Thursday, February 25, 2010

Parallel parked.

Up bright and early to find Wilf and Digby parallel parked in the hallway - they'd fallen into a deep, deep sleep at around midnight and hadn't moved an inch overnight. The emotion of the family reunion had clearly taken its toll on them ! It also seems to have triggered Wilf's once every ten day stomach upset. Having refused breakfast he is now sitting at my feet, stomach gurgling loudly away, feeling very sorry for himself. When a PON feels sorry for himself everyone in the household knows.

London Fashion week was not the best time to go to see our lawyers in the UK. There could be no escaping the fact it was 'Fashion Week' because every hotel was full and the town was populated by young and not so young ladies (and gentlemen) dressed from head to toe in black. This uniform dress code meant that a visit to London was rather like attending a LA starlets funeral, but on a grander scale. Dinner with old friends at 'The Ivy' restaurant on Tuesday was a mistake. The Ivy is usually a safe choice, but complete bedlam when taken over by partying fashionistas - reserve is not a virtue much admired on the catwalk.

In the security line at Heathrow the gentleman ahead of me wore more 'bling' that one would have thought humanly possible. After divesting himself of his jacket, hat and canary yellow shoes the serious work began. First to be removed was the diamond studded belt, then what appeared to be a chain mail waist coat, two gold amulets from the left wrist and then three from the right,and most interestingly of all a thick gold appendage from around his left ankle. More mundane accessories such as a watch the size of Coney Island , a jewel encrusted mobile phone and a variety of rings that were bigger than anything in the crown jewels followed. Naturally,having held up the line for ten minutes he sailed through security while I was stopped for a 'random' search.


  1. Hello Wilf and Digby

    It must be great to have your hoooman back home again. Nothing quite like a good game with a tennis ball to welcome them home.

    Our hooman chuckled when she read the paragraph about Heathrow security. Sounds like her sort of luck too....

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  2. such cute pics of the pups!!
    sounds like they searched the wrong traveler!
    hope the little guys tummy is feeling better....

  3. Just found your blog, really cute.

    Gill in Canada, who has a doggy friend a Beagle with severe allergies called Molly

  4. What nationality was he - Nigerian? (I only say that as I encountered a Nigerian man wearing bright pink shoes with a dark brown suit the other day)

  5. Excellent demonstration of the hallway obstacle sleeping technique.

  6. Love the description of Heathrow - I seem to always be the special one too - guess I just look like the all American Scots Irish and everyone knows they should be feared!! LOL!

    Glad you are home safe and sound.

  7. Of course they stopped you! Do you think they wanted to have to see that guy's gold plated boxers? They probably heard you'd auditioned to model for the art class at home!

    Poor Wilf! I wish I could rub his tummy for him!

  8. Hey Mongoose

    I think Toffee might have some PON in him...when he's upset our household is also brought to book. Thankfully the monarch is appeased at the moment.

    I loved the "iron" - y of you being stopped in the queue in preference to old "Blingy". That customs line is a really scary thing! My one and only flight (ever) to Heathrow featured me being interrogated to the 'nth' degree for never leaving my home soil...they simply couldn't believe that at my age I had never travelled... It left me totally rattled and firmly grounded.

    Glad you enjoyed your party amongst the finery!

  9. Where we live fashion week consists of a new hat and mittens to go out into the cold! We like the parking skills. Our momma could take a few lessons from you two☺

  10. I think it sounds like a fashion faux pas to wear yellow shoes before February--I don't wear mine until at least May; however they have ladybugs on them and I wear them in the garden so it may not be the same!

    I think the Boyz did a great job parking themselves for the night! Hope Wilf feels better too--Did you bring them a new treasure from your trip? We've not seen the sheep lately...

  11. canary yellow shoes?? sounds like something i'd enjoy munching on...did they have squeakers inside? teehee.
    the booker man

  12. MT&M - Everyone here is in agreement that tennis ball throwing is great fun
    kks - As always the upset lasts six hours and then disappears for ten days. He is now fully recovered .
    Gill - Welcome and thank you
    WW - Where do rappers come from? Where do they go?
    The Thundering - Becoming obstacles is a speciality - sleeping in doorways is of course the prefered position
    RCS&J - Sure, the profiling really marks us Scots - Irish out as likely hijackers .
    Houndstooth - now I undertand why I'm always patted down
    Max - Works for me everytime. They say its random but when it happens 90% of the time can it be random?.
    Scout & F - Always willing to teach parking skills
    Kim - A fashion faux pas it certainly was - but then so was everything else.
    Booker man - they desrved to be chewed

  13. Just a warning - the fashion pack is in Milan now which means Paris is next! You must Google a fine fashionista fellow in New York by the name of Patrick MacDonald. A self-proclaimed "dandy" he never leaves the house without Beardsley-esque painted-on eyebrows and tophats in extraordinary colors. He makes your pal sound Amish.

    I look at your lovely tile floors and imagine Petey would melt on those like butter on a hot biscuit as soon as the weather warms up.