Sunday, February 21, 2010

A gentle Sunday.

Wilf and Digby are in fine form. They spent their Saturday afternoon outside happily watching me plant bulbs and dig up dead shrubs. Every so often one of them would notice a squirrel and go chasing off after it but a combination of age and the warm afternoon sun meant their efforts were half hearted at best. The previous owners of the house were certainly not garden fanatics and there is a lot of work to be done just to stop the wilderness taking over entirely.

With the worst of winters snow and cold behind us the countryside around is coming to life. The first daffodils have shown their yellow faces in the woodland copses and the walnut and hazelnut trees are now in bud. In Italy we lived in the centre of olive groves, here in France its walnuts and hazelnuts that surround us.


  1. lovely...i love the sheep on the swing! and can just imagine the new growth sprouting from the ground....we are quite a ways from spring here...expecting more snow tomorrow...but spring will come, and hearing how you are gardening makes me want it even more!

  2. Our momma is SO excited. She has always admired your breed and someday would like to share her home with a pup like you. But before she does she wants to learn about them. Maybe you can teach her☺

    We found you because we are friends of Maxdog in South Africa. Isn't it fun to make friends☺

  3. Edward and Apple love nothing better than a day with me working in the garden. Like Wilf and Digby, they are the perfect assistants.

  4. I love that picture with Mr. Sheep! I'm glad to see he survived his bath.

    I am green with envy that you get to go out and garden! We got more snow last night. I am afraid we'll still have the dreaded white stuff in July at this rate!

    Is Wilf expressing an editorial comment in that first picture? It looks like he's got something important to say!

    P.S. The boyz have hairdos like rock stars! They don't need to worry about fashion like the girls here! Everyone will think they're cool without fancy accessories!

  5. I agree with seems that sheep have pride of place! How quickly the world can swing :)

  6. kks - A swing is a highly complex issue for Wilf.

    S n'F - Welcome. All you need to know is the word 'wilful'. Everything else follows naturally.

    PT&E - It must be a PON thing - all that fresh air certainly does wonders for their appetites.

    H - For once it's Digby at the front of the picture. And yes he was hungry and keen to let us know it was lunchtime.

    Max - Good to see you are keeping smiling! Thinking of you.

  7. Spring! What a concept. Enjoy the warmth and the flowers. We still have months of winter. Our biggest storms are in late March and April so we still have more fun ahead of us!

    Daffodils are still on the distant horizon!

  8. Lucky you - we're only up to our first crocuses/croci (definitely not croquet yet)