Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Never interrupt a lady in the morning .

" Walk ! " . We must have gone through this routine at least twenty thousand times but this morning Wilf looks back at me with utter incomprehension . His face has the canine ' I have absolutely no idea what you're trying to say ' look etched on it. He's cosily curled up , chin on paws , at the foot of the stairs and nothing is going to get him to move . By contrast , when I return home with the croissants he's up and in the kitchen within a nano-second .

The combine harvesters at work until late into the night cutting the sunflowers. The local farmers trying to get in the harvest before Irene , or a weak shadow of her former self , gets here . The yellow sun blobs in the long range weather forecast replaced by clouds and lightning forks . At the cafe under the arcades the talk is about a week of thunderstorms . If you thought the English were weather fixated then you've never been to France .

After breakfast Wilf embarks on his morning tour of the village green . Kelly , the hover dog , is sprawled out in the middle of the lane grooming herself . Wilf, barreling along head down , is oblivious to her presence . As a result he blunders into her at high speed . Kelly leaps to her feet, growls, bares her teeth and then nips him gently on his behind . That thick PON fur proving to be extremely useful padding . Kelly then disappears back to the safety of the old widows porch . Wilf , who has no idea what has just happened , looks around quizically as if to say ' what was all that about ? '. Honey and cheese and a head tousling when he gets home .


  1. Nothing makes your day go better than a good nip in the morning! :)

  2. Sunflowers make the best photos ever. Great pics. Diane

  3. Poor Wilf, what an indignity, to be nipped in the rear like that!

  4. Bad dog, Kelly. Those sunflowers pics are stunning.

  5. Food, the great motivator.

    Those pictures are just gorgeous.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Just been out for a walk, and would like Wilf to know that there is a nip in the air here in Aberdeen too this morning!

  7. After a month of travel and on-and-off sickness, it's nice to see Wilf's smiling face!

    I must have taken 100's of sunflower pix here in CH and none of them look nearly as good as those. Because we don't have blue sky in the dead of summer. go figure.

  8. Oh Wilfie sir: Why do they harvest sunflowers? what do they do with them? great pics and a little nip on the butt never hurt anyone !!

    Zach's mom

  9. The sunflowers are as beautiful as WIlf is handsome. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  10. Oh, that gorgeous sea of sunflowers stretching to the horizon...sad to think of them getting cut down. Love seeing Wilf's smiling face!

  11. You mean the beautiful sunflowers are gone for the year? They were definitely beautiful!

    Food, the great cure all and motivator!

  12. Your photos are spectacular! I'm glad that Wilf's thick fur served a useful purpose on a very hot day.

    I loved the story of the woman wearing only an apron and a few other random things in your story a couple of days ago. *That* must have been a surprise!

  13. i never thought the sunflower seeds i eat might come from france profond! i hope they do!
    some ladies are simply cranky in the morning. and then some ladies are cranky all the time. no worries wee wilfee. you are the sweet one and your reaction to kelly proves it! just enjoying his day as he does every day.
    he is a wise little sage. and you and the font are the best!
    love and hugs you three,
    tammy j
    let's see.. wonder if i could mix up a few more
    pronouns in there! quit rolling in your grave prof mc vey.

  14. gorgeous endless sunflowers
    woof to Wilf + kisses too
    xoxo Sam & Winnie Dixon

  15. Irene, or a shadow of her former self, on the town in your town? Uh oh.

  16. Where I live in Boston, Massachusetts USA, we had to deal with Irene on Sunday. I was one of the lucky ones and had no damage! I hope Irene does not bring too much rain your way!
    Poor Wilf, I am sure Kelly was just surprised and now feels badly for her biting you. There is something to be said for a little padding!
    After your tough morning, you need some coconut ice cream!

  17. Your pictures and prose keep inspiring me..both wonderful and fun! I'm one of those "don't bother me before 10:00 I understand Kelly completely. Good Wilf did not deserve the bite in the behind, though...Like Susan above..I'm sure Kelly feels terrible about it. Poor Wilf.

    Enjoy the rain..hopefully not so damaging as the U.S. had over the last week...just good gentle rain would be nice. Goodbye Irene!

    Our best to you all from here..

  18. Please tell me they don't just mow down those sunflowers. Doesn't someone, you for instance, get to fill their house with them??

    And as for Kelly.... women can be so difficult sometimes. And I should know. Love to Wilf.

  19. Hi Wilfee ! A quick message to send you all my love sweet boy.
    Not a lot of time to write, but i read your father's post each morning !

    Hope Kelly and you are still friends...

    Bisous my sweet.

  20. Wilf said No, to a walk? He hasn't been taking lessons from a cat, has he?


  21. Awww, bless! Poor Wilf, so submerged with all the delightful smells of the grass and such, he didn't even smell the hover dog. But honey and cheese and a few pets make up for anything! Keep on going Wilf, lovely boy....

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  22. HOney and cheese and cuddles from Susanne, DAisy and Foxiie

  23. WOW to the photographs! Such intense colours.

    Poor ol' Wilf, hopefully Kelly will have forgiven you by tomorrow. I hope you don't have a sore bottom :o(

    x (for Wilf!)

  24. Love the sunflower pic's! I just want to stroll through them. Pity to mow them down. Hope Irene treats you better than she did us. Hugs for the Wilfster.

  25. Hello - I love your blog (and your dog!) These sunflower pics are outstanding. I've been searching for a good picture of sunflowers for quite some time. Wonder if you would be willing to share? I think I like the 2nd one the best and would certainly be willing to pay you. Just want a cool pic to put above the mantle in our living room. I live in Kansas (USA) and the state flower is the sunflower... wouldn't you think it would be easy to find lots of great possibilities here? Unfortunately, that's not the case. My e-mail is kcolnar AT yahoo DOT com.