Monday, August 15, 2011

Pots .

Half a dozen pottery stalls on the village green . A summer Sunday festival in France Profonde . ' The font ' instructs Wilf and Angus to go out and enter into the communal spirit of things . " Make sure you shake hands with the mayor and his wife and while you're at it why don't you buy something that's useful ? " .

Twenty minutes later , having kissed the mayors wife and greeted Madame Bay , Wilf and Angus return with a set of artisinal , blue glazed , tapenade dishes. " What exactly are they ? " asks ' the font '. Angus points out that ' they ' are extremely useful . ' The font' unhelpfully observes that neither Angus nor Wilf are big fans of tapenade . ' Perhaps we can serve nuts in them ? ' . Silence .

Out again to buy something that isn't excessively rustic and which doesn't have to go straight into storage. This time the word ' useful ' has been excluded from the list of requirements . By the pond the mayor is trying to light, unsuccesfully , the replica sixteenth century pottery kiln . " If only they'd built the roof six centimeres higher there would have been a through flow of air " he bleets . Amid sparks, swirling smoke and broken roof tiles Angus sympathizes .

A turquoise crackle glaze vase ( third one from the left , middle row, top picture ) catches this community minded purchasers eye . It is added to the family collection of vases acquired over three and a half decades at art fairs across the globe .

Back to find Wilf , who has opted to stay at home for a quick doze, standing on the lawn , head high, smelling the intertwined scents of the lunchtime roast chicken and the mayors ever thickening smoke screen . The old fellow gets some chicken breast with his lunchtime kibbles . Proof that there's truth in the old saying '' hope is patience with the lamp lit ". The tapenade dishes are already on a shelf in the cellar .


  1. Lovely selection of pottery! My favorite: bottom picture, top shelf, 3rd from left (large bowl with flowers). Happy Monday!

  2. I'm rather surprised that the font allowed unskilled labour to do the skilled labour job of pottery selection in the first place ...

    Is there a reason why you didn't photograph the tapenade dishes before they went into 'storage'?

  3. I didn't even know they made tapenade dishes!

  4. What about starting a Wilf-design line? T-shirts, mugs, vases - they certainly would not go into storage with me.
    Tickles for cute Wilfie - found a toy terrier girl on holiday - Scilla - who would be the perfect match of a friend's Westie - dog owners - we are a different species all together.
    Have a great day in France profonde - and great lunch love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie
    P.S. Wilf I am still in love with you - glad Foxiie does not know.

  5. You're bound to find a use for them one day.

  6. You never know when tapenade will be on the menu. Perhaps next time you have everyone drop by at the sound of the Champagne cork.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. What does a tapenade dish look like?
    Smokey roast chicken. Wilf I concur...ummmm.

  8. I feel so plebian now. I have no idea what tapenade dishes even look like! Rural Illinois is obviously not as cultured as France Profonde!

    Wilf's wisdom always shines!

  9. of course it begs to be gently said...
    something along the lines of "well darling, if ongoose is only trying to shop for you,and getting it wrong, why not partake of this wonderful festival of containers yourself?" or is that too red flag... and you would be eating mush from your little tapenade dishes for a week!!!? better to keep shopping and enjoy delicious roast chicken. i know wilf would approve of that tact!
    special hugs to my beautiful wee polar bear.
    tammy j

  10. No I don't know what shape a tapenade dish would be either...
    I am wondering, by the way, when we are going to get the first report of an expedition on the new bicycle(s).....?
    Cheers! Gail.

  11. You can bring them out for the next village sale

  12. Just finished getting caught up on to all that was happening while we were away. So happy that I am able to have my daily dose of Wilf again. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  13. Scotsmad has solved the problem! A use for the dishes! Well, there you are.

    Since I am a collector of semi-eccentric tea pots ( nothing too rustic, thank you), I'll take the tea pot located near your vase. It's simplicity is perfect for breakfast outside on a hot summers day. And the white vessel behind it would be nice for keeping the iced water.

    Look at Wilf's photo sequence. By his expressions, he knows that the tapenade dishes won't be well received! I just love him!

  14. Second choice was the charm. One can never have enough vases, methinks. Could you float gardenias in the tapenade dishes?

  15. At least you didn't return home with a ceramic bong. ;o)

  16. tapenade dishes may be just the thing for coconut ice cream to be served to the family fellow in!! after all, he helped pick them out!

  17. Nice pottery. I don't usually purchase anything at those types of events but I could use some bowls.

  18. Wow, your really had a lot of collection of pottery! do you sell them? Nice collection ah! Good luck! :)

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  19. We're even more plebeian than those who don't know what a tapenade dish looks like; we don't know what tapenade is. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Wikipedia we go. Does France have a Gallic version of Antiques Road Show? Maybe the tapenade dishes will turn out to be a 'find.'