Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coy about medical matters.

Eight o'clock in the morning. A sewing machine like thrum and crashing of gears fills the air. Madame Bay has arrived in her gold metallic ' Wild Child ' voiturette . Today, she is wearing a lime green turban , black leggings and what appears to be a kaftan like garment crafted out of orange and red deck chair material. As a crowning touch the turban is fastened at the front by a large black brooch. Having freed himself from one of Madame Bays emotional greetings Wilf scurries out into the courtyard with a look that seems to say : " Blimey ! That turbans straight out of Ali Baba ".

Where Anglo-Saxons are coy about medical matters the French are not. It seems that Monsieur Bays ' trouble ' has returned. " Not a wink of sleep M'Ongoose. Not a wink of sleep ". The concept of too much information clearly alien to a nation that thrives on hypochondria and talks about illness in much the same way as we might talk about the weather. Thankfully, my French is insufficiently advanced to understand the intricacies of what Monsieur Bays ' trouble ' is. I would doubt if even 'the fonts' French course will help us in this regard.

The young postman arrived late in the afternoon. Wilf barks dutifully.He brings with him two issues of the New York Review of Books, the January edition of Rugby World and what appears to be three weeks worth of mislaid post. " I'm getting the hang of it " his pre-emptive greeting. Exactly how much is there to get the hang of in a village of sixty three inhabitants ?

Wilf doesn't even stir during his evening insulin injection. A task 'the font' usually carries out with Swedish efficiency. Only one pit stop at two thirty. He was however drinking a lot through the night. Hope my injection technique got the insulin into the blood stream.


  1. If only! Believe me Angus not all Anglo Saxons are coy about medical matters, as any meeting with my parents (combined age of 170 years) would confirm..
    Cheers, Gail (who is feeling just fine today).

  2. Hi Angus, am abit too late on this but I love the new photo header of this blog..with dear Wilf's tongue licking satisfied look. Seems to say to me "come what may, I will lick this..Next!"


  3. Mr. Ongoose and Wilf the polar bear - well Ali Baba's relative has come to visit you - thanks for making me laugh having my morning coffee. Have a great day - ever thought of filming Wilf rolling on his back, walking in the garden and putting it on YOUTUBe - Love Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  4. Not having 'proper' housenames/numbers for French country addresses, let alone a street name, it is of little suprise that your new postie is not yet 100%. Add the mix of couples each with their own surnames and it is a lot to remember. One of the first French sentences to get off pat is where your house is so you can direct the deliveries to your door. You can always add that a furry receptionist is on duty in the courtyard. Good Boy!

  5. Ooooh you are a bit sarcastic Angus about Mme Bay's clothes. What you found Ali Babaesque is simply (for her), the must of elegance ! Sssh...
    Love the picture with Wilfee, guardian of his friend Aude's material, don't you think she now belongs to him ? I am pretty sure he will miss her when she'll leave your home.
    Hope too, your insulin injection got the blood stream, don't worry...
    Have a beautiful Saturday dear Angus and sweet Wilf. Bisous and cuddles for the polar bear.

  6. Madame Bay sounds so stylin'. I'm glad that your French didn't help with your understanding. Funny, my Irish relatives talk incessantly about health problems - I guess maybe it's just them, not their whole culture.

    It's hard to miss with insulin... I know from experience. I hope that Wilf's drinking settles down. Our R is on a binge too... but for different reasons.

  7. I begin to think of Madame Bay and see Auntie Mame(Rosalind Russel wasn't it?) In her dress that is. Not in sharing medical woes. Egad.
    Do not fret, the insulin will be absorbed by Wilfee's body. I hope you 2 are eating well.
    (Saw Sir Wilf on Asta'a blog. What a handsome fellow. Sits a horse well! ;)
    Here's to Wilf's endless summer. May it go on and on. I simply love the look of Wilfee's hair all askew as it often is. A jar of some sort of pomade and he could be a rocker all spiked me thinks...
    Sending love from Texas

  8. We love your description of Madame Bay - too funny.

  9. I have just recently discovered your wonderful blog! I look forward to seeing what you and the charming Wilf are up to everyday. I live in far off Canada and we are in the depths of winter, so I am living vicariously through your wonderful photos of France. Give Wilf a pat for me!

  10. I think I would love to see a photo posted of Madame Bay.

  11. I get into the same kinds of discussions with patients when I ask them 'how their teeth are doing.'

    Hope you and Wilf have had a good Saturday, and he's doing well!

  12. Did you really not grasp her rapid fire French, or was it a way for your brain to block the onslaught of information? *grin* I wish you'd been able to capture a shot of the turban.

    I hope Wilf enjoys Saturday with you! 1,000 is almost here!

  13. Madame Bay, always a colourful character.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & bella

  14. I remember lengthy dicussions about constant "crises de foie" (liver, not faith). No one I have ever met here in the US speaks of said malaise -- but for my French co-workers and friends, it was something as common as indigestion. Or perhaps it was indigestion glammed up.

    Speaking of glammed up, Sir Wilf, you are quite the lad!!!

    xxx Joan

  15. thank goodness for having insufficient french skills to understand the details of Madame Bay's 'troubles'. i am a firm believer in 'too much information'. the less, the better.

  16. I'm sure the injections are doing there gets easier over time. Hugs to dear Wilfy.
    xo J~

  17. It was just Fashion Week, Mongoose! Mme. Bey has to strut her stuff. When the font gets home with her spiffed up French, she can enjoy Mme. Bey's medical conversations - which may have as much to do with age as nationality.

    You just get the insulin under the skin; Wilf's body will take care of getting it the right places. If he's getting by with one outing a night, that's pretty good. Sounds like he's still having more good days and nights than bad, for which we are all grateful.

    Jed & Abby

  18. Oh Wilf, as usual you are so stinking cute! I agree he would be cute in a video.
    Two Old English Sheepdogs and their Mom

  19. Diversity. What would this world be like without it?

    Learning every day ... and appreciating your teachings,
    Jake and Fergi

  20. Wow, I didn't realize your town is so small!

  21. I assume Wilf's fur stood on end when he saw Mme Bey?