Friday, February 25, 2011

Political camouflage

Off with Wilf to the vets. Annoyed to find it was the haughty young Parisienne who was on duty. An ' on the spot ' executive decision to return when one of the others is there. Wilf sat happily in the back of the car while the receptionist handed over a new box of syringes. Face saving political camouflage .

We may go back down again today. Maybe not. Wilf simply hates going. It's better to only take him to the surgery when it's really necessary. Over the last 24 hours the drinkings down, we're back to just one early morning pit stop and there have been no more accidents.

It's possible that he became overly stressed when I went away and this has caused the problem with the diabetes. The books all say that as a breed they are ' devoted to their families but wary of strangers '. That ain't the half of it. Being with their families is everything. Herding and guarding is hard wired into their systems. Younger dogs can cope with lost members of their flock and a change in routine .Older ones can't. This may not be diabetes management as much as old age stress treatment.

Four in the afternoon and the peace of the village is interrupted by the honking of horns. In fact it's the honking of a horn. The young replacement postman is driving, noisily, from house to house to alert us to the fact that there's going to be a major power cut . He had official letters but had ' mislaid ' them. " I' ll deliver them tomorrow " he cheerfully says. This morning we're waiting for the power to go off. When the lunchtime post comes we'll know the reason why. Life in a French village.


  1. Who needs official documents when one has a town cryer?! Wilf looks good today.

  2. So you have the separation anxiety.. i have it too. Don't worry Wilfee.. its perfectly normal to miss your human and be stressed about it as you love them too much. Love can causes our bodies to do all the hulabaloo.

    Glad everything is back to normal in your herd. And BAH! to the kooky vet. Angus did a right thing.. huhu

    woofs n licks,

  3. Wonderful !! On two counts - Wilf is better and that little cameo of French village life.....I just can't wait to get back !!

  4. I think that Wilf needs you more than those men in dark suits in Geneva and Zurich do, just now, the dear devoted fellow.

  5. We're with Bertie......

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  6. Good decision to come back when the other vets will be there, or to take Wilfee there when it's really necessary.

    You are surely right Angus, thinking that the polar bear dog was anxious when you were in Germany, his guide far from him. He really needs you by its sides (... à ses côtés). I am with Bertie too.

    Have a beautiful Friday dear Angus, lots of cuddles and bisous to my beloved Wilfee.

  7. At least you have the SanFran candelabra

  8. Interesting what the books say about PONs and their devotion to their families and changes later in life--The exact same thing is said about Wheaten Terriers, so I know just what you are referring too. But I'm glad that everything with Wilf seems to have resolved itself and he didn't have to go through a visit with the 'haughty young Parisienne.' Next time you'll just have to take him along to see those men in the dark suits!

  9. Wilfie: Being an older pup like you, I understand the stress of the pack not being together. These days I get upset if one is upstairs and the other is down!! My pack must be all together.


  10. Hey, I'm a human and I get upset if one of my pack (actually the pack master) is away as he has been for the past three days. Can't sleep well, tummy hurts, etc.

    So I have great empathy for dear Wilf!!!

    I agree with young Bertie: the choice between PON and dark suits - no choice at all! Except for kibble insurance!

    xxx Joan

  11. Your new postman sounds like a comedy all by himself. At first, I mis-read it to say that he was honking a horn at 4 *AM*. I'm glad I was wrong.

    I'm also glad that you abandoned the haughty vet and that things are seeming better for Wilf. The photos today show a happy Wilf and lots of green grass. He must love lying in it.

  12. I think I'd have done the same thing as you, left and gone back for another vet later. There's no point putting him (and you) through the aggravation of the other vet at this point.

    He mislaid the letters? Oh man! That's a federal offense here in the States, I think. I have to wonder how long the young fellow is going to keep his job!

  13. Good call on your part, Angus! If it were the tumor or the diabetes the water drinking would have continued. Good critical thinking and great compassion; what a fine vet you would have made. (You do get used to blood.)
    Wilf looks amazing! We noticed a brightening about him in his photos. Sparkle in his eyes, smile on his face. He loves you.

    P.S. Does your regular vet know unappreciated that Parisienne is? Send her packing.

  14. Well I for one am relieved you didn't see the haughty Parisienne. No doubt your absence played a part in WIlf's little wrinkle, and he may settle right down again now you're home. I was only gone for six days, but to Edward I'm convinced it was much longer. He is stuck to me like glue. It is difficult to herd your pack together when one of them in on Skype.

    Love the postman.

  15. JUst read todays post - so happy to hear life is normal again. Well done, no young lady from Paris to look over Wilfie...
    Well, maybe when you go away next time - the font has to wear your pullover, your scent and maybe you record some messages to replay so he does not feel your absence????? Wilfie you look just gorgeous today - as always.
    We love you from the South of Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  16. I too am with Bertie on this one. If those serious men in dark suits need to speak with you so urgently, then let them come to your little corner of France Profonde.

    Keep trurgling, Wilfee!

  17. You are right, best leave the visit until he absolutely needs to go. Then take a drive around the block to see who is working before entering!

    It seems that the postman is a rather "misplaced" sort of soul, and rather forgetful!!

    Love the pictures today, #3 looks very "pondering". Keep going Wilf!

    Your Canadian pals who woke up to -41 degrees celcius this morning, rather brisk!!!
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  18. Good afternoon handsome Wilf! Your photos never cease to bring a warm smile to my face. And all of those red dots from the visitors world over coming here for the same reason, a reason to smile. Thank you and Angus.

    I think you need to introduce HV (haughty vet) to the new postman. And Angus? Very good call leaving with syringes.

  19. In total agreement with your decision to reschedule the appointment. Your postman sounds like quite the character. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  20. I'm sorry one of the nicer vets wasn't at the office, but I'm glad you decided not to see the one who was there. No one should have to be treated badly when you're not feeling well - and that especially includes animals!

  21. Hi Angus... good to hear he has improved.
    I get separation anxiety too - if Poppy is not with me.. I don't think she will ever sleep in her crate again - a firm fixture on the bed since the earthquake!
    We have not had power since Tuesday - so we have been invited to friends to day for a shower and roast meal. Bliss.
    We managed to get a wee generator though so have saved our fish tank - if I am lucky Scott will let me use it for the fridge! The queues at the supermarket put me off shopping yet so as we have lost all the freezers, we are making do now. My days of prawns and sirloin steak are over... beans and rice and pasta await.

  22. Glad to read Wilf is feeling better! Hope it continues.

    Can't you schedule an appointment with a specific vet and just go when that vet is on duty? We do.

    Jed & Abby

  23. that was a wise decision at the vet's office. go back when one of the nice vets is there.

  24. My boys will be going to the vet for their annual shots on Tuesday. They don't like going either. And I find it stressful because they like to bark at everyone and everything.

    I'm glad you didn't go to that particular vet. Is it possible to specifically request one of the other vet's?