Monday, November 29, 2010

Small apartments - big Turkeys.

While the rest of Europe shivers in the unseasonable cold our little corner of paradise continues to be blessed with clear skies and bright sunshine. You could almost believe it was spring if it wasn't for the arrival of the Christmas decorations in the bar. The waitress with the peroxide hair greeted Wilf and yours truly wearing an apron that spelt out 'Bon Noel' in battery powered flashing red lights. I fear the aprons novelty will have worn off by Christmas. Wilf gets fed pieces of croissant while I examine the new and truly hideous collection of postcards for sale behind the bar.

There is a decidedly unpleasant smell emananting from behind a radiator in the hallway. Wilf spent much of last night sniffing the skirting boards with evident delight. My guess is that a field mouse has decided to build its hibernatory nest on top of the central heating pipes . 'The font' has asked me, several times, what I intend to do about it. A solution - short of moving out to a hotel or ripping up the floorboards - seems hard to find.

Today a day for chasing up workmen. Perhaps one of them will have experience with malodorous mice. The gutterer hasn't been seen for a month and has disappeared without fitting the new downpipes or the all important final length of guttering above the front door. When it rains a Niagara of water cascades on unsuspecting guests. The painter also needs to be chivvied along. Five weeks ago he applied undercoat to the shutters on the street side of the house and completed two windows by the kitchen in the smart new Farrow and Ball colour scheme. Since then nothing. As for the electrician he's seems to have decamped to South America leaving wires sticking jauntily out of ceilings and power sockets unconnected.

Over lunch one of the lady professors informed me that restaurants in New York are required by law to stay open on Thanksgiving. I find this improbable. More likely that restaurants in New York enjoy a bumper days takings on Thanksgiving. Small apartments - big turkeys - seems sensible that New Yorkers would decide to go out to eat .


  1. Hi Wilfee and Angus, happy to read you are not too cold today. Here in Brittany, we have had snow yesterday and cold rain all the day, i hate winter !!!
    Wilfee, you are beginning a new week, i really hope you will enjoy it, eat croissants, have some walks, and may be find the mouse !
    Cuddles and bisous for you sweet boy.

  2. Hey there...
    I too am happy that you guys are well, warm and living life to the max. As always - I love your writing, Angus. You have invited us in and endeared our hearts. I am so happy that Wilf continues to astound us all!
    Sending lotsaluv from sunny South Africa

  3. Lovely to read that Wilf is doing well and enjoying every day.

    Enjoy that mild weather too - freezing cold with lots of snow here in Ireland!

    Hope you get all those workmen sorted out and back on track!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  4. nothing like the smell of decomposing least they are small and the smell shouldn't last too long! :)

  5. No snow here in upstate NY....yet. Continue to enjoy your wonderful weather and Wilf. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  6. Past experiences regarding hidden unplesant smells points not so much to a hibernatory nest but rather a "souris morts". Oh my - good luck with that. Lucky Wilf - poor you. It may wear off in a few weeks...or not. Hugs to Wilf.

  7. Hi Angus and Wilfee, no chance of any sort of cold spell forever sunny Saudi Arabia.


  8. I tend to agree with you on the restaurant theory!

    Ugh! I am sorry about the mice! They stink to high heaven! At least it's entertaining for Wilf!

  9. Please tell the lovely Ohio ladies that they are quite misinformed. While many restaurants choose to stay open on Thanksgiving (more for the visiting tourists that New Yorkers) they are not required by law. Those that do usually charge a tidy sum for a prix fixe dinner with all the traditional trimmings. I joined a group of twenty friends where one fellow did indeed cook a 25-lb turkey in his NY apartment kitchen. They may be ship's galley compact but these kitchens can produce astonishing dishes!

  10. I think that the best mouse tactic is delay! I agree with kks that the smell shouldn't last long.

    We're having similar worker problems. If only I could view them with such humor.

    I agree about NY. Here's to another good day for you and Wilf!

  11. i'm sure Wilf enjoys the mouse smell, but not so good for the humans. i hope it goes away soon.

  12. So glad to hear things are staying reasonably the same. Quite the interesting post cards indeed! We are happy to hear Wilf is enjoying his croissants and his days!! Keep going Wilf!

    Your pals covered under a ton of snow in Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  13. We sure are happee to see you are enjoying that beautiful weather Wilf. But on the other paw we are sorry there are some stinky mice BOL
    Benny & Lily

  14. Has Madame Bay frightened your workmen away?

    Can't think of any law that would force restaurants to stay open in NY......especially with my no-one's-going-to-tell-me-what-to-do US relatives.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  15. Petey is right: amazing what can emerge from a New Yorker's small galley kitchen.

    If many restaurants do voluntarily stay open for good business on Thanksgiving, on Christmas Day, it's the Chinese restaurants' turn to provide a haven for the non-observers.

    xxx Joan

  16. Can't speak to NY, but very little was opened here on Thanksgiving Day.

  17. That postcard made me laugh. It's not one I'd ever buy though.

    Hmm, never heard that law about NY restaurants being required to stay open. Sounds like a stupid law to me.

    Hope you get that smell straightend out soon.

    There's plenty of snow here if you want some. I'd be more than happy to get rid of it.

  18. love the kissing cows postcard. hahaha.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  19. We once had a field mouse visit us, hiding in the closet until we discovered him. Then three little girls, the mouse and one dog went running in every direction!

    We got this stuff that you put down (we put it behind the washing machine where he disappered)and when the mouse ate it he dried up. No mess, no smell, highly recommend it.