Monday, August 1, 2011

Quality of life .

The two serious, small talk free , nuclear scientists come for dinner . They bring their mother-in-law with them . He wears a blue Lacoste shirt , she wears what appear to be lace pyjamas, the mother in law wears an enormous broad brimmed Edwardian motoring hat tied under the chin by a silk scarve .

Mother-in-law is clearly a difficult woman . From time to time she interrupts and corrects my French - "maculin du , feminine de la - the word is clearly feminine " . These pedantic interruptions cause great hilarity amongst certain members of the household who should know better.
Attracted by the laughter Wilf wakes up from his post dinner doze and wanders out of the house and onto the terrace to join us . He settles down under the dinner table , turns on his back , and snores happily away . From time to time he noisily and contentedly passes wind . Each time he does so the mother-in-law clasps her hands to her chest and rolls her eyes heavenwards . She's not a dog person .

After our morning croissant run a walk with Wilf along the valley floor in the warm early morning sunshine . He loves the freedom of being able to stroll, unhurried, under the acacias and past the fields of sunflowers . A herd of heavily pregnant cows, delighted to have company, wander over to see him, heads resting trustfully on the fence . Blind to their presence he wanders on, head down in the grass verge , simply enjoying life . A trip to the vet today - the second in a week . He's developed an eye infection - yet another side effect of the diabetes . I'd hoped that we'd wake up one morning and find him gone peacefully in his sleep but we're slowly preparing for the fact that soon , but please not just yet , a hard decision will be called for . A pain free , dignified life our duty to him .


  1. Don't give up on him yet.. if he is not in pain. At least he came to your rescue with the snotty guest and pass some wind for her for everyone else's entertainment.

    Our love to Wilfee.

  2. We know it will come. We all trust you to know when. It is so unfair for you to lose them both so soon. I feel for you both.

    I am doubly sad because I fear losing a daily dose of Angus along with Wilfee.

  3. Wilf, your flatulent timing is as exquisite as your PONders. Decisions such as yours, Angus and 'Font,' are always so, so tough and only you can make them; you have our support and prayers.

  4. What delightful dinner guests!!

    Thank you for sharing Wilf with us- good days & bad - sorry to learn of his eye infection - glad he has a wonderful & loving family & caring hearts around the world sending their best wishes.

  5. Perhaps he is afer just one more summer with you Angus, he has his slice of doggy heaven just where he is, and doesn't fancy moving on just yet. Plus any dog who can pass wind at badly mannered dinner guests is beyond his weight in gold. He will know the time when he has had enough.

  6. We thought Wilf looked so good striding out in the pictures. You may yet get your wish.
    Kendra just passed wind in sympathy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Oh how I'm going to miss you, sweet boy. I pray for more pain-free time.

  8. I would rather hear a fart from a dog than words from the mouths of some people!

  9. One of the most difficult decisions to ever make. The passing wind made me smile - our Boris does the same but usually silently. Good luck at the vet.

  10. If our beloved dogs were not so precious to us, then it would all be so much easier.
    Wishing you all a peaceful and mother-in-law free day, and the licence to fart without disapproval ...

  11. I cry thinking of the last lines - never seen this little fellow but we love him so much - but I agree it is the greatest act of love to do so when the pain starts... So I wish him everlasting painfree days love Susanne Daisy and Foxiie

  12. Angus, we are on the same journey at almost the same place. I send you prayers for wisdom and strength, and that Wilf's life continues to be one of dignity, grace and no pain--It's the same one I say for myself and Rudi.

  13. Wilfster, we hope you have lots more days to blow wind at rude visitors, but we know that your body is wearing out. Big hugs to you buddy.

  14. Tonight, in a field of dogs (a flood lit wet muddy gumboot requiring mid-winter arena for Riley's obedience class) while practising “down stays” some of us thought we saw a shooting star while others wondered if it was space junk flashing past.

    However while we huddled behind a building, out of sight of our dogs, we knew that whatever it was that just passed by in the sky we should all make a wish anyway. None of this may make any sense, but for you I wished the best for Wilf and that your decisions are made with love (as I know from reading your blog that they will be) for then, no matter how hard those decisions are (and I have been there in the past with my first GR) ultimately they are the right ones.

    Give him a pat from us,
    we are thinking of you all,
    Riley’s mum and Riley

  15. I know that feeling, just waiting for the right moment to make the awful decision, so I feel for you.
    A friend told me I would know when the time was right, when the dog had really had enough, and it was true. It still doesn't make it easy but at least you can all enjoy his drifting down the river for now.

  16. A dozing dog is a peek at heaven.

    The burden of duty is a heavy one. I know you will serve it with the same grace you have shown in the past year. I will miss this furry guy.

  17. I have an ageing cat, still healthy but clearly ageing. Whenever I come home and she is not behind the door, I both fear and hope she's slept over the bridge. I don't want to see her getting really sick and in pain, so I understand how you feel. Let's hope Wilf still has beautiful days ahead. I know you'll do the best for him, you already do.

  18. Letting them go when it's time is our last great act of love for our pets. And they usually let us know when it's time.

  19. We are with you every step of the way...

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  20. How I wished Zach had died in his sleep, but, he told us it was time. He came up, put his head in my tummy and just stood there, like he used to when he was a pup. He always hugged me, with his head in my tummy. I knew, he knew. Didn't make it any easier, but he's romping and running now with new and old friends. He'll be waiting for Wilfie to share a piece of cheese, coconut ice cream and passing gas !!

    Zach's mom

  21. What Jack Daddy said...ditto.

    So many of us are on this journey with you in spirit. And in the meantime - here's to passing gas at exquistely well timed moments.

  22. I am so in love with Wilf and your blog. I pray for Wilf each morning after I have finished about his day. May Wilf have many months,even years, to visit with us here on your blog.

    in time will you get another dog like Wilf? I really hopr you will and share his life with us again. I enjoy your blog so much, I hope you will keep sharing your life with us through this blog.

  23. Your guest sounds difficult but amusing. I love Wilf's contribution.

    I agree "please, just not yet". We're pulling for sweet Wilf and you.

  24. Dear Angus,
    Our thoughts continue to be with you as you chart a course along this difficult path. You have been (and continue to be) simpy amazing in your resolve to give Wilf whatever he needs. What an amazing dog owner you are! Hang in there.
    sending lotsaluv

  25. Nuclear scientists, of all people, should appreciate such well-timed "explosions."

    Angus, we are with you and the font as you anticipate that hard hard decision. All of us know, whether we've already had to go through it or not, that sooner or -- hopefully -- later that day will come. And your days with Wilf during his illness will forever be a model of how to live with and care for a dear aging furry family member. For this, through the tears, I am grateful.

    xxx Joan

  26. Maybe irritation from the eye drops rather than an infection. I know the time is drawing near and I thank you for gently preparing us. I find comfort in knowing that your love for him will not allow you to fail him even if it means electing to free him from his suffering. Someone said that wasnt it wonderful for an animal to be loved from the very beginning and we add that it is equally wonderful to be so loved at the very end. What an amazing life! We'll miss him so!
    If you will, please, kiss him on that lustrous black nose. It's something we always wished we could do.

  27. God Bless your family & Wilf.
    We know that when the time comes he and you will both know, and as you say God willing he will drift off to sleep.
    Wilf has enjoyed so many days a grace and brought so much happiness to so many, that we will all be heartbroken when the time comes.
    Your love will never end and we all will be united again some day.

    Sheila & Bob

  28. I am giggling helplessly over the dinner scene! I fear that I might have been one of those people who "should know better."

    I hope for the same thing with Lilac, and share the same fear. It's not that I haven't had to make the hard decision before, but I guess I just find it a lot harder when I feel like her life should just take its natural course after all this time. Another part of me realizes that after I've shared her with so many other people that many will be as heartbroken as I will. It's never easy, but sometimes it's sure a lot harder than others!

  29. Would you please give Vilfy a pat for all three of Us?


  30. "Ah, sweet mystery of life at last I found thee. Ah, at last I know the meaning of it all. All the longing, seeking, striving, waiting,yearning. The idle hopes, the joys, the bitter tears that fall. For, tis love and love alone the world is seeking, and tis love and love alone I've waited for. And my heart has found the answer to it's calling. For it is love that rules forever more!" by Victor Herber. Love to you and to sweet Wilf. Denise

  31. Love your writing about your guests. I too had hoped my last Weimaraner would be found asleep in the morning and I would not have to do the deed but it was not to be. But they are our loyal and best friends and we do what we must as I know you will.

  32. Sending love, strength and wisdom to you all. And a gentle rub on the head for Wilf.

  33. My dear little Otis Scotty slept at the foot of my bed since babyhood. When he was 16,blind, deaf,seizures, every night I would help him up onto my bed, and tell him, "Oatsey if you want to go be Jesus's dog, its alright with me." And every morning he would wake up still mine. While he didn't know when to go, I knew and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Not one day goes by I don't miss him. That is how we show our love to our little dogs, doing what we know is right. Your favorite vet might even come to your home and do it in one of Wilfs most favorite spots. Until then, we all will just continue to love him.

    Jo in MN

  34. Yes, please just not yet.

    Keeping you all in my prayers. When that time comes, please know that so many of us will be with you in spirit. And heaven knows we will always carry Wilf in our hearts :)

  35. Oh, yes, P.S. The cats and I think that Wilf should join you at the table and the mother- in- law should be put into the car! (Sit....Stay... Now there's a good girl!)

  36. Exactly what Jean said. It is the bracing for the inevitable, while trying to hide your worry from the dog that is the hardest.
    Please give Wilf a chin rub and gentle hug from us.

  37. It's amazing how one post can be so filled with hilarity and sorrow all at the same time.
    You'll know when the time is right...dear Wilf, what a blessing he is now though.
    Hugs to all,
    xo J~

  38. i had much to do yesterday so am late reading this post.
    i know what's inevitable. because last september i had to do what you say. my little pon zeke.
    i'm writing thru tears. for zekey and wilfee.
    as long as he can enjoy walks and your love...
    and his treats... oh angus! dear angus.
    tammy j
    ps... the mother in law is right up there with the mean vet in my book. POO.