Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mon p'tit chouchou .

When Madame Bay arrives Wilf is lying across the front doorstep enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun . He's had another bad night . ' Bonjour mon p'tit chouchou ' she trills by way of greeting . Before the family fellow has a chance to move he's shrouded in layers of lily of the valley scented chiffon . Wilf gives her a look that seems to say '' leave it out love , I'm a boy dog " . He still gets a tickle and a kiss on the head .

Armed with a cup of coffee Madame Bay relates more village scandal . Oustric , the head of l'association Cheminons tranquille has resigned from his post as organizer of the village saints day festivities. Last year there were more than a thousand visitors to our little patch of paradise but this year only three hundred and forty . At last nights council meeting the head of the competing village fleuri association suggested that the advertising could have been handled more professionally . Oustric immediately saw this as a direct slight on his manhood and stormed out of the salle de fetes in a blood red gallic rage . His parting words " if you're so clever you do it ! ". ( Those weren't the exact words as relayed by Madame Bay but you get the gist ) . Relations between the two village associations have moved from being merely frosty to full ice age glacial .

Wilf follows me down the lane to look at the heavily pregnant cows grazing contentedly in their field by the stream . They chew cud and look at us . He leans for reassurance against my leg. An old PONs thought for the day : '' When our perils are past , shall our gratitude sleep ? ".


  1. Wilf does more asleep than I do awake!

  2. Hey Wilf, a quick word of advice. In some human quarters phrases like "leave it out love" are deemed a tad sexist. I suggest you try a different approach with the ladies from the womens' cooperative, for example. Be warned!
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (young but experienced).

  3. Wilfie, I am enjoying the daily walks around your pretty French village. It is grey and cloudy here in New Zealand, and we wish we were sharing the summer with you.

  4. Just for a moment I wished to be in Madame Bay's shoes (lace) - to get a chance to tickle Wilf - have a great day - love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  5. More village drama while Wilf just keeps his cool and gets on with life.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  6. Too bad about the low attendance for the village saints day festivities. But with global warming, hopefully the glacial relationship between the two groups will thaw some by the time the event rolls around next year.

    I hope you, Wilf and 'the font' have a quiet day that ends with a peaceful evening.

  7. Wilf, some people will force themselves on you no matter what face you give them! Sorry about the affront to your masculine sensibilities!

    It seems that more drama is sure to follow between the committees at this rate!

  8. non non to bad nights. yes yes yes to more and more glorious days!
    even the busy and dramatic madame finds time to greet our beloved boy.
    please angus, give him a hug from me. and tell him it's from tammy j. he'll know.
    ps... maybe a calm cool scots head is needed in the village committee dept?

  9. Here's hoping for quiet nights, coconut ice cream and pleasant happy days for dear Wilf! Keep on going Wilf, lovely boy..

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  10. Did you win the beautiful village prize?

  11. I hope tonight is a better night for Wif and that he can enjoy some pleasant days and nights ahead!

    Angus, please give Wilf a nice tummy rub from me (my last dog loved to lie on her back and get a tummy rub!)!


  12. Yes, what ever happened with the beautiful village contest?

    Wilf looks heavenly sauntering down the road with the glorious white fluffy clouds in the sky. He looks totally at peace. I just love the "feel" of this photo.
    And I totally love Wilf. God bless him.