Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Minitin' for Christmas.

Barely above freezing this morning,the sun shining half heartedly through the crisp mountain air. Wilf made his way to the door, peered out and turned to me as if to say : " Blimey. I went to bed in France and I've woken up in Norway ! " . The magic word 'croissants' and he was scampering across the courtyard and into the back of the ageing Volkswagen.

Madame Bay joined us on our trip into town. Her youngest daughter, Sandrine, runs a hairdressing salon by the covered market. Sandrine of the imaginatively named Sandrines. Our saintly septaguenarian has volunteered to help her with the pre-Christmas rush. Thank heavens the raspberry tinted Sinead O'Connor style Madame Bay got in New York last year has grown out . It might have proved to be just a tad too challenging for the local, conservatism writ large, farmers wives waiting in the reception area.

On our way into town Madame Bay informed me that Monsieur Bay was taking her to 'Minitin' for a week in mid-December. " Minitin ?" I inquired, none the wiser. Madame Bay gave me that 'you should really get out more ' look and then slowly, very slowly, explained that after the great success of last year the retired gendarmes club were off to New York again. "Ah, Manhattan" I exclaimed. ' Oui, Minitin ' came the somewhat pitying reply. Guess I'll never cut the ice as a jet setter.


  1. A crisp nip in the air and new scenery every day; what could be better? Just the going home to a warm fire afterwards. We can't wait to see what new coiffure Mme Bey brings home from Minitin this time.

    As you noted, we Americans just had our Thanksgiving. We're thankful you're still with us, dear Wilf.

    Jed & Abby

  2. Keep warm, Angus...and a special hug to Wilfee...
    Continuing to think of your day at a time. Wilf is fantastic! Nearly 'how many days of grace'?...I think it is about 42 ???? Am I correct? Wow! Wonderful!

  3. Minitin.. *LOL* that's a good one. I was thinking cookies in mini tins.. for christmas.

    Its getting colder and colder your side of the world. My love to dear Wilf.

  4. Thanks for your blog - I enjoy it so much - you describe your locals so wonderfully - the photos of Wilf always a joy -
    Wilfie stay strong - love from Ischia Susannae

  5. So if we arm the bastions, and hide a microchip in her attire, perhaps we can locate dear Mme. and M. Bay when they arrive in and stroll through Minitin!!!!! Angus, you know what you have to do!!!! We're depending on you!

    xxx Joan

  6. You got us guessing with Minitin. BOL Do stay warm as you have the cold winds your way.

    Have a good weekend and many more days of Grace for Wilf!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  7. Aw Wilf. Don't worry - it can't stay that cold for long where you are! I'm glad that you've learned the word "croissant" to get you out the door. I'm sorry to say this but I don't think that you'd like it where I live...

    I'm also glad that Madame Bay straightened Angus out about how to say the name of "that" city.

  8. Ah, I only hope Mme Bay arrives before we leave Minitin for South Carolina. She'll fit right into the eccentric seniors that roam the West Village, the last of the bohemians of the 1960's. Why there's the tiny carrot-haired lady who never ventures out without her inch-long medium brown furry eyelashes and swaths of turquoise eyeshadow, the grandmotherly dog walker who doesn't leave the house without a meerschaum pipe (unlit) clenched between her teeth, or the sweet dear who is dressed each day in a beret, lace trimmed blouse and black skirt as if she stepped out of a Doisineau photo 70 years ago. We'll keep our eyes peeled for trailing chiffon!

  9. I'm terribly curious to see what hairstyle Madame Bay will return with this time. Actually, I would love to watch the reality show titled "Madame Bay In New York" as it promises to hold great entertainment value.

    Wilf, I'm no fan of the cold, either, and I'm half Norweigian!

  10. Madame Bay might have her hair redone in Minitin! I love Minitin, especially during the holidays, so festive. I especially love the Italian bakeries in Brooklyn.... ooohhh la la....

    Would love to know how Merv and the ladies are doing. Hugs from Ina and the Alaskan Poodle Pack

  11. Bisous to you sweet Wilf, keep warm as the Meteo said snow is coming to south of France.

  12. Wilf - there is no happier word in Mom's a.m. lingo that croissant either! And on a crisp morning like you had... well... heaven, yes? Love Mme Bay's "Minitin" and you write it all so beautifully - we feel as if we are there - S. France - or even Minitin!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  13. Looks as if Wilfie is enjoying the cold day. Hugs to the little trooper.

  14. Madame Bay must subscribe to the grow old disgracefully brigade. (Something SHE hopes to do). Hate to imagine what hairstyle she'll take into the new year.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    We could go a crossant at the moment.

  15. I thought maybe Minitin was a French word and was getting ready to check one of the translator websites. I guess it kind of is, just the French way of saying Manhatten.

    I would love to see what Madame Bay looks like. But then I kind of don't want to spoil the image I have of her.

    Great pictures of Wilf, as always.