Sunday, February 20, 2011

Serious dereliction of duty.

Saturday lunchtime. Opened the fridge door to get a scoop of the family fellows favourite treat. Shock. Horror. The freezer compartment empty except for an unloved pack of 'Le Mutant' sausages . Wilf looks at me. I look at him. Within a minute we're in the car and en route to the supermarket . The expression on his face making it plain that this is a serious dereliction of duty. An unspoken admonition - ' Wouldn't have happened if 'the font' had been here '.

While Wilf waited patiently in the back of the car yours truly went hunting for coconut ice cream . Easy to find. The third aisle along. Next to the coconut flavour a tub of Tequila, Pineapple and Ginger sorbet. Next to that a luridly coloured tub of Chatreuse sorbet. The Tequila and Pineapple wins the day.

They grow hyacinth bulbs here. Field upon field of blue and red blooms. At this time of the year the stems are harvested and sold as cut flowers. Buckets of them were scattered round the fresh produce counter. A scented obstacle course. 50% off. I pick up four bunches.

Home to watch the rugby. Wilf relishes his coconut ice cream. He continues to lick the bowl long after the last morsel has disappeared. Hope springing eternal. I try the tequila sorbet. It tastes like soap. Not one of the better spur of the moment purchases.

In the evening the old fellow settles down across my feet. A sure sign that he wants a tickle and a mano a mano conversation. Simple reassurance. The eyes cloudy and opaque now - even in the photographs.

Tomorrow our thousandth blog entry . Recording these little invisible routines is what a dog blog is all about. Ice cream, hyacinth fragrance and tickles. Unremarkable steps in a family fellows journey. A lesson learnt today. " Never lose sight of the fact that old age needs so little but needs that little so much ".


  1. Happy Sunday to you two, Angus and beloved Wilfee ! Aaah, what a house without a Font ?

    You're right Angus, we can see on the photos, the cloudy eyes of our mascotte, it is so sad, but when i saw him on the first photo, rolling on his back, it gave me a smile.

    You are his guide now and for the rest of his life, and your last phrase is so right...
    AmitiƩs to you Angus, and lots of bisous for the so cute Wilfee.

  2. Here in London, I have not been online very much. But, I do check in on Wilf each morning before heading out the door. I do hope the Songwriter hasn't run out of Edward's favourites whilst I've been away. He was left with a long list of instructions. Fortunately, I have been able to see and speak with Edward each evening. Skype is a marvelous thing.

    I'll be smiling over that Wilf on his back photo all day!

  3. Love the photo on the back. How could anyone look at him and forget the coconut ice cream.....

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & bella

  4. Even cloudy eyes cannot hide the shine of the laughter peeking through...

    Have a Happy Sunday all..


  5. Good for Wilf to have his favourite treat!! You are such a loving dog-dad that you can't actually wish for more.

  6. I love that photo of Wilf upside down. What a hoot. You surely have to be enjoying life to view it upside down occasionally.

  7. Wilf may be losing his site, but he is still just as photogenic, just as endearing and just as lucky as any PON or any other dog could possibly be to have you and 'the font' at this time in his life. There are not too many who would make a special trip to the store just for coconut ice cream for their treasured canine companion.

  8. Love that first picture! Happy and carefree.

  9. The photo of upside down Wilf and your title of "Serious dereliction of duty" go together perfectly. Love the vision of you two hurrying to the car and town to buy Wilf's coconut ice cream.

  10. Ah c'mn, won't you try the Chartruese just to give us, your loyal followers, a review? I've also heard of a Speculoo flavored ice cream sold in France ( as well as salted caramel! Yum.) that you'll have to look for before the next rugby broadcast. As for Petey, he'll stick to his peanut butter Frosty Paws--only in America, right? Ice cream just for dogs.

  11. That last sentence stopped me in my tracks - do you think these up or do you have a book of wisdom?

    Relieved to hear that the lack of coconut ice cream is sorted. All sorbet tastes like soap, in my opinion.

    Wilf is, as usual, beautiful.

  12. Oh Angus! How could you let his coconut ice cream run out?? (My kids used to put empty cartons back in the freezer/fridge. A source of great puzzlement and irritation to me......)
    Your last sentence is one I must write down. True for all species..including humans. Nearing the 2nd anniversary of my mom's passing and the 13th the following month of my dad's, it reminded me of little things needed and done for well as looking back over all the dogs I have been so fortunate to have. I keep telling you, you should write professionally. Such a gift you have.
    Hugs to dear Wilfee.
    Good thoughts coming your way from a pensive Jamie

  13. Such beautiful pictures, this blog always makes me smile, Wilf is such a handsome chap. Not too sure about tequila sorbet though. :o)

  14. Wilf, you have excellent taste in ice cream. Our momma l♥ves coconut ice cream! Good think that your dadda has his priorities in good order☺

    Yesh, ALL living beings that grow old need very little but that little bit is worth its weight in gold. You are furry and furry wise.

  15. LOVE those paws sticking up in the air, Wilf saying, "sheesh, can't get good help when the font is gone..." Happy Sunday, you two!

  16. Oh, that photo of Wilf on his back and his two hind feet so prominent is priceless as is your final thought about aging. Not only for my senior dogs but for my aged patients as well. So glad you read PON mind well - at least Wilf's :).

  17. Caring for a geriatric dog is a whole new journey and I am so happy that you understand what is important now. For a young dog to be out of his favorite treat, you would just say, oh, look we have this treat instead! But with your aging Wilf, it has to be what he loves, coconut ice cream. Perfect, perfect!

    Jo and Stella

  18. I love that last sentence -- so true! My grandfather had a Sheltie when I was a little girl who was beyond spoiled. He was used to being fed deli slices of roast beef by hand, and if they ran out, they'd get in the car and go to the grocery store -- and that was when he was a young dog. The things we do for love! :)

  19. we LOVES the first pic on todays post.... such pleasure! congratulations on the eve of 1000 posts what a feat! loves and licks xxxx

  20. I could tell you wewe "gobsmacked" Wilf when you saw that empty fweezew
    Thank dog that Mangus quickly wemedied the sitooation.
    I love hyacynths ooooh, that magical fwagwance SPWING!
    Ice cweam and tickles is a wondwful way to end a day!
    Congwatulations on a thousand!
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess thank you fow coming to help celebwate Bewtie and Katie

  21. My Dad is approaching his 100th birthday -- this September 17 -- and I find what you say is so true. He needs very little, but needs it so much more. His mind is still alert and his sense of humor -- but all his old friends -- and his wife of 50 years -- are gone. So what he needs most is our presence and reassuring love.

    Curiously, he confessed the other day that he is addicted to his evening desert of ice cream with strawberry sauce. Which made me think of Wilf. We can't find coconut ice cream as easily here or we would all share the addiction!!!

    xxx Joan

  22. Tequila sorbet? I can't imagine it tasting like anything BUT soap! :)

  23. The first picture of Wilf has been added to my favorites folder. We will be back tomorrow to wish you an official Happy 1000th post!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  24. Being a holiday here in Canada tomorrow (Monday), the top photo of Wilf on his back looks like the same will be copied here, with practices happening as we speak. Willow is on her back, snoring away.

    Good thing the market is a car ride away, otherwise it may have been a rummage thru cupboards to find a coconut ice cream replacement. I wonder what it tastes like to Wilf? No matter, as long as he enjoys it! Keep going Wilf....

    With love, from the (once again) frozen solid Canadians,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  25. i just can't imagine tequila sorbet tasting good. glad that Wilf got his ice cream though.

    congrats on the 1,000 blog posts! that's quite an achievement. i love coming here and reading about Wilf's life every day.

  26. You photo made my day, you are sooo cute!

  27. Sending lotsaluv and wishing you well as you approach the 1000th post. Wow! This is quite a milestone. Congratulations. Looking forward to reading it.

  28. The family fellow lounging on his back, coconut ice cream, the sweet scent of hyacinths floating on the soft, warm air. Is there any of us who wouldn't join him?

  29. I love the first photo (could do with some Chartreuse sorbet too)!

  30. I think the next time I go shopping for ice cream, I shall look for coconut flavored.

    That rum-raisin looks good. I've had rum raisin flavored popsicles before, sooooooo good!