Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sated wolves.

The sun is out and spring is well and truly here. Daffodils exploding in the hedgerows. Despite this change in the seasons a decidedly downbeat , bordering on gloomy, atmosphere in the cafe this morning. Yesterday afternoon England beat France in the Six Nations championship. Nothing short of a national disaster for the rugby loving devotees of France profonde.

Before the match a minutes silence for the dead in the New Zealand earthquake. A surprising display of fellow-feeling amid lifes babbling alchemy. Even more amazing ; not a sound from the huge crowd. The silence observed reverentially by both players and fans. Somehow it's reassuring that heartfelt consolation and compassion still punch above their weight in a corrugated world.

In the evening a phone call from New York. ' Could I go and give a dinner chat next week ? '. The caller, a Croesus rich individual, starts to put the world to rights. In the process disparaging a senior member of the administration. " The problem is she wants the wolves to be sated and the sheep left whole ". What old fashioned language.

I ask him if he was Secretary of State what he would have done differently. There is silence on the other end of the line. Criticism without alternatives. All too easy. Today, does anyone apply the ' could I have done better ' rule before weighing in ?

Wilfs homespun Polish Sheepdog view on life. " Hem your blessings with thankfulness ". He's happy. And no, I shan't be travelling next week.


  1. Well Gail is looking all gloaty this morning about the rugby....

    Good decision to stay at home with Wilfy. (Gail, please take note, what a good example Angus is setting. Yes I know I'm not sick, but then your work travel is only to Milton Keynes...)

    Toodle pip!

  2. Hello Angus and sweet Wilf. Even if i didn't understand everything about you conversation with the member of the administration, i am happy to read that you shouldn't be travelling next week, and stay home with the Font and the boy. He surely needs you more than this man.
    Have a beautiful Sunday Angus, and all my love and bisous to the beloved Wilfee.

  3. Thank you Angus. We will be having our moment of silence on Tuesday at 12.51
    As the death toll rises, and many struggle without basic services, we are not ure how the next day or weeks or months will unfold. We will try to meet them with resilience.
    We in Christchurch all know someone who has died in the earthquake. I know three of them now. I worry about the ones I will know that I don't realise are missing yet as the names have not all been released.

    They say we will get power back in another weke or two.
    I am glad you are not travelling... I want to stay here with my loved ones too. Shaky ground or not!

  4. Hi Angus, i applaud your decision not to travel, time is precious enough not to waste with "wolves" when you can be with the furry bundle of joy in sheep's clothing..


  5. I don't know that the rule 'I could have done better' applies as much as the thought 'you could have done more to make me look good!'

    Wilf's thoughts are as usual, spot on!! I hope you're having an enjoyable day!

  6. Wilfie does not need to feel lonely when you are gone.... Great wise polar bear decision not to go to New York!
    To all the Wilf Famliy have a lovely sunday!!!
    From Southern ITaly Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  7. While I agree with your decision not to accept the speaking engagement from this individual, I had a moment of hope that we might meet up in New York for a cuppa (or a glass of something stronger!) Petey was quite disappointed when he got to the end of your post. Saw some daffodils here as well as fruit trees just starting to blossom, here in South Carolina. Seems a shame to head back into winter in NYC on Tuesday when Spring has just arrived on my doorstop here.

  8. staying home with the sheep is much better than traveling to the wolves!
    hugs to Wilfie...

  9. Good morning handsome Wilf! Your photos with sunshine and green grass are balms for winter weary eyes here. Thanks for them.

    Angus, how many readers let out a sigh of relief when finishing your last sentence? At least one. Your fourth paragraph....teaching wisdom.

  10. Interesting story about the phone call. It's all too easy to criticize those making the difficult decisions without thinking about what would make a better alternative. There's a lot of that in the US right now - I think that it's part of why our population is so polarized.

    I'm glad that you won't be traveling next week. Enjoy the explosion of springtime with the font and Wilf. Each day is precious.

  11. Good call Angus.Wilf needs you right now.Have a great Sunday. Hugs for Wilf.

  12. Even though we would love for you to visit New York State, you made the right decision to stay home with your precious Wilf. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  13. Funny how the right question can really shut someone up! I guess it's not a bad deal that you don't have to fly to New York.

    Wilf's wisdom is spot on, as always!

  14. I'm sorry you lost out on a job but I'm glad you won't be traveling next week. Wilf needs you more and family is more important than work any old day!

  15. We're glad you're staying home with the boy! Enjoy the Spring walks.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  16. Thank you so very much, Angus, for staying in France Profonde. As I said earlier, if serious men in dark suits need your advice, they can come to you for the time being.

    The stay should give you time to have fresh floor tiles made. Be sure to let Wilfy run atop the wet clay!

  17. We have no patience for those who, without full knowledge of what's goimg on, or have any solutions, expect others to jump in with both feet. Especially said rich-like Croesus types. Good decision!!!

    If you do come to the US in the future, we think you will have to schedule meet-ups with so many of us who are Angus-philes!!

    Woofs from the Boyz to Wilf!!!

    xxx Joan

  18. glad you're staying home with Wilf. he will be better company. it's never good to make judgements without alternatives.

  19. Old fashioned language but superbly put. Sizes up the situation perfectly, doesn't it.
    We're glad beyond belief Wilf won't have to be stressed. We started to get "that feeling "in the pit of our stomach at the very thought of him being left again. Even if this gent sent his G650 for you and had it wait, it would probably be still be too long.
    The third photo! We'd swear Wilf was a pup!

  20. Good to read some still have the courage of their convictions in this dementedly 'show me the money' world. Glad Wilf will continue to have the pleasure of your company, Angus, so you two can get out and enjoy your early Spring.

    Jed & Abby