Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quite simply right .

Another warm sunny day . Wilf spends the better part of it on the front doorstep , dozing contentedly in the autumnal warmth . Builders, gardeners, decaratrice all ignored . This habit of falling asleep on his back and snoring is a new thing . Perhaps it relieves some internal discomfort . Whatever the reason , the old fellows undercarriage is getting a good and much needed airing .

Progress in the house. Aude , the decaratrice , has nearly finised applying the lime render to the first of the bedrooms. The lime finish subtly changes its tone and colour with the light . This is the way the walls and woodwork would have been finished when the house was put up three hundred years ago . It's quite simply right . We shall not use paint again .


  1. Yes I had been thinking that we had seen more photos of Wilfy upside down than ones of him the right way up recently.

  2. This is definitely Merlin's preferred position too. Perhaps it's a Pon thing. I have always thought he does it to cool off. Or to look adorable! Wilf is expert at that, love his fluffy paws.

  3. Interesting how sticking legs in the air is a comfortable sleeping position! We could do with an Aude - just about to tackle lime washing our old walls and I'm somewhat apprehensive!

  4. Beautiful colour - and a beautiful sleepy bear - imagine coming to your house and meeting a polar bear like this.
    Love from Southern Italy Susanne Daisy and Foxiino

  5. your posts just bring a smile in every way.
    the winds are blowin' down the plains here today... gusting hard enough to blow the lime right off your walls.
    they are beautiful.
    special nose kisses to my wee bear,
    tammy j

  6. What a pose by Wilf. It's hard to imagine it being comfortable but, if the old boy likes it, then it must be. I'm glad he's getting such good snoozes in the sun despite the parade of workers in and out of the house.

  7. That first picture of Wilf puts a big smile on my face! Thanks! And the color of the lime on the walls is beautiful...

  8. Those walls look amazing! I have no idea what lime render is -- but it does the job!

    Scritches to the back-snoozing family fellow!


  9. The walls are exquisite. Perfection.
    And of course, Wilf sleeping on his back is the best sight ever. A most secure fellow.

  10. He can really just fall asleep like that? I have to grin when I see him.

    That finish on the walls is beautiful! Wow! I bet when she's finished that is really going to be gorgeous. I wonder why people stopped using things like that.

  11. Oh my goodness! That woman, Aude, absolutely knows what she is doing. Her work is lovely.
    Obviously Wilf knows what he's doing as well! It's a really good observation, Angus, that he may find comfort from some internal pain while on his back. Has the vet said anything about his lungs? It may make his breathing easier or relieve some sort of pressure on his diaphragm. Besides, his back position is the most adorable thing ever. Give him our love, please.

  12. Respect for age - old houses and old dogs - is a most admirable human trait.

  13. Beautiful decorating and it is, just right.

    Wilf's sleeping positions are so funny.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  14. You look very relaxed :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. To lie like that on one's back, without a care in the world, just screams "peaceful". You can tell he's enjoying his naps!! Lovely pictures of Wilf and the new lime rendering. Lovely! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  16. Jed & Abby also love to sleep on their backs - although not on a bed of gravel - amongst other favored positions. None of mama's Danes ever slept that way once they were a few months old. Perhaps a design issue?

    The walls look very warm and lustrous. What is lime render? Some kind of tinted variation on whitewashing? Glazing? A limestone based emulsion, as opposed to oil or water based paint?

    Jed & Abby