Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That particular type of frosty silence.

Another hot day. Our fourth in a row. A little piece of August smuggled into February. Off for a walk with Wilf along the old Roman road. Not a car or a person in sight. We park under the shade of some old oaks and amble together towards the river. After five minutes he settles down in the cool grass . The family fellow won't be coaxed forwards, nor back. 300 metres, max, and he's not just tired, he's exhausted. Wilf waits there, dozing in the sun, while his chauffeur service returns with the car. A reminder that the cancer has turned an nine year old dog into an old one.

At lunchtime a change from low protein to high fibre diabetic kibbles. With Digby, his little brother, any change of diet or routine would have occasioned a diva like performance. " This tastes like soap! Why are you trying to poison me ?" For Wilf its food. He doesn't even hesitate .

The joiner has finished the roof on the pool house , the terrace wall has been replastered, the damage to the garage caused by a falling branch repaired, the trenches filled in ( after a fashion ), and new trees planted along the drive. The gutter repairman promises to finish the down pipes today. Aude and Sylvie have just about done painting the ceiling in the hallway. The grey undercoat has a wonderful lived in feel - a patina of age. The white top coat leaves me cold. It was perhaps a mistake to have voiced this opinion so late in the day. Angus knows women well enough to recognize that particular type of frosty silence.


  1. Ahhhh- I thought you would leave the ceiling dark-ish grey...Angus, I am on your side with this one....
    I have been thinking of the font ..and thinks she may be called Giramont or Times New Roman....tell me I am on the right track.. :-)))))

  2. Well what can you do on the paint I guess live with it, something you have to give on. You are a good chauffeur.

  3. Oh Angus Angus Angus. You went about it all wrong. I suggest:

    "Dearest 'Font'. you know how much we both love Wilf. He is so important to us. And I have noticed that he his happiest of all when Aude the biscuit-bearing decatrice is around. Well I have an idea for prolonging her stay. I do believe that Wilf particularly enjoyed watching our hall ceiling being painted. Would it not be a good idea - for him, of course - to add another coat of paint? Perhaps a slightly darker shade of white would be the thing. Sort of grey, if you like, to remind dear Wilf of his youth in Scotland".

    On the other hand, perhaps not.
    Cheers! Gail.

  4. You've been seduced by the grey can't all be grey!

  5. If it's food, or resembles food, we eat it! So we're with Wilf.

    xXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. I think I'm going to join you on the white issue -- although I'm not sure that's much help!

    I can just picture Digby's expression over the food change! It's good to know that Wilf is much less finicky!

  7. I must agree with you Angus, the white paint is rather stark. On another note, I see Wilf is carrying toys around, is he acting playful or protective of his friends? Pats on the head to the tired little guy and hugs to both of you for the care and love you are providing. I'm certain he is living much longer because of the love.

  8. (small voice) I like the whitewashed grey.

    And that light fixture is gorgeous, along with the excellent brick work!

    Wilf sounds like Petey--he'll eat anything offered, usually in one gulping bite.

  9. Well Angus, here's the harsh reality about stark white anything - particularly ceilings - it really doesn't take long for them to turn "greyish". That's especially true if you have a woodstove, fireplace, or burn candles on a regular basis. Valentine's Day is coming so light up some romantic candles for the Font, but don't trim the wicks - let them "smoke" a wee bit. Voila! - grey ceilings in no time! Wait a the Font reading this? Nevermind.

  10. Gray , please, without a doubt. Maybe a application of the under coat watered down a bit will make a compromise between gray and white and give you some depth to the white.
    Could be the undertone or finish on the white paint.
    Farrow and Ball Estate Series Emulsion, if white is to be kept, will get you that chalked mat look that doesn't scream new paint. Had it shipped to use it on my little devil of a new house to get any character.

  11. Progress on the home front! Soon the dust will settle. How lovely to have a touch of summer in February, even with a tinge of frost. Those warm stones must feel good to Wilf.

  12. What an amazing forum you've created!!! Well we too think the weathered gray is more appealing than the white top coat.

    On the other paw, if we're attributing a font to "the font," certainly not Times Roman. We're thinking she's more a sans serif kind of font --- like your blog.

    Wilf is always in our thoughts. Gentle hugs and scritches and tummy tickles to the dear boy!

    xxx Joan

  13. Dearest Wilf,
    thinking of you
    here it's snow, snow & more snow
    xoxoxo Susan, Missy D & Sam

  14. A situation no man likes to find himself in. ;) Best of luck to you and hugs for Wilf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  15. This ceiling is simply gorgeous, grey or white, never mind, it's a beauty ! And you won't look at it all the time Angus...
    White is very "tendance" (fashion) in France these days.
    Bisous sweet Wilfee.

  16. It must be the heat that has set the poor boy back a bit...I know I/we falter in the heat and would rather just sit or lay down. Hopefully the weather will sort itself out and back to a bit of "frosty" days so Wilf will regain the bounce in his step.

    We wish we could send you some chilly weather!!

    With love, your Canadian pals....
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  17. Wilf
    It's OK to snooze when it's hot!
    I'm glad the food still excites!
    I gobble my food in seconds..whatevew is offewed
    Smoochie kisses

  18. You are right about the white paint - it lacks character, compared to other parts of your home. Perhaps Aude and Sylvie should take their colour inspiration from Wilf as his fur contains a wonderful pallete of colours with hints of grey around some of the edges, lovely shades of creamish white and a comfy well lived friendly look.


  19. Wilfie and his chauffeur service - to all of you my thoughts and love for what you are doing!!!!
    White might be wonderful in summer????? Just to try to cheer you on this. Love from Susanne and Daisy and Foxiie

  20. You've really gotten the army to work on your farmhouse. Amazing. I have to agree with you on the white... but I don't want to prolong the frosty silence.

    Wilf and his chauffeur. An inseparable pair. So much love between you. I wish that we could freeze time, at a point before the nasty C word was spoken.

  21. Dear Wilfie & family, Just want you to know I check on you daily. I must say todays pictures gave me quite a scare! Wilf think of you daily,
    all the best from Northern CA. Thank-you Angus for your wonderful updates.
    Fay & family

  22. oops. sorry you got the silent treatment in response to your comment about the white paint. it does sound like the place is coming together nicely.

    good Wilfy boy, still enjoying his short walks. it's okay to walk and rest. at least he is hanging in there and enjoying his dog food too.

  23. Hi dear Wilf:

    Its sub-zero F where I live and too cold to even spend much time outside. I will trade you for the hotter days! What do you say?


  24. Dearest Wilf. I think I would be quite content to lie down on the cool stones and have a nap or a snuggle with your stuffies and you. I think it would be so lovely.

    Your friend, HoneyBuzz

  25. One good thing about paint is you can always change it if you don't like it. Maybe the color will grow on you!