Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Air France are on strike . Again . A sure sign that today's a national holiday here in France .

Upstairs Aude is replastering the walls in the bedrooms facing the war memorial . She's working over the holiday to earn money for a new hand loom that's being delivered from Dijon on Friday. It seems that the womens cooperative has recently become the proud owners of a herd of extremely bad tempered alpacas . Their goal is to produce their own clothes . For a moment Angus wonders how a group that wears dungarees and t-shirts can ever hope to clothe themselves. However, ever the politician , he keeps this thought to himself .

Wilf has had a haircut. This has removed most of the honey that had become entangled in his muzzle and ears . The whole procedure took two minutes and was accompanied by a high pitched grumbling . This morning he will be heading off with me in the car to the local supermarket to stock up on Carrs Water Biscuits . For some reason Wilf finds these to be quite irresistible .


  1. Well I'm glad someone likes those crackers! :)

  2. The ever so sweet and so well tempered Wilf grumbling - well done to get some biscuits...
    Bacetti sul nasino - I hope there is cheese and honey and biscuits on the menu - love Susanne, Daisy and Foxiee
    We just had our morning greetings and cuddles...

  3. Wilfy dear boy, could you please ask Angus to post details of how he executes the 'two minute haircut'. Even I might manage to stand still for so short a time...
    Toodle pip!
    PS We look forward to reports of the latest French chic - alpaca dungarees, as modelled by Aude.

  4. Wilf looks positively sprightly! Sadly however, I have missed a kiss on that delicious nose topped with honey. Still as sweet without the dressing! x

  5. Ps So nice to read about a 'haircut' that actually is a haircut.....

  6. I've no idea why I can remember hearing once that Queen Elizabeth likes Carrs crackers--But it's another show of Wilf's good taste!

  7. We love those biscuits, too.

    There are lots of alpacas around here. Apparently they keep the foxes away from the sheep....that's what we're told.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. If you add a bit of cream cheese or caviar or pepper jelly, those biscuits are worth eating!! I always keep a box in the cabinet for unexpected guest - when Wilf comes to visit, I'll be ready.

  9. Wilf's fur, without a haircut, looks a bit like an alpaca's! He has you wrapped around his dew claw - driving to the supermarket specifically for his crackers. He's a very lucky dog to have you and the font catering to his needs.

  10. Sweet Wilf has lovely taste in crackers - we love them also but find the Carr's price tag a bit steep for us over here.

    Apparently Alpacas do a good job of keeping predators out of the sheep fold - but they also have a bad habit of spitting when angry *shudder* Perhaps that's what keeps the bad things away?

  11. Chin up, Wilf! The haircut was over faster than a thorough face washing would have been, and at the end of it all there are crackers!

    I'm waiting for the post when Angus gets a fuzzy pink alpaca wool scarf from the women's guild!

  12. aahhh. his last experience with honey then?
    i like his new shorter locks.
    shows his expressive wee face more.
    the last picture says it all...
    "enough already! what i endure for my public."
    we love you little shorn rock star!
    hugs and sticky nose kisses,
    tammy j

  13. Just keep the honey off the biscuits!

  14. I hear there are lots of strikes in France..

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. Wilf, the Honey Pon! Somewhere in there is an aside to Winnie the Pooh. Enjoy your crackers :).

  16. Those crackers are a staple in our house as well! Topped with a bit of cheese, even the 15 year old teen delights in them! Hopefully Air France will soon be up in the air! Love the haircut!! Keep on going Wilf, handsome boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  17. Lovely hair cut Wilfee ! Hope you had a beautiful Tuesday, full of crackers and dreams.
    Bonne soirée à vous trois. Bisous to my beloved Wilfee.

  18. I had to laugh at the thought of Wilf with honey all dried up in his fur. That's one nice thing about chihuahuas -- they never require a haircut.

  19. Looking good Wilf!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  20. Please do tell Wilf that we find his haircut most appealing. He's such a handsome fellow.

    The idea of these women, as you describe them, with alpacas and a loom? We cannot wait for the pictures :)