Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bordering on the bizarre.

Monsieur Le Comte and the Chatelaine were in fine form . She in her best Miss Jean Brody outfit complete with stout walking shoes and opaque stockings. He in a most bizarre high necked purple cardigan fastened by toggles and a belt . Together with his cravat and monocle this gave him the slightly louche air of an Upper East Side ladies hairdresser . A reminder that once outside Paris French dress sense can border on the bizarre .

Lunch served at a table that could seat at least twenty but which had been laid for four. One setting at each point of the compass. A small log crackling, half heartedly, in the grate. The walls of the dining room covered with portraits of ancestors. Most of whom seem to have died fighting the English in horrifyingly gruesome ways. '' Our countries histories are as entwined as those of Siamese twins " I say , diplomatically . Our host looks at me strangely . "Mushroom soup ( ' the font ' thought it was pumpkin ), chicken chasseur, followed by roquefort and celery. Through it all the chatelaines six Pekingese retain an aristocratic indifference to Wilf . Not that he's bothered . He settles down under the table and is soon asleep on his back , snoring loudly .

Home to find the chimney sweep waiting in the courtyard . He was due to come next week but decided , unilaterally , to come early . " I knew you'd not gone away " he says by way of explanation . The mysteries of the French tradesmans psyche.

On our evening walk with Wilf we discover that a portion of the garden wall has started to lean alarmingly . Time to phone the builder. Again .


  1. So no blancmange. How disappointing.

  2. Well lady font will dazzle them when they come to visit you. Love the idea of the sound of a snoring pon under the table in the chateaux...
    Love from Southern Italy - fighting a little with my too independent cat Leopold - he is the the Johnny Depp of the cats - but he also loves any pots and dishes and climbs into the fridge - Daisy is not amused nor am I - love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  3. Have just discovered you and Wilf and overnight this has become my other 'must read' daily blog. I, too, dream of relocating to the French countryside - one day! The fence does look a worry.

  4. Saved from the blancmange..thank goodness.
    All sounds very outre! We have a 'character' who lives at the end of our lane. It's not so much the outlandish outfits as the utter self-absorption such eccentricity requires I find so exceedingly boring!

  5. The builder must love you!

    I knew that lunch was going to be an interesting affair. Monsieur Le Comte and Madame Bay should write a book on fashion! I'm glad that at least Wilf enjoyed himself!

  6. Your lunch sounds "bizarre" without a doubt. Did you have to shout to make yourself heard to people at the other end of the table?

    As I read your posts, I think, "thank goodness that no one in Angus' town knows about his blog"!

    I love the lighting in your first photo.

  7. Other than the dress, it seems so , well, ordinary. The dining room, quite predictable. Too bad. I guess I'll just keep the clothing visuals in mind and let my mind run wild with the fantasy decor. A patent leather bed cover for him, maybe. Her???
    How did they enjoy our Wilf? That's the deal maker or breaker.

  8. i'm sorry... SIX pekinese??? can't picture a silent meal with that many little barkers around. oh if we could only know what wilfee was thinking...
    well, maybe we do.. since he had no trouble falling fast asleep!
    fascinating people. america has so few everyday eccentrics. or maybe i just don't get around enough! did they serve the cream cake?
    are you going to give the font a chance to blow their opaque socks off?
    tammy j

  9. Were megaphones provided to speak during lunch? Or hearing aides to hear what the person due south was saying? An interesting lunch, to say the least. The images of M. Le Comte are interesting as well! Keep on going Wilf, lovely boy!!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  10. Wilf is a superb dining companion. Your description of the occasion was superb, felt like I could picture the purple sweater, monacle and austere setting of the luncheon.

  11. Six pekes, how truly bizarro world. And was there dessert? The cream cake or other?

    Bless Wilf's ability to provide commentary with a simple supine snore!


  12. No blancmange? It's good that Wilf was invited too. Also good he didn't have any gas problems.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  13. Hm.. so what are you serving the local nobility when you reciprocate their luncheon invitation? Are the Pekes invited? We're encouraged that they had the manners to include Wilf in their invitation. Or maybe Wilf is why you got the invitation in the first place?

    Jed & Abby

  14. "Ya just can't make this stuff up!!"

  15. Lunch sounded like another wonderful experience. ;)
    I would take one old sweet Pon named Wilf over six Pekingese any day of the week.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max