Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday morning .

Off to the neighbouring village for an early morning walk . The sun still drifting into the sky . We park the car on the grass verge opposite the farmhouse with wonderful blue painted gates . Envy is a sin but I must admit to being envious of these huge , oh so French , oh so formal, metal gates . I'm also envious of the cared for, weed free, garden that lies behind . Clearly this is a house that has been looked after for generations and doesn't suffer mysterious early morning odours or frequent power outages . Although the farmhouse shutters are open there's no sign of anyone in the garden or lights on inside . This is just as well as Wilf decides to give the gates a lengthy christening .

We turn right beyond the Post Office and pass in front of the chateau . The chateau dog , a rather plump fox terrier called Henri , wanders out to say hello to Wilf. He's followed out onto the square by a shaggy, but much loved , mutt from the restaurant . A few moments later and we're joined by a shy , black and white , hunting dog from the melon farmers house. All three of them bark in unison and then, deciding that Wilf is not a great playmate , hurry off , line abreast , down the lane in search of adventure. The amiable social life of village dogs is a wonder to behold . Wilf is too busy christening the tyres of a little blue Peugeot to pay them any attention .


  1. Yes, I was just thinking the same thing as I walked past my chateau the other morning! :)

  2. Wilfy old pal, please have word with Angus. I am not happy his his description of that fox terrier as 'rather plump'. It implies a lack of respect for my breed. I have biggified the picture and on careful inspection decided that 'attractively rounded' or 'respectably solid' would be better terms to use in future.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (slightly affronted this morning).

  3. I can see why you like those gates....they are gorgeous.

  4. Where there are tyres...there's life.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Alreet Wilf?

    The gates are geek posh! Did you know who lives there?


  6. I saw those first few photos and thought " Wow, Angus sure was busy with his chore list while 'the font' was away!" that black and white terrier mix is very cute.

    Wonder if I could replace the front door of my apartment with those gates?

  7. I'm with you on those gates! Wow! That's beautiful. Still, I'll bet that house doesn't have the character that yours does! (Or the ghosts!)

  8. i think they should consider it a privilege to be anointed by wilf.
    have been to the high desert country for about a week and one of the pleasures of coming back home was to catch up on the wee polar bear. i loved the 'sleeping in the road!'
    would that we all could feel such happy trust in this crazy world.
    my heart to all of you who endured aunt irene!
    thunderstorms i love, but not the destruction.
    hugs to my little beloved pon,
    tammy j

  9. Le ciel bleu, le chateau, le beau chien Wilf: la vie doree!

  10. To echo what our wirey pal Bertie has said, upon "biggifying" the photo, and knowing of what we speak from personal experience, we think what you call "rather plump" may be attributed to an excess of fur. It looks like said wire fox terrier has not been stripped recently. Knowing how stripping visually takes off at least four pounds, we believe underneath that alleged plumpness is a thin wire waiting to get out.

    On the other paw...we are quite humbled that M'Ongoose did recognize our breed so easily and we would lick his paws were we close enough to do so.

    Jake and Just Harry

  11. Ohhh..that is a beautiful home. But I find yours just as lovely :) Imagine the envy of someone living in a sleepy little cape cod cottage of sorts!

    Your last post...Wilf asleep in the road...I had to share with my office mates. What a dear, dear soul he is. And you and the Font are for being such good care takers :)

    Snuggles and pets to Mr. Wilf!

    T & Louis

  12. I miss that canine freedom here in the states. Now we all have to be leashed. Edward and Apple are grateful for a large back garden with plenty of room to explore and cut figure eights. And those occasional escapes to the beach.

  13. The gates are lovely! But in the same photo, looking through them , there is a certain austerity that ,while lovely, isn't as lovely as your very own house! Your home has a warmth about it, an inviting quality. One can just imagine soft summer breezes, sun flowers and the scent of sun warmed berries. I know your house is a handful so to speak but it surely has grace and charm.
    Wilf was much too busy to join the chateau dog and his friends. Maybe once he gives the town a good christening, Wilf style, he'll join in the doggie fun.

  14. Oh, what we have lost here in the US with not being able to safely let our dogs roam and join up for play as your village dogs do. I know it is for their safety yet, as with children, we can constrain them so much as to limit their personal growth. A bit anthropomorphic, eh? Love the photos of the various dogs - don't know about stripping but several dogs here have decreased food due to their being overly "fluffy." Soldier on, Wilf!

  15. Tires are obviously tres important!! Priorities, you know! Lovely pictures!! Keep on going Wilf, handsome, busy boy!!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  16. How lovely!! I am like you Angus. I love these homes because of their beauty and rich history--If their walls could talk imagine the stories they could tell--It may be a good thing they can't or they may have told on Wilf!

  17. I envy my neighbor's perfect yard too. However, I don't envy the side-eyes she often gives me whenever she sees me out in my yard. I don't take care of mine very well at all. I do take care of the front yard though. My mom lectures me regularly about taking better care of the backyard.

  18. Such wonderful history behind those walls, if only they could talk. :)
    Hugs for Wilf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  19. Ahh, the stories that chateau could tell... But I must say your farmhouse seems cozier. We survived Irene without a bit of damage. Wish I could say the same of neighboring counties. Be well everyone. Hugs and kisses Wilfster.