Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beurre blanc.

It's wet. Very wet. The big dolloped rain is hurling itself relentlessly at the windows while the Pyrenean wind is enthusiastically tearing the sodden leaves from the plane trees. This morning Wilf stuck his nose out of the door but quickly decided to head off to the warmth of the kitchen. My trip into town for croissants and milk delayed while a reluctant passenger was rounded up and enticed into the car. That magic canine command; ' Croissants !'. It never fails to get him moving.

In the supermarket a strange harbinger of Christmas - Ferrero Rocher. A large display has joined the foil wrapped chocolate Santa's in the ever expanding confectionery / soft toy section. You never seem to see them at any other time of the year. Has their awful advertising been unleashed on an American audience or are they only destined for Europe ?

It's amazing. For more than nine years we've carefully monitored everything Wilf eats. Low protein diet, no wheat products, minimum fat. Despite our attention to what he ate he developed allergies , pancreatitis and myriad stomach upsets. To top it all he would manage to put on weight no matter how strict his intake of food. Now on this final part of the journey he's enjoying a little of everything we eat . And he's thriving. No gluten allergies, no colitis and a svelte, trim figure that would make you think he's spent every day of his life rounding up sheep . Last night those low protein kibbles were jazzed up with chicken and chanterelle pie, broccoli in beurre blanc, and rosemary roast potatoes. Folks who read this blog will know exactly what I mean when I say that a dogs face can light up with pleasure. To follow - coconut icecream. Bliss.


  1. From one of your periodic anonymous posters, writing in from Tokyo - I tend to check your blog around 3 every day and I breathe such a sigh of relief if the days' header turns out to be something like "beurre blanc". I was so surprised today to read that Wilf has suffered from allergies (the frequent references to croissants, Jaffa cakes, etc. must have thrown me off!). Our PON also has allergies and really can't eat much of anything apart from the ultra-austere Z/D version of the same kibble I see in your photo today, so I've been following your daily descriptions of Wilf's menu with some combination of delight and regret. I guess that in Wilf's case the steroids are suppressing the allergic reaction so that he can finally eat what all PONs dream about. We wish him many more happy meals!

  2. I sometimes wonder if its the kibbles that are giving them all these problems. Some people swear that giving them a raw diet will help them in the long run...but our furry fellow's been domesticated for so long.

    Wilf's daily delights are now the envy of all of us who are dropping by to read :) Thank you for sharing that with us. He is eating what a PON should eat. And that is all of life's wonderful with a touch of ice-cream.

    My love to the furry fellow.

  3. Bertie says: On the strength of your blog, Gail offered me a bit of croissant yesterday but I wasn't at all excited by it. I guess the ones from 'Markies' aren't quite the real French deal.
    Toodle pip!

    Gail says: Interesting about the food and allergies. People were always telling me that these special hypoallergenic foods would help Hamish's skin problems, but I never observed that the made a blind bit of difference (except to the weight of my wallet). That said, I still try to avoid food with lots of additives for me and Bertie, it just seems right.

  4. Hello Angus! Ferrero Rocher is easily found here in the eastern part of the US, even sold in a package of 3 at the checkout...They are one of my favorites.

    For the past 10 years I've read about and tried lots of different diets for our dogs. I also wish I could explain why some dogs that are well cared for and are feed a good quality diet their entire lives suffer from health issues and the ones who are fed the worst/cheapest food on the market, receive minimal care can sometimes be in the best of health--But I guess it's that way with people too...

  5. We tried all the fancy kibbles because our great dane x rottwieler suffered from constant allergies and skin conditions. Then my husband started cooking up a mixture of pets' mince (including lots of liver and not too much fat) with rice, grated carrots, potato and various other veggies. The difference has been incredible. No more scratching, no more bald patches and a healthy, happy dog.
    The food is cooked in a big pot once a week and then transferred into freezer bags, each one to be thawed when needed.

  6. Coconut ice cream - sounds delightful, as does the rest of your menu. Out dogs think a crust of pizza is manna from heaven.

  7. Shoot, the humans here are thinking that diet sounds delicious.

  8. If you do end up purchasing that old building in town and turning it into a restaurant, Petey and I are booking a reservation and hopping on the next flight! Delighted to hear how Wilf is thriving. Remember to multiply each day of grace by 7!

  9. I think my face would have lit up with pleasure, too! Wilf definitely knows how to live the good life!

    They sell Ferrero Rocher, but I've never seen commercials for them. Then again, we're not exactly cosmopolitan here!

  10. If Wilf is happy we are happy! :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  11. After years of dining on the aroma alone, it must be wonderful for Wilf to finally be able to enjoy the food. We, too, think that sometimes all of these specialty diets really just prolong their allergies rather than just letting the animal grow out of them.

    Ferrer Rocher; available year round, at most stores selling candy and people like them. We don't find them annoying at all. We don't get annoyed over candy ads, we save it for the big stuff.

  12. Food Heaven! And Coconut Ice Cream to follow!

  13. My dog K read that last paragraph and is trying to convince me that she's just like Wilf in that regard. For the same reasons as you (pancreatitis), we carefully control her diet... It would be very odd to discover that all that deprivation was for nothing... So, she's turned her golden eyes toward me asking for some beurre blanc!

    Here's to another day of pleasures for you and Wilf. I hope that rain stops so that you two can enjoy a walk.

  14. Ever since Jakey came into our lives and I consulted new wire fox terrier guru friends, I've been paranoid about the specter of pancreatitis and other awful consequences of misfeeding him. The result, like you, careful monitoring -- and deprivation. Apple slices, green beans, and carrot chunks in lieu of the unsuspected delights of coconut ice cream and croissants, etc. Peanut butter lavished in a Kong, once a bed time snack, replaced by a snippet of string cheese. My occasionally reminding him and brother JH that they would turn into roly-poly porky dogs if they ate everything they wanted.

    How ironic then that Wilfee has been able to happily digest all these hithero forbidden foods. But how lovely too to see his face light up with pleasure, Literally, food for thought!

    xxx Joan

  15. I intend to spend my last days in precisely the same fashion. We all have much to learn from Wilf. And I'm thrilled to read that he's enjoying himself so much. May these days continue and continue.

  16. isn't it ironic?! we should all live each day as if it were our last.

    good for Wilf and thank you for providing that to him.

  17. My Dawg! MY face is lit up with bliss just reading about those delicacies. shoot. I seriously would love to hire the font on Thursday night. i have to entertain fellow workers of Mr. Wild Dingo here in your neighboring country CH and the only thing I know how to make is Mediterranian Italian sauces and pastas and really great salads. I wouldn't know how to do anything in the oven that involved meat like a roast (I was vegetarian when i learned to cook, though i'm not now) ... and that's the kind of thing i think they would enjoy. sigh. is "The Font" for hire?

    Glad Wilf is enjoying life through his taste buds... as we all should!

    ps. it's interesting on the diet front. i make no bones about feeding my dog a raw diet... but even dogs fed raw sometimes still have allergies or other issues. my GSD Loki scratches quite a bit and i'm pretty sure it's not diet, and fish oil has stopped the really bad inflamation and scratching, but hasn't totally eliminated it which is interesting. (no signs of fleas/ticks.) it's so hard to figure out our pet's health because they can't speak and vet tests can't find everything. for example we know when we drink too much alcohol or drink milk when we're lactose intolerant... we know because we are affected immediately. i don't think dogs have this much awareness since they're motivated by their noses...so it's hard to really figure out all the "little" problems they have...

  18. Since the onset of Wilf's health issue, it has made us think about our Miss Betty and little Sophie's strict diet. We have started adding small treats to their evening meal and they of course are loving it and taking great interest in meal preparation.

  19. Hello there Wilf!

    We got Ferrero Rocher here in the Philippines, too. It's widely available here in supermarkets, convenience store. Piappies Mom loves them!

    Keep the smile on your beautiful face and continue to love life to the fullest!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  20. just goes to prove a happy dog is a healthy dog... loves & licks and we know wilf is gonna wriggle on the floor with sheer delight at the smaells and tastes of xmas day!

  21. A doggy bag and one of those Ferrero trees please (since you're sending this way). Keep the rain tho !!
    Glad Wilf is enjoying another day of grace--with food.


  22. Dear Wilf,

    Your pals from Canada, Tor, Willow and Tucker would like to formally request your address as they have decided to pack up their kits, move to France and leave Canada behind. As I read them the post, they immediately huddled into a rather loud group, proclaiming your luck and that they would like some luck just like yours.

    They are declaring that their "delightful" brown nuggets, sometimes accompanied by a treat or two from the counter tops, are by no way close to the delicacies you are receiving and therefore they would like to be adopted. Promptly. They said to say their bags and toys are packed!!!

    Enjoyed this post!!

    With best wishes from Canada,
    Dianna who has seemed to have lost her Tor, Willow and Tucker to delicacies far beyond her reach!

  23. Wilf, you have the best humans ever - is there any way you could make room for the three of us at your place? Your meals sound really amazing:)

    Glad to see you enjoying life, Wilf.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. We know the look. Haven't seen the Ferrero trees yet; but the Christmas stuff is out all over. AND our search has begun for the worst taste decoration....a bit of annual fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  25. Globalized Christmas marketing with Ferrero foiled items on display since mid-October here in New Zealand. The Christmas dollar seems to be deciding “how many sleeps before Christmas” small children now need to wait.

    From the comments above it appears that many of Wilf’s friends (including me) are also expanding our tastes and following in his paw steps by experiencing having our daily kibble supplemented by real food.

    Thank you Wilf for reminding our families that sometimes there is more to enjoy in life, than the marketing and promises written on the side of our universal kibble by sharing descriptions of your daily meals with us. I think I’ve seen my mum drool while she reads what you get to eat.

    We both wish Wilf many more gastronomic delights,


  26. Petey has been on a raw food diet his entire ten years of life. When I add a raw egg or salmon to his usual fare, he is over the moon with delight. Although having never tasted dog food, I'm sure he would find kibble to be an exotic delicacy.

  27. just reading about all the delicious foods that wilf is eating has given me a food coma! i'm glad he's able to enjoy them without any tummy troubles.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  28. Can't say that I much blame Wilf, I'd prefer to stay inside where it's warm too!

    Hmm, I don't know that I've seen any of the awful Ferrero Rocher here. I mean, I've seens ads for them but none of them have been awful. Haven't seen their chocolate trees but then I've been trying to avoid going to the store because I have no money. If I see something, I'll want to buy it.

    I think I want to come live with you. Or at least eat dinner there. Wilf eats better than I do!

  29. So glad you've found your most special treat, Wilf: coconut ice cream. Many years ago, one of mama's Great Danes was in her last weeks with bone cancer & she developed a taste for strawberries [in January] and donut holes [which it's probably illegal to even mention in France]. She revelled in both the treats and the fact that she was the only dog in the house allowed to eat them. We're glad you are able to enjoy all your new-found treats.

    Jed & Abby

  30. Hey there Angus...
    It's Wednesday and day 30! I can't tell you how happy I am that you are enjoying these unexpected bonus times! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Although I'll be taking a short break from blogging myself, I will be popping by to share these times with you. These are times for celebration and accepting the magical and gracrious gift horse!
    Take care, dear friend and thank you again for sharing this hard journey. We love you guys! Be strong.
    Sending lotsaluv