Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Overnight winter has morphed into summer and Wilf and Digby are on canine cloud nine. They can now relax outside in the sunshine all day. The weather , while pleasantly warm, isn't yet hot enough to be uncomfortable for those blessed with three inch thick fur coats. Little do they know it but a few more days of this and the Wahl clippers are coming out. The sun brings with it other problems, 'the font' is out checking the grounds to make sure that there aren't any residual processionary caterpillars left - the heat brings them out on forays for food.

Another delivery driver, another day. Although the gates are at least ten feet wide the driver couldn't manage to get his Peugeot through without becoming firmly stuck. His rear end was wedged up against a flower pot while the front was paint grazingly close to the gate piers. Wilf and Digby looked on with ill disguised disdain - you could almost see Digby thinking ' amateur'.

Madame Bay was here yesterday. She is delighted that the matresses for the new beds have arrived . She is less happy with the workmen who have caused layers of dust to settle everywhere. The kitchen joiners were told in no uncertain terms that the dust sheets on the doors were half hearted and sloppy - it wasn't their job to make extra work for her. Like lambs they stopped everything and tacked up new plastic sheeting over the kitchen doorways. The ground floor now looks rather like a movie set of an isolation ward .

The google gremlin is playing up again today. For some reason the blog is suffering from elephantitis. Hopefully, it will revert to normal tomorrow.


  1. With the warmer weather the grooming begins in our house too--In anticipation that we will someday have warmer weather our Wheaten Terrier already has an appointment in a couple of weeks, as do 2 others; then we work our way through the pack. I'll be anxious to see how the Boyz look in their "new-do!"

    Glad the delivery driver can see better than he can drive and didn't hit anything or anyone!

  2. the hounds look glorious soaking up the sun!

  3. Oh dear! Warmer weather your end spells colder for us...although we are still embedded in rolling thunderstorms!

  4. We are all terribly envious of your sun and mild weather!

    I still wish I could see a picture of Madame Bay in all her glory!

  5. Petey will have a reprieve from the hand-stripper until May. We leave for New York on March 1 and winter has a way of lingering well into May. However, I won a "Spaw" treatment at a local dog groomer down here so Petey will be getting the full beautification treatment before we board that plane. Just holding off as long as possible so he can get in some more beach runs and dips into the freezing cold Atlantic.

    That is one happy dog - Digby? - roaching on his back with his favorite stuffie!

    Glad to hear Mme Bay is once more in charge.

  6. Just love that top picture.
    And hey, it was even sunny in Aberdeen today!
    Cheers, H.

  7. Ah, a good spring lie back. Paws up, wind blowing the belly feathers, stuffie in mouf...sigh. Delicious warm spring earth smealls. Life is good.


  8. my big sis and i love to lounge in the sun, too! i'm glad it's warm enough for ya'll to lounge outside. i wish it was warm enough here in south carolina; for now, we have to lie in front of the patio door to get our "sun fix".
    mama says to tell you that she loves reading your reminds her of her time in france!
    the booker man

  9. That first picture is soooo cute, I just want to cuddle him.