Friday, November 25, 2011

Ellio - the bad tempered alpaca .

Aude , the decaratrice , has finally finished . The bedrooms all freshly redecorated in time for Christmas . After lunch she packs up her scaffolding, takes her cheque and disappears off to deal with an unruly Alpaca . It seems that the eleven females in the recently acquired herd are gentle things. By contrast the sole male , Ellio , is a bad tempered grouch much giving to eating the rose bushes , baring his teeth and spitting . Today, he's escaped from his pen and is grazing on the flower beds . From the drawn look on Aude's face I can't help but feel that the womens cooperative are singularly ill prepared to deal with the arrival of this solitary male presence in their midst.

The Christmas decorations have gone up in the local supermarket . To be more precise a wooden garden shed has appeared in the aisle between the books and the electrical equipment . Some creative soul has liberally scattered soft toys , wrapping paper and tinsel around it to give the thing a festive feel . Despite their best efforts it still looks like a garden shed . No need for Macys to worry just yet.

The foreign foods section is much depleted . No Carrs Water Biscuits . No Jacobs Cream Crackers . In fact foreign culinary exotica is reduced to a pack of Oreos, a can of treacle and a couple of bottles each of Sarsons Vinegar and Lea and Perrins sauce . Perhaps the staff have been too busy erecting the garden shed to bother about restocking the shelves ?.

The weather is finally due to change . Today bright sunshine and blue skies . Tomorrow thick fog and plummeting temperatures are forecast .Wilf spends most of his day on the front doorstep soaking up the rays . He stirs himself to bark at the post lady before turning on his back to continue his nap. The hectic life of an old PON .


  1. Gail is shocked that a male Alpaca is allowed on the premises of the women's cooperative. She asks, what purpose does he serve? Have they not heard of artificial insemination?
    Bertie thinks that Ellio is merely misunderstood.

  2. Apparently alpacas keep the foxes away.....maybe he just can't find a fox to chase so he's frustrated.

    That last picture is a hoot. Wilf sleeping on his back always brings a smile.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  3. the simplicity of the garden shed turned christmas shed is touching. i think the average american might go into withdrawals over the lack of "abundance of choice" but it just seems charming.
    wilfee with a toy and then a nap. too wonderful for words.
    spitting alpacas... i pass!
    love and hugs to our wee bear,
    tammy j

  4. Great hair day and the beard - maybe you should go as father Christmas this year? The new addition to the villages festivities - and he may get so many tickles for that??
    My dog is controlling me on the computer sitting with me on the chair - he knows something is going on there - but what - he can't smell anything... to be continued.
    Well it must be the bacetti line that made him suspicious - Wilfie we love you to bits - love Susanne, Daisy and a very suspicious Foxiie

  5. ha!
    soak up the sun while you can!

  6. Aude is finished? Isn't doing lime render the same as putting a thin plaster coat on the walls? And finished for Christmas? The woman is amazing. Now if she can only solve the alpaca issue.
    Nothing warms the heart like a seeing Wilf lazing in the sun. Wish all of his days could be bright and sunny.

  7. Oddly, I'll miss Aude. Well, I'll miss the posts about her. I guess I can't really miss HER since I've never met her. She and Madame Bay amuse me.

    I love Wilf's hair in that second picture. He's definitely rocking the punk look there.

    That last picture makes me wish I could reach through the computer screen and scratch his belly.

    I hope the male alpaca calms down a bit and isn't so unruly.

  8. Quite the "festive" look to the garden shed. Perhaps a star on the top might give it a different feel? Wilf looks absolutely adorable in the last cute! Keep on going Wilf! Stay warm!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  9. There was a time in my life when Oreos were a major food group. Sigh - nice to see them again. Love the last photo of Wilf on his back in the sun. I, too, like the concept of less being more: Aude would blanch at my walls and Madame Bay would scream (operatically) over my dust, then set to work - I have Trans Siberian Orchestra CDs she may enjoy...

  10. I'm chuckling to myself over the idea of Oreos being exotic. Although, they definitely are delicious, especially the ones dipped in white chocolate!

    Someone actually finished a job in your house? I think that must be a Christmas miracle!

  11. Did Wilf get a bath and blow dry or is that just another bad hair day? Its certainly cute whatever it is. If Wilfee is anything like our sun loving cat, when the sun goes under a cloud, she just gets as close to a lamp as she can.


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

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