Thursday, November 17, 2011

The art of being wise .

The gardeners arrive bright and early to carry on with the landscaping . This time they bring a new toy - a pneumatic drill .The plumber and electrician arrive shortly after to put right what the gardeners had destroyed the day before . Wilf gives the gathered multitude a quick ' don't forget I'm here ' bark and then settles down for a long sleep in the orchard .

By lunchtime the new cypress trees along the drive have been planted . Even better - the impromptu lake on the lawn has largely drained away and the electrical system is once again safe . The family fellow treads warily across the waterlogged turf en route to christening the excavator .

'' The font '' has sensibly headed off to the UK on the first flight of the morning for ' granny fonts ' ninety third birthday . Upstairs , Aude, the bi-polar decaratrice , has started to put the lime render on the bedroom walls . She chats happily away to herselves .

Angus spends his day in fearful anticipation of what disaster might come next. Whatever comes next certainly isn't the third DHL parcel which remains elusive . The French tracking centre completely uninterested in its whereabouts . ' Maybe tomorrow ' the default reponse .

As Wilf might say : " the art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook " .


  1. Can't sleep, so good morning!

    For some reason, although I can't comment from my computer, I can from my "smart" phone.

    Wilf's advice taken to heart!


  2. We thought the whole point of tracking a parcel was to find out where it was......silly us.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  3. Aude the bipolar decaratrice chats hapopily away to herselves . I nearly choked with laughter .


  4. At least things seem to be coming more to rights today. I envision the scene from Christmas Vacation where the package is beneath the drivers' seat and it arrives unexpectedly on Christmas Eve...

    If only we all had Wilf's wisdom!

    Your comment this morning cracked me up!

  5. i know i’m a little off topic, but i just wanted to say i love the layout of your blog. i’m new to the blogegine platform, so any suggestions on getting my blog looking nice would be appreciated.

  6. Hurrah for the 93 year olds - my father reached that pinnacle last week!

  7. i've sat here laughing right out loud at your dry 'throw away' lines like "she chats happily away to herselves."
    happy 93rd to granny font in london!!!
    and i am going to remember the ever growing importance of your last line... in the art of being wise. and wilfee is the best example of that i've ever seen.
    hugs and special nose kisses,
    tammy j

  8. Happy Birthday Granny Font!
    DHL = Disastrously Hopelessly Late

  9. Life is never dull at the rickety old farmhouse...

  10. Almost half of my hollow tree fell down yesterday in our winds. No dog was hurt. Can you count that as your third disaster? We are willing to share to spare you another on-site disaster :).

  11. Good night, Angus !
    Bonne nuit Wilfee, i send you lots of kisses my sweet heart.

  12. Unlike yesterday, things seem to have gone well for you today. :)
    Happy 93rd Birthday to granny font, a definite cause for celebration!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  13. Hello Angus! I have decided that the only thing that is missing at your house this week has been the elusive package from DHL and the Mayor!

  14. Happy birthday granny font. God bless you on your special day.
    Not so bad a day for you, Angus. Maybe the tide is turning.
    Wilf always finds something good in his day! What a love!