Sunday, August 7, 2011

The movie .

Monsieur Bay and his colleagues from the retired gendarmes club were a little late in starting the movie . It was supposed to be shown at nine but a misplaced extension lead , a temperamental projector and a healthy intake of Madam Bays armagnac and cinammon punch combined to delay things until nine forty five . Once underway things went swimmingly until an unexpected gust of wind , on what was an otherwise still and humid night , blew down the screen . After hurried consultations and a brief intermission the screening of the ' rib tickler ' continued using the village hall wall .

Seven on Sunday morning . The mayor, the deputy mayoress and the convenor of the beautiful highways committee are standing talking in the middle of the village green . Last minute instructions for the great day . Wilf , wanders over , smells the mayors shoes and is only prevented from christening them by an ever watchful ' font '.


  1. And were your ribs tickled by the film?

  2. I wonder if the mayor's sense of humour would have stood up to having his shoes christened !?!
    A narrow escape for Wilf, I suspect !

  3. Gotta love that Wilf! My Chico has a particularly bad habit of marking everything that doesn't move.

    I wish I could climb through the screen and check out your bookshelves. With my luck though, they're all in French and/or Italian.

  4. Mr Wilf, you are looking super handsome today.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  5. Bella would have loved the film.

    Glad to hear that Wilf is keeping up with his christening duties....when allowed.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Rib tickle my beloved Wilfie --- the shoes of the mayor either are made of rubber or the smell must be very special - I hope he has a Kelly and Brunhilda meeting later and some miracle food for his journey - keep on keeping on polar bear with the smiley face - we love you - susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  7. we need wilf to christen every one of our politians at this point!!!
    what a beloved little face. it's the first thing i go to visit with my morning coffee. whether serious or smiling, he warms my heart.
    and the rest of the post? you could make your own movie of it!!!
    love and hugs,
    tammy j

  8. Enjoyable pictures of Wilf today--Were they taken before his 'close encounter' with the Mayor because there is certainly a look of mischief!

  9. Well a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do...simple as that! And yes, you do look rather dashing today young man! S x x x

  10. What was the title of this rib tickler? Was it worth staying out so late for?

    Ah, Wilf, it might have made an even funnier story if you had managed to christen the mayor's shoes, although I'm betting 'the font' would have found it much less amusing than the rest of us!

  11. Wilf
    NEwYawk city cewtainly doesn't come close to the excitement of youw pawt of the have mowe laughs and fun than anyone
    I think youw chwistening would have only added to the mewwyment
    smoochie kisses

  12. Wilf, we believe you were falsely assumed to be about to assault the mayor's shoes. Indeed, we believe (as non-judicial and withoutlaw degree canines) you were in fact merely attempting to draw said mayorial type person into a discussion as to the value of the movie arts in today's society and the true nature of film noir. Your parents merely missed your cues or made their decision to remove you based on previous behaviors. Next time be firm of foot and pointed in paw when attempting these political assignations!

    Dozer and Cooper Edwards

  13. Especially love the last photo! Wilf looks like he's feeling good, at least at that moment.

    Maybe the mayor stepped in something interesting?

    Jed & Abby

  14. Just look at Wilf! He's laughing!
    Almost got those shoes, didn't you dear boy. But foiled by the font! Maybe you were just attempting to cast your vote. But judging from your gleeful laugh, we think your intention was to christen.
    Wonderful day to all.

  15. The last photo in this post, of Wilf, makes my heart soar. He is so very happy, isn't he? If only we could all be as happy with as many challenges before us.

    I've been away for a bit, but just wanted to stop in to say hello. So glad to hear Wilf is soldiering on :)