Monday, February 15, 2010


The carnival was due to start at three o'clock on the dot so we arrived at three thirty secure in the knowledge that southern France , like Italy, runs on a clock that is at least half an hour slow . There was time for a leisurely glass of wine at the cafe in the square and then at four or thereabouts the gendarme blew his whistle and the procession ambled into life - what's an hour here or there ?. This is a France far removed from the sophistication of Paris or Bordeaux. Everyone was involved. Loic the gardener drove his grandfathers reconditioned tractor, the local nursery school four year olds dressed up as majorettes, the town 'lads' squirted each other with shaving foam, the Rugby team turned out as hirsute shepherdesses, the old folk from the retirement home sat waving on a slowly moving trailer , while various dogs and toddlers ambled unconcernedly about . Opinion was divided over whether the highlight of the day was the firemans impromptu break dance routine or the breakdown of the ancient tractor pulling the apple growers float. We haven't enjoyed ourselves so much and so simply in years - at one stage both of us had tears streaming down our faces as the 'Simpsons' float became intimately entangled with a magnolia tree after unsuccesfully trying to overtake the stalled 'Playboy' float on the corner by the church. Pure unadulterated , glorious , Gallic chaos ensued with much shrugging of shoulders and waving of hands, all undoubtedly helped along by copious amounts of local armagnac.

Wilf has now recovered fully from last weeks run in with the processionary caterpillars. The vet has given him a thorough check and there is no sign of tissue damage to the tongue. His only remaining issue is an embarassing redness and itchiness where he sat down on the poisonous little critters.


  1. wonderful news about Wilf!
    fun pictures! hey, any excuse to dress up, have a parade, and drink and dance....sounds like wisconsin!
    have a great week!

  2. It sounds like so many in the town were involved in the carnival--I suppose it's a good thing that the "ladies art class & model" were not!:-)

    Glad you enjoyed your day, and Wilf is going to be "just fine" too!!

  3. Hey there Angus
    What delicious fun! Now why couldn't I have been there too? I think I got my days wrong.
    Take care and love to the boyz

  4. Sounds like your new town is a very lively place. What fun!

    And, I'm so glad to hear of Wilf's recovery. Great news!

  5. Tres bien! Hope you're having pancakes tomorrow as well

  6. Ahhh! Mardi Gras with a Southern France accent! C'est si bon! Oh, but please tell us what Mme. Bay was wearing in the parade? Or is a carnival parade a bit too tame for her?

    Fantastic news about Wilf's prognosis - long may he bark!

  7. Ooh, I like the divers! Or are they aliens?
    So happy for Wilf. My husband went out and looked up at all our trees for any resembling those hideous caterpillars of yours. Fortunately, it appears they haven't found us here.

  8. I'm so glad that the only injury left to Wilf is to his pride! Hopefully that will fade soon!

    The parade sounds like a lot of fun. It reminds me of the one that goes through town here. It's a glorious, old-fashoned affair that brings people in from all over. It's always entertaining!