Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is it safe ?

One of those days when you're boiling one minute and chill the next . The sun scudding constantly in and out of the clouds . Wilf has recharged his batteries and is sitting by the front door waiting , patiently , for me to take him for a walk . Today , as a change , we head off across the sunflower fields to the river bank . An area teeming with moles, voles, egrets, water rats and heaven alone knows what other malodorous wildlife . He saunters along for a full half an hour , head down in the long grass , swathed in a reverie of intriguing scents, completely lost to time . Malodorous heaven . On our way home we stop off at the cafe facing the pilgrimage church . Angus gets a coffee, Wilf gets a bowl of water . The cafe owners two Yorkies glower at Wilf, silently but proprietorially, from behind the safety of their front door . Wilf ignores them .

Five to ten at night and the phone rings . It's the floral suited Australian lady who's renting the flat in London . ' Is it safe ? ' . The question catches me off guard . " Is what safe ? " . It seems the riots in London have filled our tenant with fear and dread and she's worried that our little corner of St.James's is going to turn into downtown Mogadishu . Reassurance liberally applied . This morning French Radio starts off its broadcast wih the headline " the whole of England in flames ".
August - a time when news is scarce and all sense of proportion is tossed aside .

Wilf lies on the doorstep in the sun . Simply happy in that way that only dogs can be . An old Polish proverb comes to mind : '' Who does not thank for little will not thank for much " .


  1. Thoughts w/you... Your title reminded me of the old Laurence Olivier movie and I had to click over. Prayers from the States to London and to Wilf from Zeke our elderly Great Pyrenees. Have not heard that Polish proverb, but will take it to mind and heart.

  2. The answer should be " Heavens no. It's the end of humanity as we know it. ". If people are going to be silly, at least give them a good reason! :)

  3. I haven't watched the news in a week or more so I feel really stupid that I just found about the riots by reading about them on another blog. She talked about the reaction of her twitter friends towards the situation.

  4. Angus
    Surely an intelligent laddie like you is aware that 'malodourous' is a human specific term, totally inappropriate for use in relation to to the world of my friend Wilf.
    Toodle pip!

  5. Another peaceful day. Our telly is going crazy with the coverage....don't know if we're seeing new fires or repeats.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. News hounds always make things sound terrible 'everywhere and all over the UK', but in our part of the world it's big news if the postman doesn't deliver a letter!

  7. Wilfie - would like to cuddle you - you are the cuddliest teddy bear I know.
    Love from Southern Italy - poor London - why are there only 6.000 police men on duty - Naples has 22.000 and you never see them... ha,ha

  8. I have to admit to not knowing all the details about what is happening in London and why. But from where I'm sitting and how it is being reported, I think that large scale vandalism and destruction of people's livlihoods, property and community facilities is criminal irresponsible thuggish behavior, not the cry for help of an oppressed people...Just my thoughts...I'm also sending good thoughts coming for Wilf--Where do these pups get their strength?

  9. I hope London returns to normal soon.

    Wilf - the pictures of you today and yesterday are fantastic. You are a good looking fellow.


  10. oh ongoose! if your lady tenant doesn't work out... i LOVE st james street! we stayed in a little town house there once. other than never figuring out how to use the washer/dryer combo and the shower (i'm a shower gal)... i was in heaven. beautiful old londontown.... the reeves store that had been in the family over 100 yrs...gone. so sad.
    but glad is my heart to hear of wilf's great morning of sniffing all the good stuff! and then having the energy and strength to accompany you to the cafe!!! go wilfee!
    i like jackdaddy's comment. made me lol.
    wilf's wisdom is right on this morning.
    love and special hugs to all three in the france profonde.
    tammy j

  11. My heart goes out to those in London. It must be a scary time to be living there. I understand protesting something you feel is an injustice, but I don't see how that translates to free reign to destroy people's livelihoods and to just take whatever you feel you're entitled to.

    Rural France seems even more idyllic today! I think Wilf has the right idea, as always!

  12. What beautiful photos!
    I especially like the last one (and, of course, the Wilf photos!)

  13. Heavens Australian! Just don your flack gear and pour yourself another Champagne in one of the cracked flutes!

  14. I don't blame your Australian tenant for being scared. I'm pretty scared myself as we are sandwiched between two large cities, one of which has already been targeted by the looters. Not that I fear personal injury, but who wants to go shopping in a place where the windows have been smashed and the stock taken away in bin bags, to be disposed of who knows where - ebay? - down the pub?
    I also feel slightly ashamed that the rest of the world sees us as dysfunctional and inept - unable to keep our cities safe from an underclass that decades of politicians have failed to deal with effectively.
    Your little insights into life in France profonde do however cheer me up enormously.