Friday, November 19, 2010

Indian delights ?

Back from a wet and chill London. Placed the order for Christmas puddings at Fortnums, saw a rather lovely still life in the window of an art gallery in Bond Street, looked at a display of Hungarian Herend vases and just had time left over to give a lunchtime talk to an oil company in St. James's.

'The font' is on one of those anti-caffeine health kicks so I met up with my nearest and dearest at the hot chocolate stand at Toulouse airport. Hot chocolate at four in the afternoon ! Yeugh. Make mine a double espresso any day. Wilf was to be found sitting under the table carefully studying each of the passengers hurrying past. He was clearly hoping, against hope, that one of them would drop a string of freshly cooked sausages. After an enthusiastic tongue waggling public display of affection ( from Wilf I hasten to add not 'the font') the three of us walked slowly back to the car. We paused en route so he could christen a few tyres, listen to the wind and just generally PONder. The family fellows ever more contented, ever more unhurried pace of life at this late stage of his journey.

In London saw a cookbook on Scandinavian recipes. Thought of buying it for 'the font' until I came across a recipe for elk stew. That was the end of that. Instead bought a book on Indian cooking by the exotically named Pushpesh Pant. What a glorious name. If Wilf is lucky he may get lamb biryani for dinner tonight.


  1. OMG Wilfee, i really love the way you look on the first photo, you are just so cute with you hair like that ! As everday for now three weeks, i send you all the bisous and cuddles i can, to you, sweet boy. Enjoy this new day.

  2. Wow... the real high life, puds from Fortnums! I bet Wilf will appreciate his with some coconut ice cream. Our Ted has just written to Pere Noel c/o La Poste and we hope to be reading about you all well into 2011.

  3. Hate to rain on your parade, but chocolate has caffeine!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Taking time to listen to the wind and PONder sounds like a wonderful idea, I think Wilf is onto something...what a clever boy.;)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  5. I'm not sure I want to sleep anywhere with a dog after he's partaken of Indian cuisine. You're a brave man, M'Ongoose!

    Good luck on the caffeine front!

  6. Hey there Angus...
    I am so pleased to see that you guys are hanging in there. WilF looks totally chilled-out in the photos. I am so grateful for these days of Grace!
    So these gifts...?... I take it Christmas is arriving early in your household...?
    Sending warm wishes from a sunny South Africa

  7. How funny - Mom has been trying to find out if Fortnums will ship to the US - she wants to surprise Aaron for Christmas!

    P.S. - Mom loves hot chocolate - any time of day!


  8. Ruh roh... anti-caffeine? I can't imagine it.

    Wilf is right. You never know when sausages might fall from the heavens. What a wonderful little guy.

  9. I had a smile at your statement regarding hot chocolate at 4 in the afternoon... on Wednesday I took Halle the Diva (standard poodle) for her photo shoot with a professional photographer. We worked with her both in his studio and outside in the snow--got some glorious pics of her in the snow (we had to cover her in it and it was so worth it, glorious shots of black poodle in white snow)--after which, being freezing cold and 4 pm, I headed over to Steam Dot and enjoyed a luscious whipped cream laden hot chocolate. Happy weekend!

  10. I must say - I'd pass up on the Elk, too. YECH! But, you'd be surprised how much dogs love that stuff!

  11. so funny...esp. the tongue waggling!! that like venison d'you think...i don't think they sell it our Tescos..

    happy weekend wilfie..xx

  12. The photograph of Fortnum's made my heart beat faster. I do love London.
    And my hair this morning bears a rather disconcerting resemblance to Wilf's in that first photo.

    Wise decision on the elk stew.

  13. Oh Wilf! The first picture looks just like me upon arising in the early morning! Here's hoping, with fingers crossed, you get the biryani this evening along with some other delectable treats! Keep going Wilf!

    With love, your pals in Canada,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  14. Wilf! Our hooman just loves your ruffled look in the first photo. You look gorgeous she says.

    Hope you have a good weekend full of delicious delights.

    MOlly, Taffy and Monty

  15. No Indian delights, dear Wilf. Loaded with onions. They can can cause a particular type of anaemia in dogs even though dog food is occasionally flavoured with them.

    We like elk. It's stews, in general, we don't care for.

  16. Wilf: is your nose real? We think it's

  17. ooops. i didn't finish that last comment!

    Wilf: is that your real nose? We think it's a button! ;)

    what's wrong with elk stew? Wilf doesn't seem to be too picky lately with anything the font has made!

  18. The Scandinavian cookbook reminded me of the awful lutefisk we were forced to eat every Christmas for thirty years. Although, Wilf would probably enjoy some delicious lefse with his string of sausages.

  19. Another example of hope triumphing over experience? Didn't Mongoose & the Font order from Fortnums last Christmas and end up agonizing over whether it would arrive? In one piece?

    We had no idea St. James' had oil companies. We think of it as the place ambassadors go to present their credentials.

    Wilf is looking delightfully tousled. Glad to read he is still enjoying his outings and the obligatory christenings.

    If it will help, you might want to tell the Font that caffeine actually has cancer-fighting properties. You could present her with a little internet research on the subject. Hope it helps. Mama could not start her day without her two cups of tea. [Yes, mama is a liberal/ progressive American who loves tea. Indian, black]

    Jed & Abby

  20. Wilf has the best hair! Mine looks like that when I wake up in the morning but he carries it off so much better than I do.

    I used to work with a girl from India. On food day, she'd bring in various Indian delights. Some of them I really liked, others not so much.