Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday contentment .

Up at 2.23 am to let Wilf out for a pit stop. The smell poltergeist in the rickety old farmhouse is hard at work . The upstairs corridor like a pine forest after it's rained. An almost identical smell to that expensive dark green bath gel they used to make . I spend ten minutes trying to remember the name of the bath gel before falling asleep again .

Pumpkin soup and cheese for lunch . Some coconout ice cream for Wilf after his kibbles. Wilf licks his lips in delight . '' The font '' goes off to see the Spielberg ' Tintin ' movie at the new picture house . It starts fifteen minutes late because there is a queue for popcorn . Wilf and yours truly go to support the local rugby team . At half time we wander out into the car park . Wilf christens the tyres of the visiting teams coach . I'm sure there's a look of quiet satisfaction on his face when we go back to our seats for the second half. After the game is over we find a new lane to wander down .

No hot dog for the family fellow at the rugby ground but as soon as we're home he settles down in the kitchen to provide technical guidance . Langoustines , orange et tagliatelles de legumes followed by Daurade a la Phoceenne . The preparation of both dishes carefully monitored . A tiny amount of human food with his dinner and he's happy .


  1. This household is of course keen to hear what 'the font' thought of the TinTin movie. The reviews (mostly poor in the UK) have not paid enough attention to the role of Snowy, in the opinion of some of us....

  2. Bertie - Despite the negative reviews it seems the Tintin film was greatly enjoyed . The previous weeks had seen a run of particularly dark Almodovar films . These involved murder, torture and heaven alone knows what else . By contrast Tintin was said to be uplifting . The animations so life like they were slightly offputting . Snowy , or Milou, a he is known here is the star of the show !

  3. BADEDAS! The German dark green bath gel. Still going strong.
    And still expensive!
    We check on WILF every evening before turning in, here in
    Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Lovely to see him looking so happy.

  4. Anonymous in Vancouver - Thank you for restoring my sanity . I now know we have the Badedas poltergeist ! Good to know it's still going strong .

  5. Hello ANGUS: So happy to hear that I had a small part in restoring sanity.
    Of course - it has to be the BADEDAS POLTERGEIST! We relish every word
    you write, walk each and every day with WILF, and send lots of love from the Westcoast of Canada. No longer anonymous, EDENA and GARY and
    our Scottish Terrier VICTOR.

  6. BADEDAS - available from these vendors in the U.K. - and I am sure in
    FRANCE as well. Here they are:

  7. Thank you. Badedas seem to have a coterie of devoted users ! I checked it out on Amazon and found a review that says that the product is made from horse chesnut oil and limonene ( apparently a citrus scented hydrocarbon from plants ) . Hence the smell. Sara Lee owns it according to the reviewer . None of this explains why the rickety old farmhouse should smell of it in the wee hours !

  8. Clearly I should have gone to see TinTin not Wuthering Heights last night....

  9. Love the movie starting late because of the popcorn line....only in a small town.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  10. Badedas or Vitabath in some countries. Big fan! If you do have a poltergeist, at least it's clean.

  11. The movie doesn't open in the US until Dec. 21st. Based on the trailer, I think my nephew might enjoy seeing it. Hugs for Wilf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  12. You do realize, dear Angus, that you (and Wilf as well by extension) eat like a king each day? The font takes excellent care of her boys.

  13. Tintin doesn't open here for a while yet. Did 'the Font' think it was good?

    I was going to ask what the name of the bath gel is, but I see someone came up with it! lol

    I often envision Wilf in a little chef's hat. I can't imagine why!

  14. Your pine forest bath gel reminded me of Radox and strangely enough, and for some odd reason, I thought I could ACTUALLY smell it!

  15. My dogs all enjoyed a treat of hotdogs with a few fries on the side after their Sunday dinner. I was too tired after shoveling snow then trudging through snow with them on our Sunday walk (slog) to prepare a proper Sunday supper for myself & Mr. O.

  16. oh my! the best of a friendly haunted house if it smells of a pine forest. can think of nothing lovelier!
    the picture of wilfee in a little chef's hat (from one of your commenters) made me smile big!
    he and the font are partners for sure. every good chef needs a special taster.
    tammy j

  17. um that food sounds yummy!

    Stop on by for a visit

  18. Wilf the gourmet dog! Love Susanne, Foxiie and Daisine

  19. I wish we had coconut ice cream here! I think my 3 would love a taste...

    I would love to live in a house that smelled of pine all the time, wouldn't that be nice?

    As always, Wilf is looking rather handsome! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  20. One of these days, I'm going to look for some coconut ice cream. I've had coconut popsicles but never coconut ice cream.

  21. Those first two photos look really beautiful. I love the sight of Wilf happily wandering down the lane.

  22. Edifying. All mama could think of was Pine-Sol, which is a wonderful floor cleanser. Perhaps Mme. Bey is using a new cleaning product?

    So wonderful to see Wilf having such a good string of days: interesting activities, excellent food, chauffeur service on demand.

    Jed & Abby