Tuesday, February 16, 2010


When we left Scotland on our journey south family and friends were convinced that we'd find no one to talk to and would quickly become hermits. Fine chance ! Yesterday was typical of how we now spend our happy retirement days and a lack of someone to talk to is not an issue. At the crack of dawn the long delayed range was finally delivered. It arrived , unannounced, on the back of the biggest truck in the universe . The driver, despite seven separate attempts, was unable to manoeuvre it into the driveway. He then parked the leviathan outside the gate, flashers blinking madly away, handily blocking the lane to passing traffic. Why is it shipping companies send out heavy loads with only one person to deliver them? Despite the vehicles enormous size it did not have a hydraulic lift and the thought of the driver and yours truly manhandling a dead weight to the ground without serious injury was risible. A spate of hasty phone calls and the kitchen fitters, joiner and builder all showed up to help unload the hefty device. It took eight people to shoulder it down from the back of the lorry and carry it into the kitchen where it now sits forlornly drapped in dust sheets.

In the afternoon the matresses for the new beds arrived. Madame Bay after the chaos of Christmas has for some time been worried that we might not use matresses in Scotland. Her relief when she sees them later today will be palpable. Even more surprisingly at six, just as I was considering opening a bottle of sanity restoring Pomerol, a truck with four Anduze pots turned up from the pottery. All the while the house is echoing to the sound of hammering, sawing and drilling. Some people say that you should live in a house for a year before touching it but experience has taught us if you don't do it in the first year you never will. Wilf and Digby spent the day in the garden contentedly observing all this activity. The range delivery man warranted a few barks but the others were greeted with uninterested silence . The kitchen fitters with their jaffa cakes are the only people the boyz are currently interested in.


  1. "Sanity restoring Pomerol" is what I'm looking forward to on 1 March after my dry February. Bravo for you!

  2. Hey Mongoose...did you say retired?!? Certainly doesn't sound like it! Since I've known you in bloggie-land you have been the avert restorer!
    I loved today's anecdote...my taste buds were tingling!
    By the way, which of the two boyz is posing so adorably with the sheep stuffie?...let's guess...WILF?

  3. WW - I'm off chocolate - wine would be impossible. After the first week it becomes easier.

    Max - Not so much retirement as deciding to go off and spend more time together. It's Digby with the sheep - it's nearly as big as him but he's determined not to let his big brother get it.

  4. Wow! That's a lot of activity. I think I'd have to find somewhere else to be for a while!

    I hope we get to see pictures of the pots!

    Wilf and Digby look quite charming this morning, too. I love that sheep!

  5. Yep, "sanity-restoring Pomerol" sounds like a winner.

    We watch a lot of home improvement shows on cable -- and so are particularly intrigued by all that is happening chez vous! At some point, as much as we love Wilf and Digby, do you think they would mind sharing their blog with a few photos of the renovations?

    Jake and Just Harry

  6. Kitchen fitters with Jaffa cakes eh? Who'd of thought it? And there was I imagining it'd all be fancy gateaux from some Gallic patisserie!
    Cheers! H.

  7. What a lovely blog!! We are excited to follow your adventures. Thank you for visiting us today!! xoxo

  8. You two are so much cuter -- but we thought you'd enjpy the video of your breed judging at Westminster yesterday,