Thursday, February 11, 2010

God bless the mayor.

Opened the kitchen door to let the two boyz out and was faced with a landscape blanketed in snow. The tired remnants of the snowstorm that hit the Atlantic states last week had stumbled past in the night. It's difficult to say who was more surprised by the arctic scene - me or the troubadors. Wilf went out, enthusiastically rubbed his muzzle in the snow for two minutes (the cold snow must be great for relieving the itchiness from the irritating caterpillar hairs ) and then trotted back in. Digby just stood at the door looking out in horror before turning around and making a beeline for his warm bed. By the time we went out again after the morning bowl of porridge the snow had gone and a bright ,but chill, spring day has arrived.

The house is once again a hive of purposeful activity. The kitchen fitters are still here - they are well into their third week now and are still painting the walls and roof beams. Such extended preparation work comes as a bit of a surprise to us but as long as there is some form of activity going on in the planned kitchen we're happy. Last night an e-mail arrived saying that the range that was due for delivery a month ago has finally arrived in the depot and may be delivered today or tomorrow . Space for it is hastily being cleared in the store room . In the hallway the English joiner has set up a work bench ( much to the boyz delight) and is whistling away while making cupboards for the dog room. On the lane the village mayor is putting out traffic cones in readiness for the arrival of the tree surgeons with their extendable crane and protective gear for removing the caterpillar nests. French Health and Safety legislation being what it is the removal of the pine trees is an event that requires umpteen permissions from the road authorities, the school bus operator, and the forestry managers. The mayor, God bless him, has managed to get it all organized within half a day. Such is the power of Wilfs charm ( and 'the fonts' harrying! ) . Tomorrow pictures of the removal of the pine trees and the evil critters.


  1. Wow I'm impressed! If it was Aberdeen council you were dealing with, you'd still be keeping the boyz indoors a year from now!
    Cheers, H.

  2. thank god those critters will be gone!
    (i take my camera to the park and take about a hundred pics...can't tell what i'm getting till i download them...and every now and then i get lucky and get a good shot!)

  3. It sounds like a busy place - hope the trees come down and the caterpillars go away.

    Scritches to the boyz.

  4. Reading this before 8:00 am is just exhausting! I feel like Digby - put me back in bed. Happy to hear the Mayor is on your side in getting rid of those awful caterpillars quickly. (Maybe it was the champagne following the funeral?) Petey assumes anyone coming into the house is here to see him, and spent most of Monday encouraging the housekeeper to throw the ball in between scouring sinks and vacuuming.

  5. Wow! I'm glad that things are working out so quickly for you!

    I see Wilf has fixed his hairdo today. I rather think yesterday's look was a bit endearing, like a busy little boy who just can't keep his hair in place. I'm glad he worked his charm!

  6. Finally, some events are happening quickly for you in France. The trees, the range... It sounds like you've entered an alternative universe. Perhaps the mayor had to call all around France to tell vendors that you're "OK", and he wants you to stay. Then, they could stop their foot-dragging routine :)

    I hope that Wilf is still mending. Maybe some vanilla ice cream would feel good on his tongue (he emailed me and made me say that!).

  7. Good for the Mayor. We are blessed with a Mayor like that ourselves. In fact, each member of our city council often inquires about Edward and Apple. They are infinitely more popular than we are!

    We are all so pleased that Wilf is on the mend, and happy that he enjoyed the snow. And to answer your bird question.... yes my two often sit and look up in the trees at the birds. They seem to like them. It's funny to me how the birds are accepted willingly, whilst the squirrels most decidedly are not!

  8. thank you for that nice comment on our blog! i will have to catch up with your musings--i haven't been here for some time!

  9. Yep, I think the case of Champagne may have greased the skids of government.


  10. You seem to be in the 'hive' of activity...(Oh dear, I've said the critter word! Sorry!). There is never a boring day in the Mongoose household, it seems!
    Enjoy the brrrrr....cold!