Sunday, February 14, 2010


Last weeks steroid injections have turned Wilf from being a food loving dog into an eating machine. I put a bowl of porridge down for him this morning and 'hey presto!' three seconds later it had gone, the bowl licked dish washer clean. It's as if the food is consumed by a process of osmosis. I couldn't consume a bowl of porridge in three seconds but for Wilf in his current pharamecutically enhanced state all things are possible. Digby by contrast gently grazes away at his food , savouring each mouthful , while carefully shielding his bowl from the hopeful gaze of his big brother.

Last night Wilf got a grooming - the first since the 'incident'. With his hair combed out and free of mud and burrs he seems to have increased in size and now looks ever more like a small polar bear than a dog. Post grooming he retired with a friend and fell into a deep, deep healing sleep.

Today marks the start of carnival season so tomorrow there will be photos of Loic, the gardener, driving his antique tractor at the head of the village parade. I have no idea what to expect.


  1. As long as he's on the mend, it's a good thing! I'm glad to hear that Wilf is feeling better. I'm also curious as heck about that parade!

  2. Polar Bear. Yes, that sounds familiar.
    Don't you love seeing him sleep.

    Looking forward to the parade!!