Saturday, February 13, 2010

Basking in the sun.

The sudden burst of cold weather is aggravating Digby's arthritis. While Wilf races off each morning in search of fresh adventures, Digby saunters slowly along , his rear legs no longer full of the energy and exuberance of youth. He can still chase squirrels but the effort quickly tires him out and he then has to retire to his bed for a lengthy period of recuperation. As a consequence the morning and afternoon walks with Digby have become slow, gentle, family affairs . It now takes twenty minutes to complete his favourite circuit , a trip across the village green to bark at the church, a quick detour to sniff the bandstand, and then home via the war memorial. The main thing is he's happy, gets spoken to a lot, and copes with the hip dyplasia in a stoic manner.

When the sun does come out the two boyz position themselves on the front door step , basking in its warming rays , semi-alert for any passing cats or visitors. We've noticed that there are longer and longer periods of afternoon silence - the uninterruptable post-lunch snooze of the ageing dog. There is something intensely comforting about the natural cycles of life.


  1. oh Digby, i know how you feel...our minds are young, but our bodies at times remind us of our age....and the sun always makes things better!

  2. We see they are just sitting there, like two old chums having a quiet conversation.

    But are they leashless and not inclined to roam? Two wilful terriers wish they could do the same!

    Jake and Just Harry

  3. The actor Rupert Everett wrote a beautiful reflection on his aging (and now gone) labrador where he said that when we first get our dogs, they are babies and we're the grown-ups, taking care of them. Then for a brief period, we're the same age. Then then move into their elderly years before we do and once more we take care of their needs, as they are older, wiser senior citizens. A lifetime observed in what can feel like just a handful of years.

    Petey will be seven at the end of February and I've noticed he's moved from the spring of puppyhood into mature fellow who likes more naps and cuddles then in the past.

    I wonder what they think of us?

  4. Nothing sweeter on the earth than an old dog.
    And let's see.... I myself like an afternoon nap occasionally...

  5. check out the adequin injections, they work wonders!! love to the dogs that bark at churches... lol

  6. The one thing I really grieved over greatly when I lost my heart dog, Treat, was that she was never an old dog. She had been very active up until the point that the spinal tumor struck, and then it was over in just five weeks. There's something so special about those golden years of dogs! Of course, our current old dog will be fifteen this year and my husband believes she will outlive us all! She just might!