Monday, February 22, 2010

Dog for adoption - A note to UK followers.

It was strangely quiet at breakfast this morning - a sure sign that Wilf and Digby were engaged in a nefarious adventure. A search of the house found them in one of the guest bedrooms with Digby jealously guarding a toy squirrel with his big brother looking on in mute impotence. The look on Wilfs face said it all : ' this simply ain't right'.

I'm off to London later today for two nights so much hectic rushing around to get everything ready. Considering I'm only taking one carry on bag it's amazing how much time it takes to ensure that everything is packed. It's even more amazing how much stuff I manage to leave behind in hotel rooms - mobile phone chargers and shirts being the usual victims of my absent mindedness.

A note to readers in the UK. If anyone wants to adopt a PON please let me know and I'll send you on the telephone number of the breeders in Derbyshire . They have had a 2 year old returned by his owners who were simply too aged to look after such an active dog .


  1. Man (I mean...Dog) that hairstyle is something to write home about! Surely it qualities for the pages of Vogue? (Or the financial times?) Does the saying hold..."Like Father, like son?"
    Wishing you safe and successful trip.

  2. Max - Do you sometimes see a similarity been dogs and their owners? We frequently do. When you look at Wilf you will undertand that 'the font' thinks I have to be deeply, deeply worried!

  3. I've seen that look too, but it is sometimes hard to take seriously, but I know "they" do--A toy squirrel is very important, especially if it still makes a noise!

    Have a safe trip & don't forget your toothbrush! :-D

  4. that first picture is hilarious!!!
    boyz will be boyz....
    safe travels..

  5. Have a great trip - hope you find a good home for the PON.

  6. Sounds tempting but probably unrealistic

  7. Digby's hairdo! Oh, I'm going to be giggling over that for a long while!

    I wish I was in the UK! A high energy dog would keep my husband busy for a while.

  8. Phew! When I read your headline, I wasn't sure if Digby or Wilf was about to become an only child (dog) and just what the other had been up to, warranting adoption!

  9. Digby and Wilf
    I too was afwaid that you had done something to make youw pawents put you up fow adoption, heheh..I knew it couldn't be..I suwe wish I could have a bwuvvew like you, but I live too faw. I hope youw hooman has a lovely twip and doesn't leave too many things behind. umm, could you tell me what pwoducts you use on youw haiw??
    I would love a haiwstyle like that
    smoochie kisses