Thursday, November 11, 2010

Armistice Day.

Armistice Day. Wilf and yours truly head off into town bright and early for the breakfast croissants. It's one of those crisp November mornings which signal that winter is impatiently waiting to reclaim the land. The sky a pale northern wash of blues and orange. The mountains, now blanketed in heavy, pristine snow, glowing radiantly pink on the horizon. At the end of the lane we stop the car as a large herd of dithering deer leap and bound across the road in front of us. Amazingly, hedgehogs everywhere. I'd always thought they were solitary creatures.

By the time we return , the village is sprucing itself up for the 11.15 am service of commemoration at the war memorial. Two small French tricolores are fluttering from the flag poles outside the town hall and the mayor is on top of a ladder fixing the Republique Francaise shield to the front of the obelisk. He waves, precariously, and asks if we will be joining them for a vin d'honneur and lunch in the village hall. Across on the other side of the village green the salle de fete is a bustling hive of activity. The ladies of the 'beautiful byways' committee are there en masse preparing the lunch. The little lady in the purple hat trots out and proudly hands me a menu.

Tourin de Lomagne
Pate en croute
Jambon a la broche sauce chataigne et sa puree de pommes de terre chataignes ( The responsibility of Madame Bay and the wayward Delfine)
Cremes de marron a l'Armagnac tuiles et chantilly
Chataignes a volonte

Wilf looks very interested. He whole heartedly approved of the soupcon of jambon which Madame Bay brought for his lunch yesterday.The smell of the pate en croute seems to have quite taken his fancy this morning and he is loathe to return home. "Perhaps we could try it just to make sure it's alright ? " .


  1. Ah, Wilf...Life is good. Savor each morsel.

  2. Obviously the purple hatted lady, only has the one hat. We'd love to see a hedgehog.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Oh yes Wilfee, go back and ask for some paté en croute, to make sure it's alright, you are the best tester for this type of question.
    Enjoy this new day in your life sweet boy.

  4. But, of course, you should sample all of the menu. Just to show your respect.

  5. Miam, miam, ca a l'air tres bon tout ca, nous aimerions bien en avoir aussi mais nous sommes un peu loin !
    Nos parents sont nes en France (Grenoble) mais maintenant nous sommes tous en Australie...
    Bisous de Bella et Ollie

  6. Angus, I enjoyed yesterdays post when you mentioned what Madame Bay fed Wilf and I tried with my very rusty and very poor French to figure it out--Just by coincidence on Wednesday one of my patients was a 70 year old lady from France. I was telling her about your blog and asked her what "jambon a la broche sauce chataigne et sa puree de pommes de terre chataignes" was and I told her what I "thought" it was. Long story short, Martine insisted (!!) on seeing your blog, insisted on reading the entire post and she became so excited when she told me that Wilf was given 'ham on the bone with chestnut sauce and chestnut mashed potatoes.' (Apparently she LOVES chestnuts and has very fond memories of having them!) For 5 years she has always been a bit of a difficult patient. But yesterday I saw a whole different side of her and it turned into such an enjoyable visit for both of us and I have YOU to thank for that, and of course Wilf too, Martine thought he was an 'oohh vaady, vaady hendseme bouy!'

    Today, I won't mention to you what I think is on the lunch menu, instead maybe I'll just print a copy of it and put it into Martine's chart for when she comes in again. I hope you, Wilf, and 'the font' are having an enjoyable Armistice Day!

  7. Wilf,

    Taste everything and savor every bit of it! :)
    Happy Armistice Day!

    Blessings and Love,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Deer, hedgehogs, pink snow on the Pyrenees, and a friendly village - bliss.

  9. I think that Wilf has it right. Taste and enjoy every morsel!

    Everytime I see a photo of Wilf with the bags of dogfood in the background, I remember our first Labs many many years ago. We left them in a room with a 40 lb bag of kibble. They ripped it open and ate so much that they lay on their sides moaning. We later learned that Labs can literally eat lethal quantities of kibble... so we were very lucky. I'm glad that Wilf has such self-control! Of course, with his fancy diet now, that kibble is very boring!

  10. So many colours in your narrative. Are there commemorative poppies as well?

    xx Joan

  11. Ooooh, thanks Angus for sharing the lovely new photo of Wilf on the new banner, he is so so cute. Don't forget to say it to him please. Have a beautiful end of evening.

  12. Again, I'm envious of Wilf and his culinary exploits! I'm curious to learn how the festivities go and what Wilf charms from people while there. Now I need to go find something to eat!

  13. I'm with Kim - I mostly have no idea of what Wilf is savoring these days but it all sounds so good in French! Oh, and KB, Beagles are foodies, too. I sent one Beagle to a new rescue in Chicago. They emailed back, asking if she could be pregnant. Er, no - apparently, on further investigation, Mimi had gotten into the stored dog food ala your Labs. Wilf, your top photo is wonderful - good to see you outside with the lovely storm latent background. Have a great day!

  14. Sample away, Wilf, then give us a report.

  15. Wilf! What a blessed doggie you are, offering yourself up to taste all of the food to be sure the favours are just right. Not only handsome, but very very smart. Love to you.

  16. Another day, another gourmet dinner! Life is sweet.

  17. Dear Wilf-Family-
    tell Wilf that he is the most handsome dog (together with mine) - so happy about all the good times you are having together.
    Hugs from Ischia Susannae

  18. Hi Wilf!

    My peeps once spent Armistice Day in Edinburgh. She remembers that it was the most moving thing when - as They were picking up a rental car - everyone in the place just stopped where they were and bowed their heads for a moment of silence. Young men, older men, young girls...everyone. Makes you stop and think doesn't it? Wish we all could be so united in remembrance here in the USA.

    Eat a croissant for me! Rooooo Roo, Stuart

  19. Is that a new header? I love it? But then I love anything Wilf-related.