Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The part that only a fool leaves behind.

'The font' goes into town for some turkey escalopes and returns instead with half a kilo of " sot-l'y-laisse ". According to the butcher the most delicious meat to be found on the bird. Turkey oysters to you and me. Otherwise known to the French as " the part that only a fool leaves behind ". They make a delicious pie. Would it be possible to buy turkey oysters at a butchers in the UK or the US ? Wilf loves the pies pastry edge . Human food. Incomparable. Right up there with coconut ice cream and cauliflower cheese.

The family PON was not hugely impressed with the regional archaeologists. Two thirty something gentlemen in plaid scarves.The more junior of the two asked me if Wilf was vicious. I looked at the old fellow lying upside down, paws pointing heavenwards and replied ' not usually '. Clearly not natural dog folk.

As feared the archaeologists are likely to become a fixture in our lives. They plan to return with a specialist. The rather dull piece of sandstone with a figure carved on it is thought to be old. Really old. Some sort of pre-Christian fertility symbol. As soon as the archaelogists had gone Wilf sauntered over and christened the ancient stonework . A " what's all the fuss about " look on his face.


  1. Is Wilf vicious??!!!! That made me laugh!

  2. hahahhahaha.. way to go Wilf. That's the way to do it.

  3. Wilf, you continue to get more gorgeous. Just love all of your beautiful photos and your darling antics!

    Vicious, hahaha, clearly not dog people.

    Love and good wishes continued for you and your family!

    Our diabetic sheepie does well on a wet high protein diet and eats 3 meals a day. She gets a huge amount of food per the vet. This helps to maintain her muscle mass and keep her from wasting away, not sure if I'm relaying that info correctly? For example: she weighs around 88 lbs. She gets approximately 39 ounces of Chicken wet food per day divided into 3 equal meals. Some baby carrot snacks she enjoys as well. She did terrible on the low protein/high fiber kibble diabetic prescription diet and they couldn't regulate her insulin. She has the cataracts too. It's easier for her to see a little at night versus day time, and like Wilf she is always attended when she goes out. She also developed neurapathy in her feet and dislikes being brushed or touched on her feet. I'm sure you will find the right combination of food and such, specific to special Wilf for his continued good life. Just as you have been doing!

    When our sheepie was first diagnosed with diabetes a man at the vet followed me to the car and informed me he'd had a diabetic dog and it had lived healthily and happily for many years. At the time I didn't realize later that that comment would provide me a lot of comfort through the ups and downs of a diabetic dog.

    I hope you receive many many comments that resonate and sustain you through your journey with Wilf.

    Please give Wilf a big hug from his American fans! Two Old English Sheepdogs and their Mom

  4. Wilfee, you christened the ancient stone !!!! Tu n'as pas honte ? After all, it is just a stone, for you little boy... It's only important for us, human.

    Ooooh a "sot l'y laisse", the Font and you Angus are really fine "gourmets", because even in France, i am not sure a lot of people know how good is this part of the bird. And what about the wine ?

    Well, i wish you three a beautiful day with lots of sun.

    Oh i forgot, i looooove the new banner with Wilf's tongue outside, jus so cute !
    Bisous sweet Wilfee.

  5. Wilfie - most vicious dog in Southern France - he might cuddle you to death as he looks on todays photos...
    In Italy few people report archelogical findings because of fear of the fuzz that comes along with it... Well hopefully this will be over soon.
    Wilfie you look gorgeous!!!! Love from all of us Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  6. Are those the same as mountain oysters?

    Love those upside down shots of the boy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Please thank Wilf for a chuckle to start my day! I had someone ask me that about Hamlet, and I told the gentleman that the only way he would hurt someone is if they fell over him.

    I'm sure your dinner was delicious! You can get turkey oysters here, but they can be hard to find. But considering you only get two oysters per turkey, and because the meat quality is comparable to filets, I think that's why the dishes that have them are considered to be a real 'delicacy.'

    I'll look forward to reading what the final decision is on your finds--Did the archeologist mention anything about the fertility symbol being related to ET?

  8. Good morning adorable Wilf. Your photos are wonderful! Makes me want to join in the line to cuddle you, vicious or no. Love the way you read Angus' mind about the stones.

  9. I can't imagine anyone thinking Wilf might be vicious - but he might protect his Peeps if he were provoked. Now about those turkey oysters - it means all the hunters on our farm have been throwing away a delicacy - they keep the breast and legs!

  10. Please give a hug to "Vicious" Wilf from us! :)
    Happy Wednesday to all of you!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  11. Is Wilf vicious...only if you are scared to be loved to death! Right up there with silly questions of the day! Absolutely love the new photos of the furry fellow and the archeological "finds". No finer finds in the south of France I presume! Wilf, keep christening those stones, I hear it will make them last centuries longer. Hugs to the little fur ball.

  12. Me too -- "Is he vicious?" made me laugh out loud this morning -- even before coffee.

    I hope this "really old" discovery isn't going to have folks digging up your farmstead! Or declaring you a "National Treaure." -- But of course we all know you are!!!

    Sweet scritches, oh vicious one!!!

    xxxx Joan

  13. Is Wilf "vicious"? Oh my, that brought a laugh for me...

    I'm glad that he christened the archaeologist's treasure. Perfect! It's probably been christened many times over thousands of years.

    As far as I know, those "oysters" are not sold here but, after working in a shop that sold things like that as a teenager, I never voluntarily go near such places anymore :)

  14. I've always loved photos of Wilf lying on his back, just begging for a good tummy caption that photo with "Is he vicious?" is too funny for words. Perhaps you should introduce these two gents to the lady vet from Paris? They seem to share the same acute sensitivity to dog behavior.

    Hmm, that figure has a large head and no arms. Clearly aliens.

  15. *wipes away a tear of mirth* Is he vicious? I'd love to see them meet Morgan! Wilf looks like something I want to pick up and squeeze, and maybe keep on the bed as the world's softest pillow. I hope these archeologists end up with some interesting names. Perhaps you should take them to visit the ladies in the art class!

    I've never heard of turkey oysters. I'll have to ask around and see if the butchers around here carry them.

  16. Vicious!!!!!
    Oh Wilf, it's time to "play" with the boys in scarves a bit. Big barks, low growls and much baring of teeth. Even the gentlest of souls contains a thumbprint mischief. Go for it.

    We now know of 2 other diabetic dogs and both are on the high protein canned food, three large meals a day diet described in an above post by the sheepdogs. Vets differ in their approaches to and treatments of various diseases.
    We were hesitant to bring up the subject because you are far more knowledgeable than we on the matter and we don't wish to offend

  17. Vicious - OMG. What a hoot. Loved the photos. Sic em, Wilf! Make them bring you treats next time.

  18. Double laughs out loud today from this post, the first being the question of Wilf's temperment, the next of Wilf's "gift" to the stone. That last one made me laugh out loud for a long while. Well done Wilf! If we were closer, we'd bring you coconut ice cream ourselves.

    Keep looking at the world upside down, somedays it looks better that way, and keep going Wilf! Charming boy...

    With love, from the still slightly melty Canadians,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

    P.S. As for the turkey, perhaps we can give our half to Wilf? :)

  19. way to go wilf you tell 'em! arf arf arf

  20. Cheeky Wilf! 'Snigger' I love the Font's response to the archaeologists!

    Sending you a big hug. Love the photo of you lying on your back with your paws up in the air. Classic!


  21. Oh dear....those archeologists are not want to do a dig I hope....just about all y'all need. Geez.
    love Wilfee sunning his tummy, (Sunny sleeps on her back 90% of the time...) Very clear why you were asked if he was viscious......Sure looks it...ahahahahah
    We have prairie oysters..bovine, bull -uh you get the pic. cooked right, they are good. Turkey oysters? never heard of em. Would be pretty small in comparison to prairie oysters!
    My Dad always try anything(food)once. I do.
    Staying in our hearts and belly rubs to Wilfee.

  22. woofs, had to laugh, little Wilf peeing on the old find...goes to show ya, dogs are just phonyness to them..

    b safe,

  23. Ah, yes, a 'specialist' of an archaelogist must be consulted. A suitable chemical analysis will be needed of that pre-Christian pagan stone. Then a treatise to be written on how the Polski Owczarek Nizinny actually originated in those northern foothills of the Pyrenees, as evidenced by a newly discovered DNA specimen from the 'christened' rock. Good boy, Wilf!

  24. vicious... um, maybe with some califlower cheese?

  25. Wilf certainly has an effective way of letting his opinion be known. I must say that i do agree with him!

  26. Hey Wilf: I am glad you christened those bricks today and hope you get out there and find them all first. One thing you do is create more patina and make them much older looking, then more valuable.

    Go to it Wilf!


  27. My dog Chico likes to christen everything too. Everything!