Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An excellent choice.

To the cafe for our morning croissant and Wilfs bowl of water. Both dog and owner were surprised to find that the beer and absinthe set were nowhere to be seen. No peroxide waitress, no chorus of 'bonjour Wilfeee'. It seems that winter has officially arrived here in deepest France profonde and our cheery, shell suited friends have moved lock, stock and barrel inside the bar. Being foreigners we were allowed to breach social etiquette and sit outside in the weak morning sunshine.

The flower shop next to the cafe is selling off its stock of post 'la toutsaint' chrysanthemums . A carpet of yellow, white and orange blooms had spilled out of the front door and was covering half the pavement. Wilf looked out inquisitvely from under the table and had to be told in no uncertain terms that these pots were not suitable objects for christening.

Onto the bakers for this evenings desert . Maybe a rum baba to go with the saute de boeuf minute aux truffes ? Wilf seemed to think this was an excellent choice. Then off to the office of the realtor handling the old fifteenth century pilgrims hostel. I laughed when I heard the price they want, " do they think it's on the Champs Elysees ? " . He agreed that the price was 'full' but clearly didn't know which was odder - the two old dears with elevated expectations or this strange foreigner who brings a white, fluffy dog with an enormous black nose to meetings.

Another long walk in the afternoon along the stretch of old roman road. As we approached the little lake at the end of the brook Wilf settled down into the grass and lay stock still for ten full minutes watching the herons and cormorants take wing. We were promised three days and we're now entering our fourth week. The shock and sadness have gone to be replaced by an appreciation of each additional and unexpected day. This afternoon we're off to the specialist to talk about his medication.


  1. winter has come but there is always summer in wilf!

    Have great days ahead everyone.


  2. OOOOh Rum baba, Mum says she last had one way back in !975!!!Hey Wilf did they design that black macaroon on your nose lol
    PON wiggles and kisses,Roo XX

  3. You have taught us to appreciate each day too with the stories you shared of dear Wilfee. I appreciate my furry more now and do not hurry him anymore on our walks.

    Life Lessons from a Pon. Most precious lessons shared. Thank you.

  4. Ah, the grace of unexpected days. We're so glad Wilf, and Angus & the Font, have these unexpected days to treasure. The memory chest keeps filling up...

    Jed & Abby

  5. Wilf has the best hair of any dog I know!

    I hope all goes well with the specialist.

    I'm thankful for each extra day too. I never know what to expect when I check here and am always extremely happy Wilf is still with us.

  6. I am so happy that I discovered your blog! You have the guts to follow your dreams and hearts and dive into adventures - don't we all just wish we could do that!

    We've been talking about buying a place in Portugal for years and reading about your life has just motivated me to make it happen!

    I can understand your love for your Wilf, we have four of our own and any relocation, even if for 6 months of the year has to be to a country with no quarantine laws...

    Joining your blog now - come and say hi at www.caminosantiago2012.blogspot.com.

  7. Thinking about you enjoying your breakfast croissant and Wilf's company, and I sit in a London cafe, having been transported overnight on the train down from Aberdeen to the different country that is our capital. Missing Bertie, as I'm sure you must do Wilf when on your travels.
    Cheers, Gail.

  8. Hello Wilf!

    Our day is complete when we see your happy smile. We are thankful for having you as our friend Wilf. We got our paws crossed as you go to the Dr. Specialist.


    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  9. And we love how you are savoring each of those blessed days!

  10. Thank you Angus and Wilf for letting us walk alongside you on this journey. Each day is very special.

  11. We are glad you have this time with him. Give him a hug for us. Here is to another wonderful day of grace.


  12. I greatly enjoy sharing each of those days with you. Wilf is such a wonderful character! Perhaps it's time to move inside with the absinthe crowd?

    Did the ladies from Ohio share any dinner with Wilf?

  13. Oh, and Chester Weger was found guilty. He made a last appeal in 2003, but apparently, in 1960 they had no idea that DNA evidence would ever exist, so the evidence was all stored in one box. It had also been out on public display as the case was at one time known here as "the crime of the century". So, the evidence was horribly compromised. There are those who believe that he couldn't possibly have acted alone, and rumors that the lodge owner's son may have actually been the killer. There was an odd death bed confession, but Weger remains behind bars to this day!

  14. Wilfie---if there's no greeting from the waitress, then I'll do it !!! Hope the visit to the specialist goes well. We think of you daily.


  15. Has it really been three weeks since we heard the news? Each day has been a precious gift for all of us.
    Hoping and praying for good news from the specialist today.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  16. We'll be waiting for the news from the specialist -- and in the meantime, thinking about that baba au rhum and Wilf's delight at the simple pleasures of life.

    xxx Joan

  17. Wilf knows how to savor each day. I love visualizing him lying in the weak sun and watching the birds. And, I don't think it's odd at all that you bring a "white fluffy dog" to your meetings! You're lucky that you're allowed to!

  18. You always have cool posts...Another beautiful day for you Wilf
    Benny & Lily

  19. You guys are doing such amazing work with Wilf! Thank you for sharing this difficult journey with us all. You are right...every day is an absolute blessing...a day of Grace...and this is day 22 in my calculation (?)
    Hang in there, dear friends!

  20. vets are not right all of the time. here's to Wilf for proving them wrong! you keep on enjoying the good life, buddy.

  21. each morning when Mom gets up to read your bloggie, she gets the goosebumps. Wilf is enjoying life to the fullest, and its a joy to see him extending his adventure on earth past all predictions.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  22. Angus, I cannot start my day without reading your posts. Edward and I sit here, coffee in hand - mine, at least - and follow along with you and Wilf as though we were there in the flesh and fur. I bet you could almost see our faint outline in the shadows.

  23. Good luck with negotiations for 'Chez Wilf' - I'm picturing a wonderful international cafe featuring delicious food from every continent, pastries, wine, beer, asinthe, coffees and water bowls at every table. All of our glasses are held high: "To Wilf"!!

    (Oh, and ice cream for all!)

  24. For what it's worth ... our gramma (Moma's moma) was told her little female Yorkie had, at best, one more month of life. That was in early February 2010, following more than six months of chemotherapy. Four months later the same little dog traveled from the coast of Florida to the mountains of Colorado to the National Parks of Wyoming, relishing Life and Family like she had never known before. Then, back to Florida and two more months of joy filled Days of Loving and Living. For all of us. And honestly? The sad thing? Our gramma saw every day as her little dog's last. So many joys went unnoticed as a result of Gramma's grief and despair. YOU are a wonderful example of Appreciation. Moment by Moment. Each event a Gift. Thank you again and again for reminding us how VerySpecial every day can (and should) be.

    Jake and Fergi and Their Moma

  25. You made the right choice sweet Wilf, a baba au rhum and a sauté de boeuf, why not ? My choice goes to the macarons.
    Cuddles to you beloved boy.

  26. Of course you bring a white fluffy dog to a meeting. there should always be a white fluffy dog at every meeting. it just seems to make sense.

  27. I am happy to read each day of Wilf's adventures and he has made me stop and take more time for games and walks with my two dogs Harri and Bella. May he have many more days of health and treats ahead.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


  28. Of course the price for the property will be high. The old sisters love and give value to what gives their lives value. It's like valuing that old horsemanship ribbon more than the platinum bracelet you bought last month. How exciting it would be for this dear boy doggie to have a restaurant. We don't really know him, except for this blog, of course, but we think it would delight him no end. Yes?

  29. i don't see why wilf shouldn't accompany you on all matters of business! :)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  30. Just enjoy these bonus days.

    We vote for the rum ababa, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  31. Kisses Wilf,savour a bite for us.Lovely post.
    And Wilf we love your big nose!
    Fay & girls CA