Saturday, February 12, 2011

The star still shines.

No sign of Aude the decaratrice. Instead, Giles, the whistling builder arrives, unannounced, to rebuild the wall he accidently knocked down last week. Somewhere, somehow, he's unearthed a pile of matching eighteenth century bricks . By five thirty the replacement structure is finished. In the process one of the Anduze vases mysteriously broken. Around here that counts for progress.

With the septic tank trenches at last filled in it's time to get on the net and order roses for the garden from David Austin ( ) and bulbs from Peter Nyssen in Manchester ( ). Everything we wanted in stock and both orders despatched the same day. Delivery promised for Tuesday. We shall see. Most packages arrive in the post from England within two days but it has also been known to take five weeks.

Wilf seems to have settled into a routine of misty eyed contentment. After breakfast and a quick walk, he positions himself under the palm tree in the courtyard. From this vantage point he can supervise the workmen, bark at the post lady and monitor our movements. A routine of sleep, lunch and tickles. Canine satisfaction from knowing that only a few things are really important.

On the other side of the lane the old farmers Christmas star still shines, unseasonably, bright. On this side of the lane so does Wilfs.


  1. Satisfaction from knowing that only a few things are really important. What a lesson for dogs as well as humans.

    Nancy and Tyrolee

  2. That second picture is priceless.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Your house and garden look so beautiful Angus, i am really in love which each part of them you are so kind to share with us. May be some pictures of the roses when they will be in flowers ?
    Sweet Wilfee finds slowly a new way to move in his new life of partially sighted dog.
    Thak you Angus for sharing this part of your private life with us, it is an adventure which will stay always in my heart. Years and years later.
    Have a beautiful week end, hope you have the incredibly blue sky we have today in Brittany.
    Bisous et câlins to my beloved Wilfee.

  4. Sleep, lunch and tickles sounds good to me.

    I'm so glad that Wilf's star is still shining brightly and he's enjoying life to the full !!

  5. Maybe Giles, the whistling builder 'accidentally' knocked down someone else's wall and took their bricks to rebuild yours....

    Wilf's star certainly does shine brightly--His light has been felt and seen here in Virginia and other far off places!

  6. your star will always shine on....

  7. I don't believe you about that christmas star. i'm thinkin we need photographic evidence... ;)

  8. That second picture of Wilf is so precious - give him a hug for me. He is a shining star.

  9. Wilf's star is still shining bright in the love and care of you and the font. Contentment.

  10. In my imagination, Wilf's star will always shine (as will the farmer's!)

  11. Delighted to see that your palm tree resembles our Cabbage Palmetto, the state tree of South Carolina! I'm happy that across the wide blue seas, Petey and Wilf have these lovely trees in common. In the fall, our trees produce berries that old locals have been known to turn into Palmetto wine (sorry, I've never tried it!). The seagulls will gobble down the intoxicating berries until they are quite drunk and unable to fly, just blinking and stumbling about the pavement near the trees. Do not park near a Palmetto in the fall!

    Cheers to Wilfee!

  12. I had the same reaction as Jane (Petey): your palm tree resembles those we have here in South Florida too.

    We're assuming some of those roses are for the Font to celebrate le St. Valentin...

    xxx Joan

  13. You're already planting roses? I could just cry! It will be months yet before we can do that. *sigh*

    Wilf's star shines for a lot of us! I love that last photo of him!

  14. For some reason, I keep reading 'decaratrice' as 'dominatrix'. I think I'm suffering in the translation! :)

  15. Anduze vases are gorgeous (I Googled) Seems everything is going to come up roses (soon) and Wilf is nicely settled. Have a lovely and peaceful weekend, and be sure to give our friend some coconut ice cream!

  16. Dear, dear Wilfee. like all canines, he knows what the important things in life are. I sometimes wonder if he feels the love frome all around the world for him (and I sure hope you, Angus, and the "font" feel it).
    I like the Christmas star continuing to shine across the way and love that Wilf's continues to shine.
    As always, love, prayers, and holding y'all in our hearts. Ahug for our "honorary Texan", Wilf. The endless summer continues, thank heaven.
    Jamie and the Texas Sundogs (who are actually having a warming up and the sun back for a week anyhow!)

  17. you seem able to pick some winning dogs. can you give some tips on how you selected your dogs or was it just the luck of the draw? I've bought a new house and am finally planning to adopt a dog after the death of mine almost 20 years ago.

  18. It seems to me Wilf has a lot to say to those of us struggling to be consumer minimalists - sleep, pee on tires, keep wateh with both fading eyesight and nose, love - a star indeed. You bless us, Angus, with every post.

  19. Wilf, nothing's better than a snooze in the sun while supervising. We see your star twinkeling here in California.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  20. Wilf is a shining star for all of us! Enjoy the weekend.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  21. Wilf will always shine bright - Wilf is busy at work guarding the garden and house....

    Angus - can you help me with a special wedding gift? I have been invited to a wedding for a couple who will be honeymooning in Paris - I would like to do something different for them - do you know of anything in Paris that would be not so touristie and reasonable priced for them to do or go while they are there - they are going in April - any suggestion would be helpful - I have never been to Paris.

    Wilf today is the best day - enjoy the sunning and all the love and tomorrow more of the same!!!

  22. Wilf
    I see that staw in youw eyes!!!
    It's faw to bwight to not shine!! Thank dog!
    smoochie kisses

  23. Cheers, Wilf!

    Enjoy your weekend in your new quiet way and let every thing be as it will.


  24. Long after we are all gone, that energy that was known as Wilf will shine on brightly in the night time sky.
    Glad the wall is repaired. It bothered me. Roses! Tell us more! Scented roses on the afternoon air. Heaven Love to you.

  25. Our dogs certainly know how to put things in perspective, don't they? It's the little things in life - strung together like tiny charms - that make the prettiest bracelet.

    Wilf, you are wise, do you know that? Yes, you are☺

  26. Sounds like a lot of progress has been made on that old house of yours! Although I think maybe that guy who knocked down the wall and then broke the vase might cost you more than you bargained for! lol