Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sheep + Dog = Sheepdog.

Another bright start to the day. Wilf and Digby were up at the crack of dawn waiting expectantly for the kitchen fitters and their jaffa cakes . The warm weather makes the pre-breakfast walk with the two boyz an absolute delight . This morning in addition to the usual flurry of robins and blue tits we found that we had woodpeckers, herons and some solitary darting peregrines as companions. The two cows in the field across the lane even had a pair of egrets picking away in their field - I wonder if they had just come from Africa or were on their way back? . Somehow Wilf managed to find one of the fat balls that we hang in the trees for the birds - it must have blown down overnight - by the time I found out what he was eating he had digested most of it. I dread to think what that will do for his strict low protein diet . We shall find out as the day passes on. For the time being he is oblivious to everything, his attention focused on a toy sheep and the possibility of a lengthy nap. His demeanour seems to say ' sheep, simple pleasures - can't beat them!'


  1. Let's hope nothing sprouts! Enjoy the sunshine and the egrets.

  2. Lucky you - still damp and miserable here

  3. Poor Wilf! He seems to leap from one disaster to another! I hope he doesn't suffer any ill effects and that the caterpillars stay away!

    I'm not commenting on how you have to keep tormenting the rest of us with your fair weather!

  4. Our wire fox terrier, Just Harry, has a fox stuffie that he loves. Fox plus Terrier = Fox Terrier. Jake prefers a long-limbed cow.

    Go figure!!

    Wirey woofs for your simple pleasures!

  5. Love the sheep + dogs = sheepdogs!

    I agree about 2010 and vets! I hope that Wilf has no problems with the 'fat ball' (or suet, as we call it).

  6. Oh gee, I remember that waiting period after something suspect had been eaten. Apple ate a whole pencil once. No damage, I'm happy to report.

  7. We have never been great at math (what do you mean only ONE meal at a time), but your formula makes perfect sense.

  8. Hi!We are from Croatia,Zagreb and we have one funny dog just like you.Our PON Bono is 2 years old.We found your blog and since then we have red it every week.We like boys haircuts.Bono will get one this week.It's really too hot at summer so after we saw yours dog we decided to do the same.I was surprised when I realized You clipped them!
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