Saturday, February 20, 2010

Heaven on earth.

Digby was undoubtedly the runt of the litter. He's much smaller than his brother, has respiratory problems, and is beginning to suffer from arthritis in his back legs. He bears his ailments with quiet dignity and never complains. Sometimes I manage to catch in his face a wistfulness that makes me smile - its as if dogs in their innocence can hear the reassuring songs of angels.

In readiness for the Easter rental season the local village supermarket has unveiled its 'international products' section. Oreo's, Carr's water biscuits, and that exotic anglo-saxon product , Heinz chicken soup , are all there for the foreigners when they arrive. Barbecue sauce and lemon curd complete the range of 'exotics' on offer.

Wilf is still enamoured with his stuffed sheep. It is heading to the washing machine today .

In the afternoon a 45 minute drive down to the airport hypermarket in Toulouse for champagne to replenish the ever dwindling supply in the cellar. Two hundred metre aisles of sparkling wine and champagne to chose from. HEAVEN.


  1. Ahhhhh! The nectar of the Gods!

    I, too, agree that dogs sometimes see something we can't even sense - it comes from having such a pure soul.

  2. So it's PICKLING season, is it!?!
    Hugs to the boyz!

  3. I'm sure what can't be found in the "international isle" can be made up for, and no doubt forgotten about in the one with the sparkling wine and champagne!

  4. Nit sure about Heinz chicken soup -- but those well stacked shelves of champagne got us all bubbly!! As they say on the food shows: "Enjoy!"

    Jake and Just Harry

  5. Ahh, so when you pop the cork on one of those fine bottles of bubbly, please lift the first glass to our fine friend Hamish. We already miss him.

    (And what kind of international aisle is that without Hobnobs???)

  6. International aisle? Hobnobs for tea.

    And no doubt about the angel's song. I am certain DIgby hears it.

  7. Rocky Creek - With a mayor like ours the nectar gets consumed surprisingly quickly!
    Max - Hopefully.
    Kim - Ditto !
    JAKE - Thanks by teh way for the Westminster link.
    Petey - Will do , he was a very Scottish wee fellow.
    PT&E - They certainly seem better attuned to craetions song than most humans.

  8. Well, pshaw! We have Oreos all over the place! Who'd have thought they were exotic! If you need some, let us know!

    I hope Mr. Sheep survives his bath experience okay! I'd hate to see a sad-faced Wilf on the blog tomorrow!

  9. The mayor could prove to be an expensive acquaintance