Sunday, February 28, 2010

Basking PON's

So, Scotland lost to Italy in the Six Nations Rugby. To Italy ! We now seem set to win the wooden spoon. Not even the accompanying bottle of Chateau Figeac could dull the pain . After the match an Italian friend phoned to say the Scottish team would always be welcome in Rome - a double edged comment if ever there was one.

While I was making strangulated noises of despair on the sofa upstairs Wilf and Digby were basking in the sunshine outside. Wilf managed to find an ancient starfish to while away the time during the first and second half. This toy is notable for keeping its 'squeak' for more than a year - quite a record when they usually last less than five minutes under the pressure of a Polish Lowlands chomping. Digby, being Digby was content to just bask.

Another simply beautiful sunny day with scudding clouds so out early with Digby for our gentle morning stroll. This has now settled into a fixed routine of barking at the church, sniffing the war memorial, and a protracted period of rolling around on the village green. While Digby and I sauntered distractedly around Wilf and 'the font' headed off at high speed in the opposite direction. Wilf has all the energy of the Italian front row while Digby is as gentle and laid back, some would say comatose, as the current Scottish line out.


  1. love the laying on the back pose! so funny, and i thought that was an real starfish at first...

  2. That first photo of Digby (?) basking on his back is a classic. I'd print it and frame it, if I were you!!!!

    It sounds like you've developed a really nice routine in your new home. Your posts sound content - which is really nice.

  3. Okay, the cute meter went off the charts with that "rolling in the grass" shot!

  4. I love that picture of Digby! How could you resist tickling the furry belly? I thought the starfish looked real! That must be some toy!

    My condolences on the rugby loss!

  5. SO CUTE! Really guys, can you cut down on the absolute cuteness? You're making the rest of us doggies in blogland look bad! =)

  6. kks - on your back , face to the sun is a Digby hallmark.
    KB - Yes, it's Digby. Sunbathing isn't a Wilf type thing.
    Petey - Beneath that cute face lurks a little demon
    Houndstooth - 1 year and going strong - it certainly is a toy that breaks all records
    Hi - Sierra Dog - I can't let the boyz see that comment it would make them insufferable. Thank you anyway.