Sunday, November 14, 2010

And the winner is ? Cauliflower cheese !

Up and out bright and early. Another day with the sun shining down from a blue cloudless sky, the barest hint of a breeze and a world aglow with autumn colours. The poplars on the distant ridges outlined by the clear morning light like so many golden, fiery swords stretching across the horizon.

Wilf and I wander down to the little brook at the foot of the hill. Last week he charged along its banks and stooped to drink the water but this week he's content to amble along the road beside me. Every two hundred yards or so he halts and settles down in the long grass to rest. There would have been a time when I'd have hurried him along but now we both stop, happy in the moment. He looks at the cormorants and egrets, I study the orchids in the hedgerows. A journey of discovery for both of us.

No doubting now that the pace of his journey is picking up. That boundless energy ebbing away to be replaced by an acceptance and contentment. This morning the dose of prednisolone increased to soothe the tumours pressure on the diaphragm . What a blessing to have two vets close at hand who treat each dog as if its their own and take the time to ensure that this final stretch is pain free and full of laughter.

'The font' and I chuckle as we review his menu for the week. Cauliflower cheese - a surprising but clear favourite, cheese omelette a close second. Third place ? Could be Madame Bays spit roasted ham, the duck in cassis, the turbot braise au beuree d'herbes or last nights effeuille de saumon aux perles de hareng. Coconut ice cream in a clear muzzle licking class of its own. Through it all Wilf remains, as he has been for the last nine years, a family clown , herder and confidant. Sitting with him in the long grass, reminiscing, a recognition that for dog owners no laughter is as sweet as that which struggles through shared memories. Happy, irreplaceable, family days. Pork, roast potatoes, peas and fruit tart for lunch.


  1. Oh dear. All those Gallic delights and cauliflower cheese comes on top...
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Love the image of the poplars as 'golden fiery swords'.

  2. I was a bit worried that you were not posting...
    Sorry to read that the journey is getting faster, but so glad to see Wilf is still enjoying himself.

  3. One more sunny day for you sweet boy, enjoy it. Cuddles and bisous for you beloved Wilf.

  4. I hope the vets get to read this sometime Angus.... they need to share the journey sometimes too, even in hindsight. I know how much I appreciate reading it; even as I nod wisely at the effect the meds are having on Wilf and wonder what th Xrays look like, I can still only be grateful that he is enjoying himself and you are not prolonging any suffering, just appreciating the precious time together.

  5. As Nikita was aging and late one winter, I remember walking along a road and passing a very small patch of snow hiding from the spring sun. Nikita wanted to play and at first I refused, but then relented. I realized that she may never see snow here again. That wonderful memory of her romping and playing in that ridiculously small patch of snow makes me smile to this day. We learn from our canine friends every day.

  6. The light (and delight) is still burning brightly in Wilf's eyes in your photos, I am happy to report. Wilf truly is teaching us to live in the present, savoring each hour as if it were our last and of course, dancing like nobody's watching!

  7. Dear Wilf,
    Cauliflower cheese!! Wow, our mum doesn't like cauliflower so we are not lucky enough to get that treat! We like, in no particular order, toast, anything that falls on the floor (Tucker in particular), gravy swirled into our brown nuggets, spaghetti for sure as well! Let's just say we love it all, Except raisins. Well, Tucker likes raisins, but no one else.

    Enjoy your day Wilf, keeping eating cauliflower!

    Your pals in Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and the ever fattening-up Tucker ;)

  8. Along with the wonderful food, Wilf is savoring each and every day, yet another lesson to be learned from him. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  9. Wilf is eating better than I am!

    I see the contentment in Wilf's eyes and hear it in your words. You, the font, and Wilf are taking this final journey together with love and a lifetime of memories to guide you. The way that you embrace each day is an example to us all.

    I wish for another sunny day with blue skies for you today. I shall be thinking of you during the Worldwide moment.

  10. Another gift Wilf will leave for you: to stop hurrying by and to be happy in the moment.

  11. Give your sweet boy a hug from us - we are thinking of you.


  12. LOVIN' the blue sky banner photo - great to read/ hear that Wilf is still eating (& yum at that) as that really does say so much about many dog's happiness. Sending lots of love, peace & comfort from tout la Gang at Black Street

  13. We vote for the cheese and cauliflower.

    Please know that you and Wilf do not walk alone on this journey together. We are so pleased that the two of you have been blessed with many more days of grace than anticipated - of course, there are never enough and a million are not too many.

  14. Would that we all could be blessed with the time to appreciate all the orchids in the hedgerows. Beautiful as always, Angus. Lord, I do love WIlf.

  15. We'll be reaching across a continent and an ocean to scratch Wilf's head during the Worldwide Moment.

  16. such a lovely post, filled with peace and acceptance of life...

  17. I think of you and Wilf every day. My stomach actually growled when I read his menu for the week! I'm so glad you both got this gift of extra time together, and good vets are such a blessing!

    I keep staring at how blue the sky is in your pictures!

  18. After all the wind and rain, what a beautiful interlude to continue your walks and musings.

    We think we're gaining weight just reading your post.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  19. May your family “jester” continue to deliver smiles and treasured memories - in days of old I’m sure Wilf would have excelled at that job description entertaining the crowds and spreading joy and merriment to all around him.

    Mum and I hope Wilf’s journey continues to be pain free and filled with all sorts of gastronomic delights. As mentioned before, because of Wilf’s recent posts, my diet of kibble, dog biscuits and a few approved extras has suddenly got far more interesting as mum now feeds me bits of her food. Thank you so much Wilf, and I'll pass on to her your cauliflower cheese recommendation for my dinner sometime soon.

  20. Our folks often eat cauliflower, and sometimes it's with cheese. Now we have good reason to expect some to come our way.

    Hugs to dear Wilf and blessings to you and the font.

    Wiey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  21. Now if they would just make cauliflower cheese flavored ice cream, the world would be a better place. Of course, the tall guy wouldn't eat any because he's not the cauliflower type, but what does he know! :)

  22. Reading your posts every day is such a joy! Wilf is definitely teaching us all to slow down and savor every moment, every scent and every morsel of wonderful food.
    We will be lighting a candle and sharing in the Worldwide Moment and will be sending love and positive energy to Wilf.
    What a blessing every day is! We hope you have many more to enjoy together.
    Skye, the MoondanceHuskies, kitties and mom Joan

  23. Have been away to the coast of Maine for two days and was missing being able to "catch up" with you, Wilf and the Font. Can't tell you how wonderful it is to see the Wilf photos - Love the new header picture. Such a good boy. Buzzy McDuff sezs "yum" and two dewclaws up to the latest menu. Anything featuring cheese is a-ok with him!

  24. Wilf, it's such a pleasure for the rest of us that you have such a talented Boswell to document your journey. Quantity of life may be good, but quality is much,much better.

    Jed & Abby

  25. good boy, wilf...those veggies are good for you! :)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  26. cheese omlet is sounding purrty good too!
    Benny & Lily

  27. each day is a gift. we're glad you are treating each one that way.

  28. oh my gosh. Each time I am able to check on Dear Wilfers(sorry for the nickname, but I have many of them for the dear boy.)I see bright happy eyes. Digby taught us much and forever holds a place in our hearts. Dear Wilf has transcended that and has become a dog loved and cherished by sooo many across the world. Because of your oh so descriptive words,Angus, Wilf has become "our" dog too. Miracles happen. Wilf has proved that. 3 days?!? Ha! not Wilf. he has taught y'all and all of us to be in the moment.(And that is all anyone is guaranteed anyway) To stop racing around missing life's wonders. I continue to pray for an endless summer for the Dear boy. I would so love to scritch his ears, rub his belly and love on him(which would no doubt horrify him to have a total stranger to him take such liberties)
    Though we humans "know" we and our beloveds will die, Wilf does not. And though it is hard to be given the news you were given, it is a blessing as it makes you savor each moment. I hope we all learn to do that even when we see nothing coming.
    Wilf, my very favorite is cauliflour with cheese sauce or plain white sauce. Good taste my boy! I am filled with joy knowing you continue to eat, enjoy your food and have good times.
    Joined in the Worldwide Moment and you were uppermost in my mind.
    corny xoxoxo's to you and all the family( Angus, the font and madame Bay, you are thought of too)