Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sculling herons.

' Croissants ! ' . Usually , the word gets Wilf off his back and onto his feet . Not this morning . He's had a rough , four pit stop , night . The fringe over his eyes moves , a sure sign he's heard , but all he wants to do is lie , warm and untroubled , in the early morning courtyard sunshine .

When I get back from the bakers he pulls himself upright , stump of a tail waving first this way then that. 17 kilos of uncoordinated joy . Enthusiasm drowning out the aches and pains . A sliver of pastry as a treat . We turn out onto the lane , past the fire hydrant , which is dutifully christened , then branch off along the old roman road. At the pond two herons look at us, unsure , disapproving , before taking flight. Grey wings pushing the heavy air like oars sculling the water .

I sit on an old tree stump. Wilf on his side dozing at my feet . My French morning paper , a treasure chest of arcana , tells me that Tim Pawlenty's favourite biblical verse is '' you are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes ". True ? Or a wry Gallic sub-editors comment on his chances of becoming President ?

More blood this morning . Wilf seems untroubled . Asleep he looks as radiant as a king . One should be grateful for quiet times like these . Gratitude , as the owners of old dogs know , is the memory of the heart .


  1. "Gratitude , as the owners of old dogs know , is the memory of the heart ." So true. I carefully watched an old dog the other evening as he had been very still for quite a time; yes, he was breathing in a deep sleep. Wilf choosing his times carefully, storing up his energy for the sun and treat sliver lovingly proffered.

  2. Dear Wilf, take care. I'm sending an extra lick this morning old boy.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Keep eating those croissants sweet Wilf, they obviously have a secret ingredient for a long and happy life.

  4. I don't know about the favorite quote of Tim Pawlenty, but I do know about the one for gratitude, and for me, this morning I will add the word humbled.

    I do hope you've had a 'untroubled' day Angus!

  5. Love you Wilfie - true knight and king.
    From Southern Italy with love Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  6. my little beloved polar bear.
    tammy j

  7. Sounds like Wilf just wanted breakfast in bed this morning.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra &Bella

  8. Croissants, morning pit stops, gentle days, just take it easy dear Wilf....as long as there is no pain. Being the owner of 2 out of 3 elderly dogs, sometimes you sit and watch them and wonder. Hoping things will be easy and kind for them. And we love the 2nd picture of the day, what a lovely boy!! Keep on going Wilf...

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  9. Lovely as always, Angus.
    Dear days with Wilf that you'll carry with you forever.

    Thanks for your good wishes about Edward. He's fine, thank goodness.

    As for Mr. Pawlenty... I'd rather quote Shakespeare...
    "Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered."

  10. I feel Wilf's pain this morning since I spent a bit too much time in the bathroom last night myself. I guess we all need a morning to sleep in and rejuvenate ourselves once in a while. I'm pretty sure hearing "croissants" would get me out of bed, though!

    I hope you don't mind being tagged for the seven posts challenge. I know a lot of people don't like doing that sort of stuff, but I really admire your blog and your writing, so I couldn't help myself!

  11. Lovely image of sculling herons. With all the chaos here, it was calming to imagine sitting on that tree stump with for a moment, with Wilf gently dozing.

    Bless you both for these moments.

    xxx Joan

  12. Poor, dear Wilf! Even the smallest of treats cause your blood sugar to go off kilter. It's so unfair that you must suffer for such little pleasures. It's heartbreaking and so upsetting!
    Each day you teach us about bravery in the face of a catastrophic illness. You teach us to be strong in the face of adversity. And you teach us that with love, life is still a wonderful adventure. You remain in our heart and our daily prayers. Love to you.

  13. I had a rough night too - went to bed waaaaaaaaaay too late and then couldn't sleep. It took forever to get to sleep and then when I did, I kept waking up.

  14. Dear, dear Wilfee. How happy I am to find your endless summer continues. We know it can't last forever but what a strong soul Wilfee is. Wish I could give him a tousle on that head and a little kiss... Angus, your last sentence struck me right in the heart, having 2 old dogs. I have been gone for months and said farewell on my blog today. too many things to fight now. When I can, rest assured I will read every post. God Bless(I like the bible quote...)

  15. Hey wilfee! you look so lovable and beautiful! what are you doing there? are you playing a pick a boo with your Pawriends? :)

    Dog Fence

  16. So tired of politics. I want to take it slow, like Wilf. The circus will roll on no matter what. Summer is slipping away & I want to enjoy every last minute of it.