by the tradesmen that we encounter. I say eliminate the outlet on the left altogether, if your building code allows and the Font can live without it!! The glass back splash will be stunning! Don't worry Wilfee, I am sure there will be lots of other reasons to return to the city for fast food!! xxx

  23. Love the stove! Shame about the sockets...however more importantly there were fast food delights that are more important than sockets, clearly! :) Good to hear he enjoyed himself and yes, we think here (all heads are nodding) that indeed another trip should be taken. Perhaps this time with a sundae at the end? Keep on going Wilf, you look lovely!

    Your frozen pals from Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  24. Hi Wilf and Angus,

    Another fun day for you and we are happy you are enjoying the quater pounder with cheese. (especially the cheese!) We'd love to join you some time.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  25. Wow - even McDonalds! The hu-dad, like the font, does not approve, but we sure do!

  26. all dogs love all food. isn't it great?!

  27. "Deliberate error" gives credit for either thought or malice; perhaps "careless error" is more apropos? Carelessness seems to fit better with the general Gallic shrug of indifference towards so many mundane things: promptness, reliability, all those boring Nordic values.

    Don't suppose you could just rotate both outlets so they are lined up verticaly instead of horizontally, with the inside edges even with the ends of the countertop backsplashes?

    Of course, the supremely important question is: what does the font want to do about the problem?

    We're sure as long as the stove continues to be used to turn out delicious meals, Wilf is supremely indifferent.

    Jed & Abby

  28. Wilf has good taste! I enjoy an occasional trip to McDonald's too. Haven't been in awhile though.

    I didn't catch it until I read the other comments but yeah, that electrical outlet appears to be too far over. That's a nice looking stove though.