Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anduze pots

To the garden centre with Wilf and Digby in search of Anduze pots. For some unknown reason Wilf always sits on the right of the car while Digby reposes regally on the left. Clearly, at some stage in the past nine years the two boyz hit on a mutually acceptable division of their travelling space and have adhered to it rigorously , and without complaint, ever since.

Anduze pots are still made in the factory set up by Louis XIII in 1610 and have a most unusual green and orange glazed finish. Under the brilliant summer sun of southern France the colours shimmer in the light and when planted out with closely trimmed box they can bring an air of cool, understated formality to any garden. Sadly, under yesterdays February skies there was a decided lack of sparkle and they just looked like rather uninspiring ,newly made, brown and green pots. Altogether rather underwhelming. I'll go back again to look at them when the sun pops out and hope for an Emmaus Road experience.

At the garden centre it was amusing to see the owners Dalmatian keeping a watchful guard on his territory from a vantage point on top of the bags of peat. He didn't make a sound all the time we were there but every time a new customer arrived he would scurry proudly down from his perch, check them out, and then return in readiness for the next arrivals. No wonder humans and dogs forge such close links . The Dalmatian clearly felt he was providing a vital service to his master. For me it served as another reminder to enjoy the gentle, happy, clown like pleasure of the boyz company as they go about the ( to them) serious daily business of looking after the family.


  1. Those pots are very beautiful. I love how you tell the story of the Dalmatian! Our dogs really are amazing creatures.

  2. yes, we can learn so much from our furry creatures....the dalmation is very handsome, and has such an important job! :)

  3. Those pots are gorgeous! I wish I could find some here!

    Isn't it funny how dogs without a specific job always give themselves a job even if we don't? Their work ethic is much deeper than ours, I suspect. That dalmation is adorable!

  4. Oooh! I have just the spot for two of those Anduze pots—do you think they'll glow under the languid sun of the South Carolina Low Country? Petey and I will be right over for pots and a quick game of tennis ball fetch.

    Ah, if only it was that simple.

  5. Farleys Mom - The Dalmatian was one proud fellow

    KKS - I wonder of the garden centre manager knows he has such a talented helper?

    Houndstooth - They probably all get exported to the US - or maybe China.

    Petey - Swap you soft shelled crabs for the pots any day!

  6. They do look a bit formal though. Nice pots. Puffy says the shorter one would be just right for his half-lifted leggie. He likes to find something to prop his leg on these days.