Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A slippery slope .

Madame Bay is hoovering in the hall when we get back . Windows wide open, the house and village green resounding to the unmistakeable sound of her singing ' Can't take my eyes off you ' . This morphs into ' Yew jus-tew gew arachew ' in her version of it . While she hoovers Madame Bays left hand holds the chord , her right hand pushes the hoover , and her legs , or what can be seen of them under swathes of chiffon and her striped linen house coat , dart right and left in time with the music. You're either born with it or you aren't . Wilf sensibly retreats to his position by the front door .

Unable to sleep , the American professors are up early and spend their day in the town hall . They are going through the commune records . As part of the plans to raise the $200,000 to restore the village church it has been decided to write a book about the village during the First World War . The visiting professors have ' volunteered ' to put the records in some semblance of order. This , I warn them, is just the start of a slippery slope that will end up in them writing it .

For those of you who were keen to see the rustic tapenade set - here it is - from above and from the side . It is now back in the cellar .

Wilf is having a better time of things . He's sleeping pretty much all the way through . His thought for the day : " Don't refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase - that's what wild geese are for ".


  1. Good for Wilf! May all his nights be full of sleep.

  2. Yesterday i was wondering what are tapenades... hehehe.. thank you for taking it outta the cellar to show us. Pretty rustic bowls.. beautiful in a way :) i like them. Gi would find them pretty useful for sauces... and nuts :p

    Glad Wilf is on better days.. even though he's sleeping most of the time. *hugs* to the fluffy one.

  3. The set would also work for salsa & guacamole!! Chips, sour cream, all the trimmings --- or coconut ice cream!!!

  4. I totally, totally agree with Ina - coconut icecream would look so good in these bowls. And look! a perfect set for you - a small bowl each. And four for Wilf, yes, that's right, I know my maths. And logic.:))

    p.s. Verrry pretty bowls, it has also to do with the fact that they are blue - they could be any colour, really, as long as they are blue. Seemples!

  5. Well thank you Angus. Now I shall recognise a set of tapenade dishes next time I see one!

    So pleased to hear Wilf's getting some good sleeps.

  6. Wilf could invite his furry friends to a coconut ice cream get together, using those pretty blue dishes.

  7. May be Wilfee could invite 6 cats and two of his "admiratrices" !!!
    Happy to read that his nights are better.
    I wish you all, a lovely Tuesday.
    Bisous to my sweet Wilfee.

  8. The set is nice, perfect size for a little bit of icecream after dinner.

    Wilfie, glad you are getting more sleep.

  9. Good to read you are having plenty of quality rest Wilf even if Madame Bay is "singing"

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  10. We like those bowls....we like any bowls especially if there's food in them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  11. Glad Wilf is finding things easier.
    The bowl set is very pretty (and rustic) ~ not sure about the little cup/jug things but the larger bowls look as though they would be very useful.

  12. Wire, briar, limber-lock,
    Three geese in a flock.
    One flew east,
    One flew west,
    One flew over the cuckoo's nest.

  13. 88 at 5 am here. Dark and dogs out enjoying the chilly weather....So happy to see Dear Wilfee. Love to all. Warrior on dear Wilf.


    8 her at 5 am. Dark so dogs are enjoying the ool.

  14. I love your blog....always brings a smile to my face! Glad Wilf is doing well!

  15. I think the tapenade dishes are nice, and now I have to look it up to figure out what it is! lol Couldn't you use it for something else, too?

    I always love the image I get of Madame Bay. She must be one heck of a character, even in your quirky little village!

    Could you send us the secrets for Wilf's good nights? I wish Lilac would have one or two of those. Some days I think I should change the blog to Sleepless In Servitude!

  16. I love the dishes as well--is it a sign of a hot summer that all the Americans are seeing them filled with ice cream? You could even rest your spoon in the little spout. And could the larger ones be used for baking? Looks like they'd be perfect for pies or tarts-- or ice cream pies! ...And you wonder why they call it "American ingenuity!" Fill 'em with anything but tapenade! (Not a fan either.)

  17. ha! i love the comments today. and the bowls are just beautiful. i love rustic pottery.
    and i love wilf's comment for the day... and his adorable wee laughing face.
    well i guess i just LOVE!!!
    tammy j
    ps... maybe in her youth the madame b was a chanteuse in paris or ... one must have her dreams.

  18. i like those blue tapenade dishes! you can have ice cream in the bowls in the summer and soup in the bowls when it's winter. the two serving dishes look like they might work for an au gratin or a small casserole?
    i'm glad to hear that wilf is sleeping better.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  19. We agree. The concept is "repurposing" -- using something for something other than what it was originally meant for.

    Ice cream, soup, oatmeal? It's all good.

    And we like the beautiful rustic blue...

    Woofs from the Barkalots to dear Wilf. Glad you've all had a few good nights of sleep!

    xxx Joan

  20. Lovely pottery! Too bad they are back down in the cellar! Glad to hear things have settled for Wilf and that the nights are filled with sleep and dreams! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your back to work Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  21. I hope your friends from Texas can avoid sliding down that slippery slope - though the book might be interesting!

    Glad to hear Wilf is comfortable :-)

  22. Have you thought of sending them up to the London flat to irritate the Australian renter?

  23. Watch out Angus, as resident writer your are on that slope too - you just don't know it yet. In time you will be roped in by the mayor (on one of his well timed visits) and others to help write the history of your village!

  24. Enlighten us , Angus, The little lipped area on the smaller bowls, for what is it used? Also, I would think that if one were to eat even the small bowl of tapenade, it would surely ensure many wakeful, unpleasant moments throughout the night. Not a fan of tapenade myself.
    Shame to hold something you will never use. Could it be driven to a distant village-no ones feelings injured-and donated for a church jumble sale?

    When you tell us Wilf is doing well it takes a weight from our shoulders. Love.

  25. Sleeping through the night is a good thing! :) Hugs for Wilf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  26. That's great Wilf is sleeping better! Wish mine would -- it's not that they don't sleep well, they just don't like me to sleep in at all.

    That's a pretty tapenade set - love the color!

  27. Always glad to see Wilf's smiling face. Glad he's doing better. Thanks for the pics of the bowls. Many yummy things could be served in them. Have a lovely week.

  28. We wish the village - and the hapless professors - the best of luck with the book. One can't help but wonder if a book about WWII wouldn't be more interesting, if perhaps more controversial, being as the village was almost certainly deep in Vichy France. Plus there might still be some village residents there with actual memories of WWII.