Friday, August 12, 2011

Routine .

Seven o'clock - the sun is over the yard arm. Time to open the champagne . The Texan visitors settled down at a shady table in the garden with a plate of croustillants d'andouilette aux lardons . Two minutes past seven . The mayor arrives . " Have I come at a bad time ? " he asks eyeing the champagne . Eight minutes past seven . The senior vet shows up . '' Just passing . Oh, well then, just one glass . I really must get back to the surgery " .

Angus has bought ten cases of English champagne . The same one that the Queen served to President Obama at the state dinner in Buckingham Palace. Another sign of global warming . West Sussex now having a better climate for wine growing than parts of northern France . ' The font 'and the Texans are delighted with the taste but our French guests, once they're told it's English , are less sure .

Seven thirty and Wilf appears by my side . There are many things one learns about living with dogs but their ability to keep time is perhaps the most amazing . Wilf knows to the second when his meals are due . It's as if he has a Swiss timepiece implanted in his brain . How do they do it ?

Yesterday was hot so the family fellow spent much of his day in the shade of the kitchen offering support for 'the fonts 'efforts with
souffle beaufort and filet de merlot en papilotte de sarrasin . He's having good days and bad but a day in the kitchen is always good.

Before he goes the vet tells us that the blood is a side effect of the cortisone and Previcox. Just mile markers on the journey . Don't change the dose . He's definitely not in pain. Wilf enjoys a tickle on his head . The old fellow knows that " the most wasted of days is one without laughter ". He should know . He generates a lot of it .


  1. Oh Wilf, you have no idea how much laughter you create, and not just in your corner of France, but all over the world!

    I too am amazed at dog's timekeeping ability. Hamish used to sit in on a German conversation group I have attended for years. We meet from 7 to 8:30 pm. He would sit there quietly until within a minute or two before 8:30 then start getting restless and maybe bark a couple of time. 'Unserer Wecker' ('our alarm clock') is what the teacher affectionately named him.


  2. Nice shots! your so beautiful ah! and i like the pot of roses at your back! :)

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  3. Glad to know the family fellow is happy....and I am very impressed with your french, but had to look it up on translate...typical english person!!

  4. i don't know how they tell time.. but mine does too.. and on the dot.. same time every morning... he's up and needs to go for his walk. You might be right about the swiss timepiece implanted in their brains.. hehehe

    Have a wonderful day dear Wilfee and to you too Angus!

  5. It would be interesting to know the mayor's preference in a blind tasting of French v English

  6. Lots of kisses to Wilfee, and amitiƩs to you, Angus, and the Font.

  7. Dogs are so very clever that way - and I think the Swiss timepiece is perhaps implanted in his "tummy". It's such a good thing that Wilf still wants his meals served up on time. I'm off to translate your French this morning.

  8. That timekeeping ability is amazing, isn't it? I can't remember the last time we needed an alarm clock, or forgot to feed a dog a meal!

    Funny how the mayor always knows when you're serving champagne. Perhaps now that he knows you're serving the English stuff, he'll quit stopping by!

  9. Just remember the game-changing day when Grgich Hills beat the equivalent French wine in a blind tasting...

    Seems like the mayor also has a Swiss timepiece implant.

    Woofs to Wilf from my two alarm clocks...

    xxx Joan

  10. enchanting post from first line to last. why do you mess around in the world of finance when you can write like this!!! i would buy the book.
    special tummy rub to the wee time keeper.
    tammy j
    ps... tell the texans we okies have FINALLY had a break in the heat wave and drought. two cool mornings in a row. break out the english champagne!!!! we hope the same for the big state.

  11. English champagne, hmmm.... must get some.

  12. 10 boxes?!?!? Its going to be a good weekend!! Amazing how on time dogs are, isn't it? Our 3 are spot on with their feed times, especially Tor the Husky. He'll let you know in no uncertain terms its time. And be quick about it! Keep on going Wilf, lovely beastie!!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  13. Promptly at six twice a day our Miss Betty, the ever polite Pembroke Welsh Corgi quietly sits and looks at the food bin “The Little Nazi” Sophie will let it slide as far as 6:30 then she will bark until both are fed.