Sunday, November 20, 2011

Molten or Molton ?

A smart oceanside hotel In Santa Barbara sends an e-mail suggesting we come and stay with them for Christmas. The gushing marketing missive ends with the words " and you can't grumble at Molten Brown smellies ! " . ' Oh yes you can ' thinks Angus . ' The font ' tells me they probably mean Molton Brown toiletries .

The night of the Black Sabbath meets Dire Straits concert in the village hall . The band made up of four , thirty something , head banging , Goths . Two Dutch, two French .The lead singer alarmingly hyperactive in yellow velvetine trousers and black morning coat. In between songs they revive themselves with chili con carne eaten off plastic plates . Dire indeed. We return home after ten minutes. Wilf greets us as if we've been away for a month.


  1. 10 minutes! Does that include travel time?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & roxy

  2. Oh my Lord ! Molten Brown smellies . Sounds like something dog folk might know all about .

    Cheryl. xxx

  3. Hello Angus! 'The Font'is right--I've heard of Molton Brown, and recall that it's really a posh brand that is sold here at Neiman Marcus. And I have to admit that my early morning sense of humor would really like to say something about 'Molton Brown Smellies' and chili con carne, but I will spare you and refrain...I hope the rest of your weekend is an enjoyable one! All the best and good thoughts for Wilf!!

  4. and in terms of enjoyment... you probably felt like 10 minutes were 2 months!
    why on earth? santa barbara is so beautiful... why would they say something like that as a description for their hotel!!! maybe they're trying to be quaint and charming, like carmel by the sea? no comparison. will take more than brown smellies!
    i love love love the last picture of wilf.
    says it all.
    tammy j

  5. The hotel has some pretensions, I'd say. The same as poorly pronounced French words interjected into conversation. And "smellies"? How revolting.
    Ghastly concert. Eating chili beans while performing? An olfactory nightmare in the making! Wilf's welcome home is the best.

  6. Improbably, this post reminds me of the ceildh band who played at the grand opening of the new Torridon Community Centre last month. During the long gaps in between the dances, the fiddle player of this lacklustre outfit was furiously busy texting all her friends, oblivious to audience and fellow band members...

  7. The last photo of Wilf is splendid - he may not see with his eyes but he certainly does with his heart! Somehow, I can tell he is delighted to have been spared the concert :).

  8. You get extra credit for venturing out to attend the "concert"- smelly indeed!

  9. The last picture of Wilf made my day!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  10. A tribute to Wilf on my blog.
    To celebrate Thanksgiving.

  11. Hello Angus
    Thank you for a wonderful blog
    I am your new follower
    I found you on the recommendation of Pamela from the House of Edward
    Helen Tilston
    PS Looking forward to knowing you

  12. *helpless giggles* You got all that from watching them for ten minutes? You do realize they will feature largely as inspiration at the next ladies' art exhibit, don't you?

    I feel sorry for people who come home with no dog to greet them.