Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happiness is a form of courage .

In a feat of French efficiency the bikes are delivered bright and early . They arrive in huge cardboard boxes quite disproportionate to the size of the contents. They also require an allen key to attach the handlebars . What is there about the phrase ' ready to ride ' that is so difficult ? Into town with Wilf to speak to the man at the hardware store . En route we stop off for our second coffee of the day . The beer and absinthe crowd are all at the tables where we left them an hour and a half earlier .

Home to find a personal invite for tomorrow nights art show in the village hall. The oversexed , two strings of pearls , Parisienne ladies are holding the annual vernissage of their works . The male form figured prominently last year . Perhaps this year they'll have moved onto sunflowers . I shall not go alone in case the subject of modelling is raised .

The art exhibition marks the start of the villages annual festival . This culminates on Sunday with the processing of the saints statue followed by the firing of the potters oven . On Saturday night Monsieur Bay and the retired gendarmes will be projecting a selection of ' humorous movies ' onto the wall of the salle des fetes . Weather permitting . Madame Bay and the ladies of the village fleuri committee will be providing refreshments .

Wilf has a bad day. He joins us for breakfast and lunch . In between times he sleeps . He also stops drinking - completely. We decide that we'll take him to the vet to be rehydrated if he continues like this . Come dinner time , just as we assume that whatever is laying him low is serious , he arrives on the terrace . He then has a noisy three minute long slurp from his water bowl. Finished he turns to us as if to say '' let's party ". That PON attitude to life that knows : " If you want to be happy , be ".


  1. The bike looks nice. Enjoy the art exhibition & festival. Thinking of Wilf being happy.

  2. The artistic ladies are missing a great opportunity. I can think of no better male model than Wilf. Bless him.

  3. Is it really time to fire up the potters' kiln again? Time can fly - and dogs can slurp - good for you, Wilf, though you gave your owners some concern!

  4. By the end of the summer, your well toned cycllst's legs will no doubt be irresistible to Parisienne art ladies. Be warned!
    Cheers, and hugs to Wilf, Gail.

  5. Perhaps the oversexed artists will ask you to pose nude on your new bike.

  6. Lovely bikes in fact ! and lovely rides in perspective with the Font.
    Concerning your "morphologie", Angus, i just can say that you look like an elegant teenager, and that's the type of "morphologie" i like...

    The man in the store was surely jealous !

    Don't you wear one of those marvelous Guerlain's perfume ?

    Well... happy to see Wilfee drinking again, and still a happy boy.

    Have a sweet Thursday, amitiés to you and the Font, and lots and lots of bisous to Wilfee.

  7. Can't wait to see if the potters kiln will fire up without incident. Won't make any comment on nude model with bike.....Oh, what about nude model with PON?

    Glad to see Wilf rallied.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. Wilfieeee - keep on keeping on - I mix water with the food so my older dog gets enough water!
    Ongoose in case of need Wilf will protect you from the Parisienne painter ladies... love your writing - bon fete!!
    Love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  9. How wonderful - your own little village 2son et lumière" !!
    Bon courage with Wilf's continuing journey. It's funny how you get what seems to be a change much for the worse then they perk up - a great relief but somehow maddening, too.

  10. Wonderful Quote. Party on Wilf.

  11. Note to self: read blog before comments !! Nude model on bike threw me this moring. Somehow I knew they weren't talking about Wilfie on a bike !!!

    Zach's mom

  12. We continue to be with you on your journey. Rudi ate and drank nothing yesterday. This morning, she had part of a meal and almost emptied a water bowl. Their inner strength of she and Wilf continue to inspire and humble me--Feelings that cannot be expressed, not even by the most talented of artists.

  13. That must be 'the font's' bike since I recall yours was selected in blue. I think bicycle assembly is a test to get into mensa in some countries, but I'm not certain...

    Please don't disappoint us! I do hope you're going to the art exhibit! I'm giggling now just thinking about it. Perhaps they'd appreciate a snoring PON model sometime!

  14. Party on sweet friend!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  15. Your title is perfect. I'm glad that Wilf bounced back, and I am hoping that he stays "ready to party" for a while!

  16. The oversexed aspect has to do with the Parisiennes wanting you to Buy the paintings. Later, when the paintings are deliver to the house, that's when the nude modeling issue will arise.
    So happy that Wilf finally chose to drink. There is such an unpredictability about his type of illness that can be quite unnerving. In the last months of my Oscar's life he would often refuse to eat. To the vet we'd go. They'd take him in the back, and, for them, he'd eat! God bless all of these animals for handling their illnesses with such grace.
    Good luck with the bikes.

  17. i love that picture of him! i could lie right down on the floor next to him. the cool tile on my cheek, the little warm body close enough to touch.
    gentleman that he is, would say... "excuse me. this is my quiet time. i need my space please."
    i hate things that arrive in boxes, to be put together. but happy riding to you!
    no delicious food posts in a long time... and i'm not referring to madame bay and committee's goodies!!! (tho they're always interesting)
    love and hugs and special tummy rubs,
    tammy j

  18. So sorry wilf's been having a rough time of it...I hope his water drinking will be back to normal now...but incase it needs a bit of assistance, my husband and I learned how to give our two cats fluids ourselves when their kidneys started to act up. One was a diabetic, one wasn't. It took a little practice but we were able to manage quite effectively, and for quite a long while. It was much easier than having to bring them to the vet all the time. My hope is that it won't come to this for you and Wilfy...but if it does, I hope this option will make things easier for all. ♥
    xo J~

  19. I hope you'll go to the art show and take pictures. If they'll let you, that is. I love how there's always something happening where you live.

    I worry about Wilf so much. I'm glad he finally came out to drink some water and I hope he'll continue to keep himself hydrated.

  20. Mama seconds 24 Corner's suggestion: you might want to get the vet to show you how to hydrate Wilf subcutaneously with a large syringe, in case he has an episode over a weekend where you can't get vet attention quickly.

    We're keeping Wilf in our thoughts and our hearts.

    Jed & Abby